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A blanket made of Cashmere and Merino wool

Cashmere is wool that comes from the beautiful animal, the cashmere goat. The wool after the Kashmir region in India, Pakistan and China. This is where the goat breeds originally come from.

Cashmere wool is a ball of super fine and very soft wool due to the flexible fibres.

The wool is traditionally by combing the goat’s undercoat, but in modern companies, the goats sheared.

The most beautiful fine fibres are only in the undercoat. The highest quality Cashmere comes from the neck and chin of the goat. The top coat removed, and one goat produced about 150 grams of wool at a time.

The goats have the colours white, grey, brown and black. Because cashmere is a thinner natural fibre, the wool is often mixed with merino wool or other wool to strengthen the blankets and plaids. Due to the superfine fibre, cashmere wool has an excellent heat-insulating property and is very low in weight.

Cashmere wool can be coloured just like sheep’s wool. As a result, the blankets and plaids come in all possible colours and the most beautiful patterns.

And then also mixed with Merino wool.

Merino wool is known for its special qualities. Because this is not just sheep wool, merino wool comes from the merino sheep. This sheep is one of the oldest sheep breeds in the world. Due to its many skin folds, a merino sheep produces much more hair than an ordinary sheep (up to 5 kilos per year). The hair has a beautiful structure, is soft, and does not itch. Because the wool does not itch, this wool is very popular, regular sheep wool has scales, and merino wool is nice and escort mecidiyekoy soft.

The most remarkable thing about this wool is its self-cleaning function. Merino wool contains lanolin, an extra wax layer that ensures no odors penetrate the fabric. This allows you to use the blanket longer, and they also need to be washed less often.

Just like ordinary sheep’s wool, merino wool has a frizz in the hair. Merino wool is soft and has a comfortable insulating volume due to its frizziness.

And also super strong!

Cheap = expensive

Always pay attention when buying cashmere. Below are several tips you should pay attention to when buying cashmere.

Cheaper cashmere usually has the same origin as more expensive cashmere, but the quality varies considerably. The quality of the cashmere wool is poorly looked at, not only of the undercoat but especially the top coat is then used. The top coat is removed with a more expensive cashmere because it is much stiffer. Shorter fibres also used and no attention paid to the place where the wool grows on the goat.

What also often happens is that cashmere mixed with other products. “The quality is therefore a lot less good.”


Cashmere plaids with a higher price of better quality cashmere wool. Also, rely on these prices and read a little more on the brand’s website.

Cashmere must be washed by hand. If a label states that the blanket is washable at, for example, 30 degrees, then something is wrong with the materials.

Cashmere also has a super fine weave, and you cannot see through the fabric if you hold a plaid/blanket against the light. Cashmere can be knitted loose, but this quickly loses its warmth, which is why this is only sometimes done.

Also, check the labels for the country where the blankets and plaids are made. If it says made in China, this does not mean that the cashmere also comes from China, but that the production takes place in China. In China, production is always as cheap as possible. The production of high-quality cashmere produced in Italy.

A cashmere and Merino wool blanket is suitable for:

People in need of isolation

The luxurious feeling

People looking for an extra strong blanket in combination with cashmere

Anyone who is looking for a blanket or plaids made of the most beautiful and softest natural hair

People who are looking for a blanket that does not absorb odors, the blankets are less likely to smell

Looking for people with sensitive skin and a soft blanket

Fewer washes

Advantages of a Cashmere / Merino wool blanket:

The finest fibres

Cashmere has one of the most luxurious looks for grey double blankets and throws

Due to the superfine fibre, cashmere wool has a very good heat-insulating property and is very low in weight

Cashmere and merino wool can be coloured just like sheep’s wool

Light in weight and falls smoothly around the body

The blanket is self-cleaning due to the merino wool. The wool contains lanolin, which is an extra layer of wax that ensures that no odors penetrate the fabric.

Easy to maintain. The wool repels bacteria, so you don’t have to wash the merino wool blankets often

Very durable and strengthened by the kinky recruitment of the merino wool

The wool is heat-moisture regulating and therefore, suitable for every season

Soft and does not itch

Washing and care of Cashmere/Linen :

Delicious! Every time your blanket is on the couch, in your bed or just wrapped around you. There will come a time when you think.. “He’s getting a little dirty now” but what should you do now? Of course

Before you wash the blanket, you may want to consider whether just hanging it to air is not enough.

Washing is only recommended if the blanket is really dirty.

Hand wash! The best way to wash your double sherpa blanket is simply by hand in the tub of cold water.

Never use detergent or fabric softener. Only special cashmere detergent is possible, but the less the better. Rinse the detergent thoroughly, if the detergent remains in the blanket, it will have a harmful effect on the blanket.

In any case, never put the blanket in a dryer and do not use bleaching agents.

After washing, wrap your wet cashmere blanket in a large towel and gently wring out any remaining water.

Lay the blanket down to dry; hanging it can stretch the blanket and damage its weave at the suspension points

Because cashmere can shrink with sudden temperature fluctuations, you should never let it dry on a heater or in direct sunlight.

When using the blankets, sooner or later, some fluff will appear. Don’t worry: a lint clipper or pil comb is perfect for this

If you do not dare to wash, have the blanket cleaned by a dry cleaner

This is how the different heat classes work for blankets:

Heat class 1 to 6

  • summer blanket, extra cool
  • summer blanket, cool
  • all-seasons blanket, slightly insulating
  • all-season blanket, medium insulating
  • winter blanket, warm
  • winter blanket, extra warm

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