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Best Tips On Moving Plants From One Location To Another

Plant Moving Tips

Moving the house with pets can be a challenge, but what if you need to move houseplants or garden plants?When moving plants from pots or gardens there are a few very important things to keep in mind. That’s why we decided to share some of these tips as part of our Home Shifting article.

Make appropriate preparations

Plane a move according to season

Make a list of all the plants that need to be moved and tide them up when they are dormant. The dormancy period is the part of a plant’s cycle in which they go into dormancy. Different plants have different dormancy periods, but most fall between October and February.

Soil type for moving plants

If you move to a different climate zone, make sure your plants can grow in that soil as well.

If you have a few jars, just find a location for the truck. But if you want to move the entire arena, you need some serious organization. You must find each location in advance in the new location. We recommend that you spend at least one day planning as there is a lot involved.
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How to move houseplants over long distances

When the moving day mentioned here comes, you need to prepare your plants properly especially if it is a long journey like moving from Lahore to Karachi, that’s right.

Place the plant in a pot. If you have an entire yard to move, make sure you have all the utensils you’ll need and at least a day of free time to put everything in a handy container so it’s easy to lift and load.

Label all pots. Label each with information about your soil preferences and where they will go in your new garden.

Each plant is different

Assign a truck location to each plant. Some plants need more sunlight than others. It’s a good idea to know where to put them all to make their move more comfortable.

Store the container in a dry place for a week. A week before the move, the plants should breathe dry air. Plants usually humidify the indoor air. It is not a good idea to leave a wrapped cardboard box near the factory.

Spray the plants with water. On the day of the move, spraying is better than watering. This is only done in dry climates. Here’s what to do in heat and frost.

Place the plant in a newspaper for protection.

How to move indoor plants in hot weather

If you move during the hot months and can’t wait, you should know that your plants can suffer terribly. Here’s what you can do to make sure your plants can tolerate the temperatures during removal:

Keep it in the shade. The van will probably be locked up, but if the sun is out be careful not to hit the plants, a few hours of darkness isn’t bad for them, but the heat could do more damage.

water in no time. If you are traveling with luggage and are not in a rush, you can find time every two hours to stop and water your plants.

Add layers of mulch. The positive side of mulching is that it not only nourishes the plants, but also retains moisture for a long time. This way you can keep the plants cool.

Put the water granules in the pot. If you can’t stop watering your plants, you can use water granules. It absorbs excess water, but slowly adds it to the soil.

How to move houseplants in cold weather

Traveling in colder climates is another constraint where plants need protection. Find out here what you can do to protect yourself against frostbite and other negative effects.

Put it by the window. If your truck has a window with plants in it, you can just put them there. When the sun goes down, even if it is cold, it will still be warm.

Add layers of mulch. Mulch not only retains moisture for a long time, but also acts as an insulator and retains heat in the soil.

cover plants. Throw blankets, tarps, and tarpaulins over the plants. Make sure it is not a sheet of nylon or plastic. These also block oxygen and can suffocate plants. Don’t let the blanket touch the sheets.

Water your plants. Soil can retain heat indoors and is better at retaining heat when wet. Plants also need water. Of course, if the ground is frozen, it is better not to water.

Use the heater. If possible, place the heater in the plant compartment.

Last Words

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