Do’s and Don’ts of eCommerce Shipping for Small Businesses

Are you planning on starting an eCommerce business? Maybe you want to know the secrets of ecommerce shipping to get ahead of the competition. Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

The most important aspect of an ecommerce business is to have robust warehousing and shipping solutions in place. This is vital for any ecommerce business as this will boost or break your customers’ satisfaction. There’s a lot that goes into the process of warehousing, shipping and logistics; this article will cover all the bases for all the do’s and don’ts of ecommerce shipping for small businesses.

Why are shipping solutions important for an eCommerce business?

In the modern age, customer satisfaction cannot be understated. Bad experiences for customers could mean the end for an ecommerce company. You could have an immaculate website that is very user-friendly and offers your products at a competitive rate. Still, if your customers receive those products late, damaged or not at all, it can ruin your reviews and reputation.

To ensure the satisfaction of your customer, we have prepared the following list:

The Do’s of eCommerce Shipping:

Cash on delivery: You need to offer cash on delivery as a payment method to your customers. Online payments have become much simpler over the past few years; however, some people like to stick to conventional methods. Without the option for cash on delivery, you will be missing out on many potential customers.

Motion through automation: In today’s day and age, you need to automate as much of your business as possible, and shipping solutions are no exception. You need to have the right fulfilment partner who can make the supply, ordering and shipping process smooth. And as a bonus, it also makes the entire process more cost-effective.

Multiple shipping options: Customers will have a varying degree of urgency when they order products. While some will be willing to wait for their order to arrive, others will need it the next day. To ensure your customers receive the products they ordered in the timeframe of their choice, you will need to have flawless logistics in place.

Disclose your undeliverable locations: Some customers might be in remote or inaccessible areas. If you or your delivery partner cannot ship to these locations, you must disclose it to the customer. This displays honest business practices, which is always appreciated.

Provide the option to track shipment: Your customers have the right to get updates about their orders. The automation in your logistics partner will be crucial for this. Your fulfilment partner needs to have the most up-to-date technology for accurate tracking.

The don’ts of  eCommerce Shipping:

Don’t make shipping too expensive: While shipping will inevitably involve some costs, you cannot make your customers bear the brunt of it. All shipping costs should seem reasonable to the customer. At the same time, you cannot take losses in every shipment. To get the optimal shipping cost for all parties involved, you must have a professional ecommerce shipping solutions partner.

Don’t offer free shipping if not possible: It is essential to make the shipping process inexpensive. However, you should not promise free shipping if it is not possible. Most customers will be happy to pay for shipping if it means it gets delivered on time and without damage.

Don’t overlook packaging: It is essential that products are packaged properly so there’s no damage in the shipment process. Every product ordered through your business should be handled and packaged carefully until it reaches the customer. This is another area where your logistics partner will have to come in to support you.

Don’t get caught off-guard: You will need to do a lot of research before you begin operations for your company. You can lose many opportunities if you aren’t prepared for sudden demands, especially in shipping. Proper planning is the key.

Don’t charge for return offers: No eCommerce business can charge its customer in the instance of the customer not being satisfied with the product. The return process should be easy and convenient for your customer.

Never skimp on customer service: Not to sound too repetitive, but customer satisfaction is the key to an eCommerce business. Customer service bridges the gap between business and customer, so it needs to be as streamlined as possible. An eCommerce business needs to pay attention and act on every complaint and grievance.

To sum up

Yes, any eCommerce business needs to be aware of many nuances to operate effectively. Ecommerce shipping is not a walk in the park, so be prepared and partner with the right ecommerce shipping solutions partner. 

A company like Emiza can be the ideal partner for any Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in India. They have a robust network of warehouses and offer the most optimal shipping solutions. They also have excellent customer service to have the most pleasant experience.

We hope we were able to prepare you for all the factors of ecommerce shipping. Happy shipping

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