Best Color Options for Ombre & Balayage Hair Extensions

Best Color Options for Ombre & Balayage Hair Extensions

Ombre and Balayage hair extensions can add  depth, dimension, and drama to your tresses. They infuse life and vitality, creating a picture-perfect appearance with ease. The beauty of these color techniques lies in their graceful transitions, blending one shade into another to create a seamless, natural look. Balayage offers unmatched versatility, adding warmth to blonde hair or brightness to brown hair and can be customized to suit any hair type, whether it be curly, straight, long or short.

Step into the world of color and emulate the alluring ombre locks of stars like Jessica Alba, Leighton Meester, and Kate Beckinsale by choosing warm hues like chestnut brown, honey, and copper. If you’re new to the trend, start by experimenting with different shades of brown to get a feel for it. Get a new look with our Ombre hair color and Balayage Remy hair extensions. The bold color contrast adds flair to open hairstyles, ponytails, and updos.

What is Balayage Hair Color?

“Balayage” is a French term meaning “to sweep.” It describes the way color is applied for a graduated, more natural highlight effect. Balayage highlights are hand-painted and offer pops of brightness and contrast, while maintaining a natural look. Unlike traditional highlights, balayage creates a less stripy appearance, offering gorgeous dimension and fun istanbul escort color. 

Get a subtle shade of Ombre Hair
Get a subtle shade of Ombre Hair

What is Ombre Hair Color?

Ombré is a distinctive hair coloring method that creates a graduated blend of two shades, typically with a darker hue at the roots and lighter at the ends. This technique, known for its seamless transitions, gives hair a natural look. It is popularly known as a “two-toned color blend.” The coloring process involves hand-painting lightener or bleach on the mid-shaft to ends and then toning the hair to the desired shade. This approach provides a low-maintenance style while delivering the desired look.

Difference Between Balayage and Ombre

Balayage and ombre are hair coloring techniques, but they have some key differences. Balayage is a French word meaning “to sweep” and refers to the way the color is applied in a sweeping motion, creating a more natural-looking, gradual blend of colors. Ombre, on the other hand, refers to a gradient of color, typically darker at the roots and lighter at the ends, with a stronger contrast between the two shades. Balayage is considered a more subtle, natural-looking highlight technique, while ombre has a more defined and intentional color transition.

Balayage and Ombre Hair Colors


Dark Espresso Melt Balayage

Dark Espresso Melt Balayage is a popular color blend that starts with Darkest Brown (#2) for the first 6 inches, transitioning into Chocolate Brown (#4) and Chestnut Brown (#6) at the ends. It creates a warm mix of dark browns and is ideal for dark-haired customers wanting to enhance their existing balayage or add caramel tones. Available in Clip-in hair extensions, at Indique.

Soft Bronze Balayage

A subtle blend of cool browns (Ash Brown #9) and light blonde ombre hair (Lightest Brown #18 & Dark Blonde #14) to create a bronzed look. Ideal for adding depth to mousey brown hair or enhancing a delicate balayage. 

Jazz up your look with Ombre hair
Jazz up your look with Ombre hair

Cinnamon Swirl Balayage

It creates a warm ginger shade made from a root of Light Auburn (#30) blending into ends of Strawberry Blonde (#27). It’s a great option for natural redheads and is popular in Indique Clip in hair extensions.

Chestnut Bronde Balayage 

This is a popular hair color option that blends Light Chestnut Brown (#6) roots with highlighted ends of Bleach Blonde (#613). This creates a Bronde look, which is a mix of lowlights and highlights. It is perfect for medium brunettes who want a classic and natural-looking hair color.

Black/Silver Ombre 

It is a popular hair color trend that involves transitioning from jet black roots to silver tips. This bold and edgy look creates a sharp contrast between the two colors, making it a statement hair style. This style works well for those with long hair and is often achieved with a balayage or foil technique. It is recommended to keep the hair healthy and hydrated to maintain the shine and vibrancy of the silver ends.

Darkest Brown/Strawberry Blonde Ombre 

It is a two-tone color technique that blends Darkest Brown (#2) at the roots into Strawberry Blonde (#27) at the end. This creates a dramatic contrast between dark and light that can add dimension and depth to your hair. This shade is a popular choice for those looking to add some brightness to their hair without going too drastic. The ombre effect is achieved by gradually lightening the hair from the roots to the tips, giving a natural and seamless blend. You can find this shade in various hair extension products such as clip-ins, tapes, and more.

Light Brown/Strawberry Ombre Hair Blonde

This is a  popular hair color trend that creates a gradient effect from light brown roots to strawberry blonde ends. The transition from the warm light brown to the cool and bright strawberry blonde creates a natural-looking and eye-catching look. This ombre style is perfect for those who want to add some brightness to their hair without a drastic change, and it works well for all skin tones. The versatility of the light brown roots allows for easy maintenance and a more low-key look, while the strawberry blonde adds a pop of color. This ombre can be achieved with hair extensions, highlights, or a gradual fade.

Layering ombre hair extensions can create a DIY balayage

You can create ombre locks with extensions for a custom look. Use clip-in or sew-in black extensions for a balayage effect, especially when curled and twisted together. Ombre Blonde with red, brown, and golden overtones and Ombre Chestnut with deep browns and lighter golden browns blend well when layered. You can also wear Black and Red Ombre Hair which is a bold and edgy hair color combination that adds a pop of color to a dark base. Ensure sets are in same color family, overlap in undertones, and highlights. Protect hair with Indique hair care products from bleaching and style anytime, anywhere without salon visits.

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