Getting Over It: Strategies for Beating the Game

Getting Over It

Platformer Getting Over It was made by Bennett Foddy. In October 2017, the game was made available. On October 6, 2017, there were 2.7 million active players. Following that, it was made available on Steam and iOS on December 6, 2017. The Android version was lastly made available on August 25, 2018.


In “Getting Over It,” you’ll transform into Diogenes. He falls inside a pot and uses a Yosemite hammer to extricate himself. You want to climb this mountain, but there’s a giant dead tree in the way.

The soundtrack of the game include audio commentary by Bennett Foddy on various philosophical topics. Also, the remark contains remarks that express annoyance and stubbornness in the face of the elimination of all player credits. The harder it becomes as the player climbs higher and higher. In its current form, the game won’t be secure. They might experience financial disaster. The player must reach the game’s apex while in space for the game to end. Following that, the player will asked if they are recording their games. They will directed to the dialogue section, where they can speak with other players who have completed the level, if they haven’t.

It’s not too difficult to use the controls. A keyboard is not necessary. To get through it, all you need is a mouse. Just raise yourself off the ground by placing the hammerhead below you. The force this produces will enable you to fly a great distance. This is important to know because it affects many beylikdüzü escort concerns.

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Getting Over It

Getting over it development

After playing challenging games as a child, Foddy picked up numerous lessons. He struggled with imported games like Jet Set Willy in the 1980s and 1990s in Australia because they hindered player advancement and required a restart after a loss. Games in the US and Japan added checkpoints in the 1990s so that the player wouldn’t have to restart. The “taste” of starting a game from scratch is gradually fading, according to Foddy. While it is now a formal design, anyone over a certain age may taste it.

Recently, Foddy has seen the resurgence of heavy games like the Dark Souls series. On the gameplay and save system of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Foddy noted that there were conflicting opinions in August 2017. The dark oil mark that is currently located on your right arm will eventually extend to cover the main character’s head if you die a lot. The game will wipe your save file after a few screen refreshes and make you start over. As Foddy said: “Whenever you uncover something that refutes a strong traditional design, it’s exciting because it opens up new avenues of research,” the song “Get Over It” came into being.

In addition, overcoming It resembles Sexy Hiking, a game created by Czech game designer Jazzuo in 2002 to discourage players.

The hardest hurdles to overcome in GETTING OVER IT

The first “serious” task in the game called Devil’s Bottom. The story starts right here. The majority of visitors come at this location and leave after spending, on average, 20 to 30 minutes there. In the big picture, it’s not all that bad, but keep in mind that most players still getting used to the controls.

Satan’s Chimney

One of the most challenging levels in the game without a doubt due to how challenging it is to understand. The second-hardest sector in the entire game, it suddenly appears during your run. The secret is to climb the little rock, raise your hammer as high as you can, place it firmly, and then slowly raise yourself. As soon as you are close enough, swing the hammer and strike the lantern.

In one motion, leap to the second one, then with one more push, try to land on the chimney. If you make a mistake at the top, you will fall all the way to the beginning; if you make a mistake in the middle, you will slide all the way to the area of slippery metal.

Getting Over It

Orange the Devil

Both the rewards and the risks of this task are exceedingly substantial. You should be fine if you proceed with caution. If you mistaken, you return to the cardboard boxes.

Infernal Slope

Attempting yet failing. In the event that you make a mistake, return to the Swinging Bucket of Hell. Stopping causes your arm to become exhausted and costs you a lot of advancement.

Getting Over the Conclusion Despite being a challenging platform game, many players like it. The controls are really challenging despite the simple gameplay.

One of the reviewers that liked Getting Over It was Austin Wood from PC Gamer magazine. The game praised as one of the finest PC games of 2017 and listed on the websites Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and GameSpot. In particular, it selected as the 36th best game of 2017 by the Polygon website.

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