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Do spine surgeons in Hyderabad have a treatment for all types of spinal disorders

Spine Surgeons in Hyderabad


The spine is among the most critical components of our body. Without it, it is impossible to stand up or maintain balance. It makes mobility and flexibility easier. Extreme suffering may result from spinal disorders of a person’s capacity for everyday living. It interferes with ordinary everyday activities that involve little movements.

Identifying the underlying reason for a person’s back issues is crucial and adhering to the recommended treatment strategy. Although many individuals consider spinal surgery to be a considerable option, it may not always be the best choice for each patient. This article may provide you with all the knowledge you need on spine surgery.

How Do You Understand the Necessity of Spine Surgery?


When patients present with discomfort in their extremities, such as spinal muscular atrophy, we advise them first to have a primary care physician assessment. To determine if a person’s neck or low back discomfort will go away, professionals usually monitor them over time and advise them to continue engaging in healthy, steady physical activity.

The next step will be to contact a doctor for an examination if the problem is not resolved with physical exercise, over-the-counter remedies, or anti-inflammatory and pain management medications. Before choosing surgery, it is frequently advised to try out physical therapy, at-home exercises, medicines, and spinal injections.

Surgery becomes a viable choice if the issue is still not cured. For instance, surgical intervention is recommended if a patient has severe neurogenic pain in their limbs and non-surgical therapy has failed to offer relief. However, the most excellent ayurvedic treatments can heal most individuals with spine issues without surgery.

Patients who develop spinal cord or nerve root compression symptoms, such as significant weakness in arms, limbs, or legs, may be advised to undergo surgery if non-surgical therapy is unsuccessful.


Different Kinds Of Spine Surgeries


  • Surgery for spinal stenosis lumbar decompression

Lumbar decompression surgery, also known as a lumbar laminectomy, is carried out during spinal stenosis. The condition known as spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal cord narrows. When doing lumbar decompression surgery, skilled medical professionals will try to remove all or a portion of the lamina that is pushing against the spine and is the cause of its narrowing.

  • Lumbar Discectomy

Another form of spine surgery called a lumbar discectomy involves addressing the patient’s damaged lower back disc. Both open spine surgery and less invasive arthroscopic discectomy can be performed on the lower back.

As the name indicates, spinal fusion surgery aims to fuse or join two neighboring vertebrae. Moving these vertebrae against one another reduces the discomfort that results from that movement. A physician connects the vertebrae during spinal fusion surgery using rods and screws. The vertebrae are then allowed to join and recover spontaneously.

As the name implies, herniated disc surgery tries to heal the herniated disc by removing all or a portion of the damaged disc. You may find out how much a herniated disc surgery would cost in India before having the procedure.

To relieve disc discomfort, the surgeon doing the procedure may remove the disc or even fuse two nearby vertebrae. This choice impacts the cost of spine surgery in Hyderabad; thus, you and your surgeon must always thoroughly discuss it.

Everything is dependent on the circumstances and underlying problems. The answer regarding the risks of spinal surgery is both yes and no. Every operation has an inherent risk included. Every surgical treatment involves some minimum level of risk. Similar to this, there is some risk associated with every spinal operation.

Due to their natural nervousness about the treatment, many patients frequently think that spinal surgery has a more significant chance of problems than other surgical procedures. This worry is made worse by the proximity of the spine’s and spinal cord’s insubstantial regions to spinal surgery.

Extremely uncommon catastrophic effects, such as paralysis, might arise from unintentional accidents or other unforeseen circumstances. Any surgical procedure has the potential to have problems. The risks of spinal surgery can be calculated based on your overall health and type of surgery. Pre-surgery consultations with your medical team require that you provide complete and correct answers to questions about your medical history, medication regimen, allergies, and lifestyle choices.

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