Different Types of Bracelets & Bangles Every Woman Must Own

Bracelets & Bangles That Are A Must Have

The very first work of a jewellery piece is to draw attention. That’s exactly what bracelets and bangles do. This piece of jewellery has always been a prominent choice for both men and women. It has been worn by everyone over the years and still is quite popular. In fact, during the historical days, just like sterling silver anklets, bracelets were adorned by kings, queens and even commoners. This implies that this piece of jewellery is for everyone. Even today, this jewellery piece is understandably the best pick, no matter what the occasion is. One main reason why every woman must have a few bangles and bracelets in their jewellery collection that can help her pick what to wear wherever you are. 

Types of Bracelets & Bangles Every Woman Must Own: 

Everyday Wear Bracelets & Bangles 

Generally, everyday wear bangles come in pairs or more too. You can also go for a single bracelet or bangle. The everyday bangles and bracelets are usually light and versatile in terms of styling. If you wish to feel dressy, then you can stack them up or wear them as a single piece for a more minimalistic look. These everyday bangles are there to make your wrist look beautiful every day. As they are crafted for everyday rituals, they require very little maintenance and care, so you can also wear them while doing your everyday chores too. 

Charm Bracelets 

Bring the ultimate charm into your life with the very cute and elegant charm bracelets that are ideal for daily wear as well as for casual day outs. When it comes to charm bracelets, there are several designs to choose from, and you can add more than one to your collection. With charm bracelets, you are not restricted to a number of charms, and you can add as many charms as you like. The best part about charm bracelets is that they embrace your beautiful wrist without being too tight or too loose. In addition, most charm bracelets come with adjustable designs and, thus, suit wrists of any size perfectly. 

Pearl Bangles or Bracelets 

Fashion is all about expressing yourself in an attractive way, and jewellery is surely not out of this preview. In that case, pearl beads adorned bangles or bracelets are the classy choices you can make. Pearls are a classy and sophisticated choice when you don’t like things to be very flashy. If you have any plans to doll up in a classy manner, then pearl bracelets and bangles are ideal. Whether you wish to wear them for everyday rituals or for a special evening like a birthday or anniversary, you can always deck yourselves in the beautiful pearl-adorned bangles or bracelets. 

Cuff Bracelets 

Just like you find a wide variety of sterling silver earrings online, cuff bracelets are also one of the most popular jewellery piece. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of a cuff bracelet is that it easily lends itself to all occasions. Whether you go for gold or silver, cuff bracelets are a definite and super amazing fashion statement. Moreover, cuff bracelets sit very comfortably on the wrist and give it a classy touch. Cuff bracelets are so versatile when it comes to styling that you can wear just this bracelet and can do without any other accessory. 

Special Occasion Bracelet & Bangles 

We can’t deny the fact that special occasions need special wristwear. Everyone must have one piece of special occasion bracelet and bangles. That’s because it can come up as a different piece of jewellery for your wrist from the rest in your collection. It can be a diamond studded bangle, a diamond-pearl bracelet anything that caters to the tag of a special piece. Make sure you have the bracelet for both traditional and western outfits or one that goes for both outfits.  

You need to understand that having a collection of all these beautiful bracelets and bangles is not just enough. To get the best look, you must pay attention to how to wear them and look after them. Here are some tips that can help you do the same. 

  • Add a few colourful stones, glass or metal options to match your bracelet or any piece of jewellery. If wearing a bracelet or bangles, then you can add colourful bangles with them to give it a special touch. 
  • You must wear thin, lightweight bangles or bracelets if you are more involved in activities requiring constant working with your hands. This will help you feel more comfortable and keep the heavy ones for special occasions. 
  • Always keep your bracelets and bangles with cotton in their bangle box. Especially if your bangles or bracelets have diamond stones, then you have to maintain them very well. If possible, avoid wearing diamond-studded bracelets or bangles while doing house chores. 


So, these are the bracelets or bangles every woman must have in her jewellery collection. It’s time you must get going. Fill up your bangle box with all these types of bangles and bracelets; keeping all the above tips and suggestions in mind. Visit your nearest store or find them at your favourite online jewellery store. Just the way you put your heart into finding the ideal sterling silver anklets, put your efforts into bracelets too. 

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