3 Popular Automation Positions in the IT Industry These Days

Automation expertise is now a required ability for almost any IT position. DevOps engineers, cloud platform engineers, and site reliability engineers (SREs) are just some examples of the newer types of IT professionals who find automation abilities useful, and sometimes necessary, in their daily work.

Therefore, developing expertise in automation is a great method to increase your marketability in the IT industry. If you’re concerned about being boxed into a specific job description, learning some automated practices and technologies can give you a leg up in the job market.

With the rise of digital transformation, automation has become more widespread across many industries. 

The Three Popular Automation Positions in the It Industry Are:-

  • DevOps engineers

Positions focusing on DevOps have increased dramatically, under many names. Specifically, this is one of the most important lessons learned from the Open Source Jobs Report for the year 2022: Developer Operations (DevOps) is now the most sought-after expertise among employers and the second most sought after among open source experts and leading IT hiring in Dubai. Even if a DevOps engineer’s primary focus is not on automation, it is still an integral element of their job. Automation is the sand to DevOps’s beach.

DevOps engineers’ responsibilities may shift from one company to the next, but by pointing out, they always have some overlap with automation technologies like ansible. To improve the software development lifecycle, DevOps engineers work with tools, processes, people, and approaches to ensure the coding utilized for automation is written not only correctly but done productively. DevOps engineers aid in maximizing automation from the time it’s conceived of in a person’s mind to the moment it’s put into action.”

  • Automation engineers

Engineers specializing in automation help streamline and enhance operations, as well as advise teams on how to locate and eliminate issues amenable to automation. They also aid in keeping an eye on the health of already installed automation systems. An RPA engineer or RPA developer is a subset of this larger word that refers to a person who specializes in developing, deploying, and managing RPA bots. Nowadays, automation engineers post is leading IT hiring in Dubai.

In many ways, automation engineers and system administrators perform similar roles: they both apply and maintain the “glue” that ensures smooth operations throughout a business and it’s various systems. Automation engineers, according to Person, typically have a firm grasp of scripting languages like PowerShell, Python, or Bash.

  • Security engineer

Automation in security has increased in time with the growing risks that businesses and governments alike face. Automation in security has increased in tandem with the growing risks that businesses and governments alike face. Even the largest companies are unable to successfully navigate the current cybersecurity landscape using only the efforts of their human workforce because of its relentlessness and complexity. Leading IT hiring in Dubai is becoming famous these days.

Additionally, the field of security is an excellent illustration of how technology may supplement rather than replace human labor. These systems are intended to organize data, recognize dangers, automate the necessary response to threats, and lead IT hiring in Dubai.

Some More Popular Automation Positions:-

  • Automation Testing:-

Even though a firm is tool-agnostic when possible, testing automation is an area of particular importance. Without it, teams will have a much tougher time meeting the dual goals of shipping quickly and frequently, which seem to permeate the software business today.

Automation testing skills are highly crucial, whether testing “traditionally created software” or “RPA” or “low-code” solutions. To achieve Continuous Delivery and speed up the time it takes to deliver value into production, “the capacity to automatically test new versions of software is crucial.”

It is essential to ensure quality and dependability without causing bottlenecks by automating testing (such as integration, vulnerability scan, etc.). You can apply this approach even if you are not using a fully functional CI/CD workflow. Automation testing is one of the leading IT hiring positions in Dubai.

  • Integrity, honesty, and openness in communication:-

It is more likely that difficulties will arise from the use of automation when these “soft” attributes are lacking, such as communication, openness, and integrity.

Hiring managers are consequently increasingly seeking candidates that combine these kinds of values and characteristics (such as communication or integrity) with their technical ability. These qualities are crucial in AI/ML, where problems like bias could have serious repercussions, for similar reasons.

  • Considering problems with algorithms:-

As a seasoned machine learning engineer, you’re probably familiar with the concepts of algorithm design and implementation. Generally speaking, “if-then” logic and procedures come easily to software programmers. But “thinking in algorithms” will become an increasingly important soft skill for a wider range of individuals as the range of use cases for automation expands, including non-technical people and IT professionals whose work does not require them to write a lot of code.

Non-software engineers can do what software developers do for a living, and it will make their life much easier. Indeed, this is a domain for professional growth that could be broadly applicable in many organizations, from the finance professional who wants to use RPA to automate repetitive drudge work to the business or process analyst who wants to increase their value by learning to “speak IT” and better translate between business and technical requirements. Algorithms are now a very leading IT hiring job in Dubai.


When it comes to careers in information technology, automation is among the most desirable options. This task calls for a holistic perspective and an awareness of the whole scope of the system’s operation. You save money (because let’s face it, that’s often what it comes down to) and free up employees’ time to focus on more interesting initiatives every time you automate a process that they were previously performing manually. All the aforementioned abilities will help you become an even more proficient specialist in automation. Take it easy, enjoy the journey, and ditch the manual labor; you won’t learn all of these talents overnight.

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