5 Advantages of Client Portal for Both Businesses and Customers

Client portals increase engagement, streamline communication, and enhance customer service. The primary use case of salesforce customer portal is to use them as a platform for consumers to log in and see the updates for new products, insights into their account, or the status of their product.

Businesses can send alerts or notifications about products or other updates to keep the customer updated with the latest updates of your brand and can have the benefits of sales or discounts.

This was a brief about the client portal. Now, let us move to the details:

What is a Client Portal?

A Client Portal enables the customers to access the data via a secure website. You can use the client portal to get complete transparency of all the suggestions, queries, requests, etc., submitted by customers and employees. You can integrate the client portal with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) platform for smooth communication and customer support.

Now let us move to the advantages it has for both business and customers in its treasure box:

  • Increased Customer Engagement

As you know, customer service is vital to business growth. If you do not provide a good customer experience, chances are very high that you might not grow as a business. When it comes to customer service, you always wait for the query and then provide a solution as soon as possible, right? But this process is time-consuming for customers as they have to wait for the agent to show up and resolve their queries. Instead, give them the answers in the front display without waiting for them to ask questions. I am talking about providing self-service.

With a client portal, you can have FAQs, knowledgebase articles, chatbot assistance, community answers, etc., consisting of all the common or potential queries your clients have. You don’t need any human interference in this process. You just have to save the information in the integral system, and customers can find the answer to their problems anytime from any device.

This way, a customer will feel valued and satisfied with the experience. And as a business, you will get more engagement and loyal customers.

  • Smoothens Client Communication

When a customer inquiries about anything, it will lead to an opportunity to build engaging communication. How can you do this? With the Salesforce customer portal, you can have all the data in front of you while talking to the customer. Data includes customer queries, previous order history, previous chats, etc., along with the offers, product launches, and other updates of your company. You can use all this data to engage customers and solve their queries quickly. This way, you can also pass your sales offers to customers (based on their preferences) and interest them in buying something.

  • Reliable Security and Privacy

Security is something that you should never compromise on. But with the increase in digitalization, the number of hackers is also increasin. It is difficult to secure sensitive business data from unauthorized users. You can make this possible by including role-based access feature in your client portal. The feature will restrict the access to only authorized users. You can further encrypt all the data and protects your client’s data with features like two-factor and multi-factor authentication.

With such high-level security, clients will trust your brand and provide you with necessary information like contact details or card details for money transfers.

  • Provides Flexibility and Scalability

The portal solution you choose for your business should be scalable as you will always need to add more features in the future, and you can’t have another portal for a feature, right?

Suppose you have a scalable and flexible portal that enables you to use it in various ways. This way, your client portal won’t be restricted to having only limited functions; instead, you can use it for a variety of things. You can include features as you expand, integrate third-party extensions, and customize the look and feel of the portal as per your requirements.

  • Enables Accessibility

It’s necessary in today’s world to make your portal mobile responsive. In a world where digitalization is ruling almost every functionality, you need to let your customers access the information from the client portal whenever and wherever they want. With the Salesforce customer portal, you can allow mobile access to all your customers, employees, and partners. They simply have to log in, and they will be able to access all their information while on the go.

Final Words

The client portal provides numerous benefits for both businesses and customers. You can build stronger relationships with your customers by collaborating and communicating with them. These benefits are necessary to excel in the market and gain more customers.

You can contact a company that excels in providing portal solutions and ask for customized solutions to precisely fit your customers’ demands.

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