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Around the beginning of every year, there is always a lot of interest in marketing innovation and digital marketing trends. The year 2022 won’t be any different; in fact, it will be much more true because the epidemic has reduced marketing resources, forcing them to hunt for more affordable methods. Digital Marketing Design Types

The marketing budgets have reached their lowest level ever, decreasing to 6.4% of corporate revenue in 2021 from 11% in 2020, according to the 2021 Gartner State of Marketing Budget study.

You can see that these reductions are uniform across industries, and we should expect them to affect companies of all sizes. As one might anticipate, the pandemic appears to have had less of an impact on consumer brands, financial services firms, and the healthcare industry.

While agency spending declines, digital media spending rises.

The digital channels we focus on in this article dominate these priorities and account for 72.2% of the overall marketing budget, according to the Gartner data, which demonstrates how CMOs have changed their spending commitments across their channels and initiatives. Digital Marketing Design Types

It’s interesting to see how much money is spent on paid, owned, and earned digital channels since it shows how important websites, emails, paid and organic search, and social media are still today. These channels all receive about the same amount of funding in our poll.

Martech, which we also discuss in this piece, continues to be significant and accounts for 26.6% of the whole budget.

The transition to in-house resourcing, which is being driven by budget constraints, is another key development in marketing. In just the past twelve months alone, 29% of the work that had previously been performed by agencies has moved in-house.Digital Marketing Design Types

According to Gartner, the top three capability areas that CMOs are shifting to internal teams are brand strategy, innovation and technology, and the development of marketing strategies. This indicates that the focus of in-housing is also evolving.

Template for a free digital marketing plan

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With the help of our well-liked digital marketing strategy template, you can quickly put together an integrated digital marketing plan and incorporate current digital marketing trends into your company by employing the Smart Insights RACE Framework.

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Opportunities over the customer lifecycle

The top marketers are always searching for fresh digital marketing trends based on the development of platforms and technology to find new chances they can take advantage of… if they know where to look and what questions to ask.

Since I continuously search for the most recent advances to help keep our members’ content current and to include the newest approaches in updates to my books, I can be of assistance here.

Every year, around the end of the year, I review the landscape of digital marketing trends to help suggest which ones marketers should pay attention to going forward. I like to keep it applicable to businesses by demonstrating methods that are used in the real world.

I’ll go over the key themes in our RACE customer lifecycle framework, which outlines 25 realistic digital marketing actions applicable to all firms, in my analysis of marketing trends for 2022. As a result, you will receive marketing-related ideas that your company can use. Digital Marketing Design Types


Boost your digital marketing strategies for expansion.

Our free analysis on digital marketing maturity reveals that many companies lack a strategy for utilising the most recent and reliable digital marketing methods. Our RACE Framework provides a straightforward framework for a digital marketing strategy.

Through a data-driven, customer-centric approach, Smart Insights helps marketers and managers plan, manage, and optimise their marketing initiatives.

Set and monitor your marketing goals at each level of your marketing funnel using the RACE Framework to find new ways to boost leads and sales.
Therefore, assessing innovations can not only help you push the envelope but also enhance your 2022 digital marketing efforts.

In all honesty, there is a general consistency in the trends across digital marketing strategies each year, with a focus on search, social, and email marketing as well as fresh approaches to web design and content marketing to engage and convert our consumers. Technology advancements have historically been the main forces behind developments in digital marketing, including modifications to:

Digital platforms: FAMGA firms Facebook Inc. (FB), Apple Inc. (AAPL), Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Google (GOOG), and Inc. have made innovations in this area (AMZN)

Martech providers: Specifically, the major participants in the marketing cloud with the largest R&D budgets, such as Salesforce, Oracle, HubSpot, and businesses with a larger user base that target SMEs, such as Mailchimp.

The most recent technological hype cycle in marketing

The patterns are well-documented by Gartner in their digital marketing hype cycles, which I analyse each year, across all digital platforms and marketing cloud services. Here is the most recent Gartner visualisation of the digital marketing hype cycle for 2021.

Here are the fundamental marketing themes that, in my opinion, will be most important for marketers thinking about their use of digital technology in 2021, 2022, and beyond, based on my study of the most recent hype cycle and my advice on innovations in this post:

  • Hubs for Multichannel Marketing
  • Discussion-based advertising
  • engine for personalization
  • Applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Privacy and consent of consumers
  • An overview of each is provided in my post on the hype cycle.

Let’s move on to the specific innovation recommendations that I have to organize. RACE customer lifecycle activities to demonstrate how new methodologies might be used in marketing activities. Digital Marketing Design Types

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