Best Fabric Trim to Use For Your Next Project

Fabric trims, which includes ribbons, tassels, fringe, antique buttons, embroidered laces and cording, is a decorative accent used to complete sewing and craft tasks. Trim may be utilised in a wide range of applications, including quilting, upholstery, clothing, and home décor, and comes in a variety of designs, colours, and materials. You may use the suggestions we’ve provided below to locate the ideal fabric trim for your project.

Jacquard  Ribbon 

This floral jacquard ribbon has a high strength and colorfast finish since it is constructed of premium embroidered cotton with metallic thread. This two-inch-wide ribbon has a vintage style that works well for a variety of crafts and is ideal for creating unique headbands, guitar straps, belts, and other accessories. Further, this sturdy ribbon, which is offered in rolls of seven yards, adds a glamorous and vintage touch to any project and makes lovely present wrapping.

Mini Pom Pom Trim

This pom-pom trim is an adorable, vibrant accent that makes the ideal edge for curtains, cushions, and other festive projects. The soft pom-poms, which come in ten-yard rolls, are tightly fastened to a flexible woven trim and do not droop. Trim is simple to attach to craft items or sew to fabric edging.

Polyester White Horsehair Braid

To stiffen and strengthen hem edges, use this substantial 50-yard roll of polyester horsehair braid. The one-inch wide braid, a kind of crinoline netting, is machine washable and dry cleanable. Further, horsehair braid, which is often used for wedding gowns, costumes, and caps, adds body without adding a lot of weight.

Lace Fabric Trim

There are several colours included in this bundle of 10 lace trimmings. The seven and a half inch wide trim comes in two-yard rolls and has self-adhesive tape on the reverse for simple surface attachment. Also, this delicate lace trim, which is ideal for scrapbooking and crafts, would need to be sewed to cloth if a permanent finish was needed.

Gimp Braid Trim

This half-inch wide gimp braid trims is made of polyester and has a traditional scroll design. Further, this braid trim is usually available in rolls of yards and is soft, strong, and washable. Its understated, textured pattern is suitable for gift wrapping, jewellery, apparel, upholstery, and scrapbooking.


Two woven poly-amide tapes make up this item; one is covered with very tiny hooks, the other in incredibly tiny loops. They firmly cling (stick) to one another when forced together. In addition, this fastener is used in place of zippers and buttons. This item was created by a Swiss inventor, who proposed the brand name “Velcro” for it. This name is a combination of Velour and Crochet, two French words. Only a small number of clothing items, such as shoes, belts, athletics, children’s clothing, medical textiles, etc., employ it.


A zipper is a common tool for temporarily connecting two cloth edges (British English: zip fastener or zip). Clothing (such as coats and pants), luggage and other bags, sports goods, camping equipment (such as tents and sleeping bags), and other products used on a daily basis all utilise it. Therefore, this particular kind of trim is used to open and shut certain areas of a garment. It sometimes also serves ornamental functions. This is a crucial ingredient in the creation of pants and jackets.


Linings are often useful components of a garment. By enabling the garment to slip over other clothing, they maintain the garment’s form and provide comfort. For applications when ornamentation and a warm handle are needed, linings are offered as knitted and woven fabric manufactured from polyester, poly-amide, acetate, or viscose. Linings are attached to the main garment through stitching, and a standard, simple sewing machine is employed for this task. As a result, Jackets, coats, overcoats, pockets, pocket flaps, children’s clothing, etc. all often employ linings. Typically, lining materials consist of inexpensive textiles.

Shoulder Pad

For both men’s and women’s fitted clothing, shoulder pads are a typical component. Both the top and bottom of the shoulder pad are lined. The look thus improves in attractiveness, comfort, and longevity. Shoulder pads are sometimes used for decoration and other times for practical reasons.


A ribbon, sometimes known as a riband, is a short, flexible strip of material, usually made of cotton but occasionally of plastic or metal, that is mainly used for tying and binding. The most prevalent kind of cloth ribbon is silk, and it is used for a variety of practical, decorative, and symbolic functions. People from all over the globe wear this accessory in their hair, all over their bodies, and even as ornaments on pets, structures, and other things.


I hope from the write up you are clear about the fabric trims. You can buy various types of trims to make the garment attractive. Also, Fabriclore provides you with the best collection of trims from embroidered laces to buttons. 

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