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Five benefits of pomegranates for Men’s health

Erectile Dysfunction

Is pomegranate the best cure for all your “sex-drive” problems? What advantages do pomegranates have?

What if I told you that pomegranates could aid in the treatment of all of your sexual health issues, including prostate cancer, low testosterone, lower libido, and diminished erectile function? Antioxidants found in this superfood have been shown to improve sex lives for both men and women. This fruit can boost testosterone levels, enhance the quality of sperm, and improve mood and sex drive.

Even green tea and red wine don’t compare to the antioxidant content of pomegranates. Antioxidants battle dangerous free radicals that accelerate ageing, illness, and cancer, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of heart disease. Antioxidants found in pomegranates have even been linked to breast cancer prevention.

Pomegranates should be part of your regular diet if you want to improve your sexual health. You can easily improve your life with the benefits of pomegranates by consuming their juice, seeds, or supplement extracts.

Let’s explore the five advantages of pomegranates for both your sexual and general wellness.

Increasing testosterone

The hormone is known as “testosterone” is responsible for your deep voice, facial hair, muscle growth, and even your sex drive. Low testosterone levels can cause a host of major health issues, including low energy, depression, lowered libido, weight gain, muscle loss, foggy thinking, and more. Additionally, testosterone is essential for women’s oestrogen control and sex drive.

In addition, a low T indicates a low libido, and a low libido indicates a poor desire for sex. You can have low testosterone levels if you’ve started losing interest in sex.

Prior to using expensive (and frequently useless) testosterone replacement medications, I always advise boosting testosterone levels naturally. One of the simplest (and tastiest) ways to increase your testosterone is by eating pomegranates every day.

The production of oestrogen has been demonstrated to be blocked by pomegranates. Pomegranates are abundant in ellagitannins, according to the California-based Beckman Research Institute (ET). Your ETs change into substances that are employed to prevent the estrogenic conversion of your androgens. In essence, ET inhibits the production of oestrogen.

Erectile dysfunction is treated by it.

It’s significant to note that the Queen Margaret study discovered that pleasant emotions also increased along with testosterone levels. Major contributors to erectile dysfunction include stress, worry, lack of confidence, and fear. According to this study, pomegranates may be able to alleviate psychological issues that contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Pomegranates also assist in addressing the three main reasons for erectile dysfunction: obesity, heart illness, and limited blood flow/high blood pressure.

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lowering the risk of prostate cancer

11.6 percent of men will develop prostate cancer during their lifetime. It’s possible to avoid a sickness that looks unavoidable—and perhaps even with a tasty fruit like pomegranate! Pomegranates “are likely to be useful for the therapy of several forms of human prostate cell life,” according to recent research.

One study investigated the potential mechanism through which pomegranates may prevent prostate cancer. According to data, pomegranate extract inhibits HR, making cells more susceptible to DSBs, growth inhibition, and death. In essence, pomegranate polyphenols aid in cell suicide. Your body naturally destroys sick cells through a process known as “apoptosis” before the “disease” spreads to other cells. Damaged cells that don’t self-destruct start to reproduce and develop into tumours and malignancies. Pomegranate extract aids in maintaining the normal apoptosis process, ensuring that malignant and damaged cells continue to degrade at a healthy rate.

It raises the calibre of sperm.

According to a Turkish study, rats who drank pomegranate juice had much more healthy sperm. Sperm that is “healthy” generally relates to its amount, motion, structure, and fertility. A healthy embryo is more likely to be produced when sperm and eggs are fertilised. It’s time to start downing the pomegranate juice if you and your partner are attempting to conceive.

Additionally proving that pomegranate extract aids in delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream to combat harmful oxidation, Turkish researchers discovered a higher concentration of natural antioxidants in sperm and blood.

Additional advantages of pomegranates

Pomegranates also offer a number of health advantages that will considerably improve your general well-being. In order to combat rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, and swelling, for instance, pomegranates have been demonstrated to reduce inflammation and battle oxidative stress. Additionally, it has been shown to support brain health, enhance memory, and fend off dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Our body’s natural processes begin to slow down as we become older. You must simultaneously look after your sexual, physical, emotional, and mental wellness to function at your best. All of these areas of well-being have been linked to pomegranates’ advantages.

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