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Domain Name .de – A Reputable Domain Extension in Germany

For starting an Online Business you need a website. And for the website, you need a Domain name and Hosting. Both are important for your websites. Without the domain name, users cannot know your website it is just like your website identity or name, with the domain name users memorize your website and search your websites in the Search engines(GOOGLE). 

Also without the Domain name, Search engine Crawlers find Difficulty in Crawling and indexing your site. So If you want to start an online business in Germany and you’re targeting the Germany Audience then the best and most suitable Domain Extension for your website is Domain Name .de”. This is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Federal Republic of Germany.

Currently, .de is the second most popular ccTLD in terms of the number of registrations. .de Domain Registration may be directly ordered from DENIC but it is faster and cheaper to do so via a DENIC member (registrar).

General Information About .de Domain 

Registration Information Details
Expiration 3 Days Before the anniversary date of Expiration 
Maximum Registration Period  One Year 
Transfer Purchase Requirement One year
Transfer authorization required No
Auto-renew timing versus Expiration date 15 days before the expiration date
Auto-renew grace period Zero days
Expiration disruption period Zero days
Renewal grace period 3 days
Restoration grace period and availability wait period  30 days

Features of Domain Name .de 

Improve Local SEO and Secure a Top Search Position in Local Search 

Search engines always serve relevant and best Content to the users. Further, the search engine also prioritizes websites with ccTLDs and sites located in the user’s country.

To higher in the country-based results Domain Name .de is the best option. In the local search results, there are high chances that those websites appear in the Top results who are registered with Domain .de. Further, the German Internet users give high preference to .de Extension websites.  

Also they Feel Secure with .de Extension Websites and they are almost buying any product or services those websites which are registered with .de Extension. 

Top Security 

As one of the most secure TLDs in the world, .de has diverse security features.

Made in Germany 

.de is the country code TLD for Germany and is managed by DENIC eG.

DNSSEC Protection 

.de domains come with DNSSEC, protecting against DNS manipulation.

Successful and Popular

.de is one of the three most popular ccTLDs on the domain market.

High Value

There is strong demand for de .domains in the after-market and the returns are good.

Regional and Global 

There is great demand for .de extension in regional markets and worldwide recognition.

From Hostbillo Purchase .de Domain at a Cheap Price 

From Hostbillo Purchase .de Domain at a Cheap Price 

Hostbillo is a reputed and trusted Domain Provider in Germany. In the market, many Domain providers give the German Domain Name, but the Hostbillo is the best among them. The reason why Hostbillo is best is they give 24*7 instant Technical Support.

There are a limited number of Domain provider companies that provide 24*7 Technical support.

Further, if any users have any query related to Purchase a .de Domain they connect a Hostbillo’s Highly Responsive team through the Email or phone. Moreover, Hostbillo’s Highly responsive team is always ready to solve the Doubt of users. 

With the Simple and Easy process, you can register your website with Hostbillo’s Domain Name .de. If you face any problem you can contact Hostbillo’s Team they are always ready for users’ problems. 

At the time of Registration Domain Name .de From Hostbillo Following Features you get:-

  1. Custom Nameservers
  2. Free DNS Management
  3. Free ID Protection Option
  4. Domain Theft Protection
  5. 24/7/365 Guru Crew

Process of Registering Your Websites With Hostbillo’s Domain Name .de 

You can follow the following steps to register a German Domain Name from Hostbillo 

  • Firstly visit the Hostbillo websites, click here to visit the website
  • Then click on the Domains and SSL
  • After clicking the Domain and SSL on the Domain Section you can see in the last .de 
  • Click on the .de and enter your Domain name with the .de Extension 
  • After filling up the formalities you can purchase .de Domain 


For a Germany-based website the ideal domain is “.de”. This is a reputable and popular Domain in Germany. Also, German Internet users feel secure with .de Extension websites. And in the search engine results pages, they go through that websites are registered with .de Extension. You can know the following information before buying a Domain Name .de. 

  • For only 1 year .de extension is registered. 
  • There is no money-back guarantee for a .de Domain Name.
  • Also in the .de registration the bulk feature is not available. 
  • Lastly, a .de extension Domain Name can be Renewed for only 1 year.

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