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Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain

Around 80 adults suffer from back discomfort. Back discomfort can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. It can result from muscle strains, weakness, or overtraining, and also stiffness caused by overweight, age, poor postures, and weight. To reduce back pain, work out and sleep enough. You may also seek advice from the Ayurvedic doctor in Jaipur to receive the remedy. In this article, we will give details on natural remedies and methods to avoid back pain.

Pain in the Back Pain

Back pain and other spine-related conditions are frequent problems that have been increasing in frequency as time passes. Many reasons such as weight gain, sedentary lifestyle manner, poor posture, excessive standing or sitting, etc. are the main reasons for the increase in incidence.

The Reasons For Back Pain

Common Reasons for Back Pain

  • The muscle spasm
  • Sprain
  • Strain
  • Disk slipped
  • Lumbar spondylosis
  • Facet Arthropathy
  • Sacro-ileitis
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Trauma

Other causes of back pain

  • Pelvic inflammation (Cervicitis inflammation of the mouth or cervix of the uterus)
  • The Renal Calculi (stones within the urinary tract)
  • Chronic cystitis (Inflammation within the urinary bladder)

Back pain is

  • Congenital spinal canal narrowing
  • Spina Bifida (an abnormal growth that affects the vertebrae)
  • Tumors in the spine
  • Tuberculosis (of the spine)

Treatment Approach For Back Pain

Ayurvedic treatment for back pain relief on the root of the back issue and usually back pain that is recent in origin is responsive to conservative treatment strategies such as rest, painkillers and other painkillers. The persistent back pain is typically due to Disc prolapse as well as arthritis of the lumbar spine. it can also cause other issues like Sciatica, Radiculo,pathy etc.

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Traditional (Allopathic) Treatment for Back Pain

The conventional (Allopathic) Treatment is targeted at relieving symptoms with the use of painkillers or by physiotherapy or tension. If these methods do not work, patients are advised to undergo more invasive procedures such as epidural injections or surgical procedures to ease the pressure on nerves that are pinched in order to alleviate pain or to prevent other complications. But these procedures are invasive and are not able to bring long-term advantages.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain

Ayurveda is a practical alternative for almost every situation. The practice to Panchakarma (The detoxification therapy) with a particular focus on Vasthi (Enema) mixed alongside other treatments such as Podikkizhi (Choorna pinda Sweda), Elakkizhi (Patrapotala Sweda), Abhyanga (medicated oil massage) and other herbal remedies is extremely efficient in delivering tangible benefits in all of these situations and thereby rendering patients with back pain and other symptoms unaffected. It also assists in preventing further degeneration of cartilage, nerves, and bones that are involved in and preventing repetition.

Anurag’s Back Treatment for Pain

Our highly skilled team in AVN Arogya offers effective back pain relief using Ayurveda, which incorporates Physiotherapy as needed for back pain, with outstanding outcomes for patients who suffer from chronic slipped disc, Herniated disc Sciatica, bulging discs, etc. We also offer efficient treatment for those who suffer from chronic and severe back pain caused by Sacroiliitis Ankylosing spondylitis Lumbar spondylosis. In almost 90% of cases where patients have suggested surgery, we have the ability to stay clear of surgery and help the patients back to their normal activities.

We provide in-house treatments within a time span of 2 to three weeks, in our hospital, with a variety of choices for lodging. The hospital is situated on an expansive, landscaped campus with a tranquil atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle of the city to unleash the potential that is Nature for Healing. The highly skilled and compassionate doctors are assisted by a compassionate team of medical and support staff.

Consultations, follow-up consultations, medications, and treatments are offered at our clinics located in different cities.

Anurag Ayurveda’s Back Treatment for Pain

  • Achieved results without the need for surgery.
  • An extensive history of successful healing for more than 85 years.
  • The safety of long-term use.
  • Incorporating Modern Diagnosis and Ayurvedic treatment.
  • More clinically effective results.
  • A renewed sense of confidence in life.

The reason to use AVN AROGYA Is AVN’s Choice For Back Pain!

  • Anurag’s Ayurveda treatment of AVN Arogya alleviates the need for surgery and enhances your quality of life.
  • Our expertise of more than 85 years has made us the most effective in providing the necessary services to cure.
  • The treatment is tested over time as safe and effective.
  • The treatment is organic and holistic.
  • Our holistic approach can reduce the chance of a repeat of the problem.
  • Patients are able to continue living in a new way with confidence.

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