Easy Ways to Fix iPhone Black Screen

Fix iPhone Black Screen

iPhone is the most premium smartphone brand in the market. Its iOS system differentiates it and makes it stand out from other mobile phones. The majority of people always want to have an iPhone for many of its features. No doubt that android mobile phones have a different fan base but iPhone is always on the top of the list.

However, whether it is android or iPhone both devices can come up with technical issues. One of the most common issues that many iPhone users have reported is a black screen. A black screen can appear at times when you are using your iPhone which has no certain reason. You do not always need to wait for a phone repair service to fix it. You can try fixing it by yourself for once and if that doesn’t work then you might want to grab professional help.


Some of the common reasons that cause a black screen in the iPhone


  • hardware issues

Hardware issues can cause a blank screen. If you have dropped your mobile phone from a certain height or have some cracks on it, this could happen. However, it is difficult to identify the issue if it is not visible in front of you. Any physical problems can create this issue of a black screen. However, if it is a minor issue you can still fix it. if it isn’t fixable at home you might want to acquire a phone repair service.


  • Software issues

Software issues can lead to anything in the smartphone. Software issues come up regularly as there are so many updates added to our mobile phones. There could be software issues that might have been going on for a while without you noticing it. The software that you are using your iPhone on must be updated regularly as you receive it. If there is any problem with the update of your smartphone then the software might freeze the screen. The black screen might appear as there is no functioning of these activities.


  • Battery issues

Battery issues could also lead to a black screen. The battery is the foundation of the smartphone and that is why we needed to function it. We need to recharge the battery each day as it is the one that provides the energy to the device. However, overcharging and overheating of the battery can ruin the battery. Many people also use artificial chargers which can also affect battery health. The train battery can also be causing the problem of a black screen. You might want to avail of for repair service or at least go for a battery replacement. You can also check the battery health of your iPhone in the settings menu.


  • Liquid damage

Liquid damage caused by any time now liquid substance which enters your mobile phone. However, this can be counted as a hardware issue itself. Though, it can also cause different types of damage depending upon the range of the liquid. If it was just on the surface of the mobile phone then mostly disease. If it entered the interiors of the mobile phone through a crack or dent on your display or so then it is something to worry about.


Possible solutions to fix the iPhone black screen:-


  1. Reset

Reset your iPhone or reboot it. We seem to switch off our iPhone as soon as there is some issue with it. Whenever a device is not responding properly we decided to switch it off and rest for a while. However, it is always suggested that you take a backup of the data on your phone before you go for a factory reset.


  1. Restore iPhone through iTunes

If you have iTunes on your laptop you can restore the data off your iPhone. You can simply use iTunes Store to retrieve the data and then format the mobile phone. However, you need to remember the password to your Apple ID. Also, you need to have a backup on iCloud if you haven’t bought the extra space. You can simply transfer the data on your mobile phone which is not backed up on iCloud into some other device. This will be helpful to show your data and drive it back once you have reset the iPhone.


  1. iPhone repair service

Repair services are the final step that will be of help. whenever you are out of ideas and not able to fix the black screen, here it is. The solution to the problem can be fixed with any repair service. You must research and verify the repair service before you give your iPhone for repair.

Professional technicians have a large amount of knowledge and extra experience in research cases. That is why it is always better to hand it over to someone who has expertise in the field.

If at all you are unable to fix it, you can try other options. Sell your old phone online with the help of online websites. Earn a good amount of money and invest in a new device.

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