Fix QuickBooks Error 6130 (When Opening Company File)

Learn to Fix QuickBooks Error 6130

Were you looking for the solution to error 6130? Getting trouble opening the company file? QuickBooks desktop handles multiple companies to use the data and payroll services with the employee and company owner. It is helpful software that can help you to update the daily basis data in the form of a file. But sometimes, a few errors can pop up on your screen, like QuickBooks error code 6130.

You can face this error very frequently on your system because this is a pervasive error while you try to open your company file. This QuickBooks error message 6130 is generally a bug while operating on the company file or opening QuickBooks. Your system might crash, and you can face this error.

The reason why you get QuickBooks error 6130 on screen

It is a frequent error you can see on your screen because every time your system crates or you find lag while working on QuickBooks, the first error that will pop on a screen will be error 6130. It is not a downloading error at all, though. It is due to the heavy loading process of the QuickBooks, which may lead to a crash of the company file, and you can get this QuickBooks error 6130 on your screen soon after your system gets Buggy.

However, now we will discuss all the possible causes that can cause this error along with the solution and method you can apply to resolve this QuickBooks problem.

Causes of QuickBooks error 6130 along with the solution

Following are the possible causes and solution for QuickBooks error message 6130:

Cause 1: insufficient storage

When your system is having a problem with the storage, you cannot download all the files, and the system’s processing becomes slow, and the RAM consumption becomes more. In this situation, your system feels a lag, and if you try to open the QuickBooks company file, the system will get corrupted due to high processing, and you won’t be able to open the QuickBooks; instead, you will get an error code 6130. This problem can easily be controlled by managing your C drive space and cleaning all the unnecessary data you are storing in that drive.

Solution 1: Use Disk cleanup

  • You can work by pressing the start button.
  • In the disc cleanup function, you can select the drive you want to clear all the unnecessary data.
  • Enter in the C drive where you have installed the QuickBooks software.
  • You will find an option to clear various files and programs.
  • Please select all the options not required in your system to operate and clean the junk files by removing them.
  • No click on the OK button on the bottom.
  • This will remove the selected junk file in your C drive.

You can also try a simple version of this.

  • Enter the C drive.
  • On the top search option, type “temp“, and you will get all the temporary files in the specific C drive.
  • Now select all the files by pressing Control + A and shift + delete to remove those files from your system permanently. It will clean the most significant part of your junk.
  • You can also search for unnecessary caches in your C drive.
  • Select those unnecessary catches files and permanently delete them with the shift + delete button.

These are the primary methods to quickly clear your C drive unnecessary files, reducing the load in your system.

Cause 2: Pirated or outdated window in your system

If you have a pirated windows in your system, you won’t get any update, due to which you won’t be able to upgrade your window, and the new QuickBooks requires new Windows and permissions.

Also, if you are working on old Windows like XP Vista or Windows 7, you won’t be able to update to the latest version of QuickBooks as it requires windows 10 to 11, and you can face this error with other windows.

Solution: Install latest Windows updates

  • Install the original latest version of Windows in your system.
  • Do not download any pirated Windows from the internet.

Cause 3: Windows registry files are corrupted

If your window gets corrupted, your system gets Buggy and leggy, which may lead to failure in opening any software, where QuickBooks requires more RAM and processing; if you try to open that software, a corrupted window will pop up with the error 6130.

Solution 3: Repair registry files

  • Enter the Run Taskbar.
  • Now type in Regedit and press enter.

  • A new file menu will appear in which you can export your QuickBooks data.
  • You can drag your cursor to the advance and then click the button.
  • Select those files in the application you want to export and backup to another drive.

  • After exporting the files to the C drive, the storage problem will decrease.

Six thousand one hundred thirty basic and frequent errors can appear on your screen due to insufficient storage or corrupted and updated Windows in your system. You could easily target this problem and error by following these steps and cleaning your system, making your computer work smoothly and decreasing the load on your RAM.

For more assistance related to fix QuickBooks error code 6130, you can also consult with our QuickBooks error support team via our helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787. Also, you can mail your problem to our email ID with any feedback or query.


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