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High Ticket Trainer – Brandon Carter, Kyshira Moffett, and Their

If you’re looking for a high ticket trainer, you’ve come to the right place. This article will introduce you to Brandon Carter, Kyshira Moffett, and their high ticket coaching programs home voip. Read on to discover why these coaches are so effective, and how you can emulate their success. Listed below are their tips for a killer sales pitch.

Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter is a successful entrepreneur who grew up on the rough streets of the South Side of Chicago. He was sent to a military school as a teen where he found refuge. Though he returned home expecting to have more trouble, he has benefited from his experiences and hopes to help other people achieve the same success he has.

A certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and fitness model who has attracted three million followers on social media, Brandon has overcome many challenges to become successful. As a child, he sold drugs to make ends meet. After his father committed suicide, Brandon started taking his life seriously. Now he helps other fitness professionals reach their full potential and makes a full-time income.

Kyshira Moffett

Kyshira Moffett is an award-winning author, serial entrepreneur, and international board-certified coach who specializes in helping overlooked experts package and scale their coaching practices. Her signature program, The Founder’s Circle, guides emerging coaches in creating high ticket signature programs.

Moffett is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and TIME Techniques. She has created online courses and corporate training programs and has authored several books. She has also been featured in Forbes, Brit and Co., EBONY Magazine, CNN Money, the Pittsburgh Business Times, and more.

Kyshira Moffett’s high-ticket coaching program

The founder of the award-winning coaching company The Power Collective, Kyshira Moffett shares her years of experience and insights into how to create a high-ticket coaching program. She is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TIME Techniques, and Clinical Hypnosis. She is a business coach who has worked with many business owners and entrepreneurs to create and grow their businesses.

The high-ticket coaching program attracts clients who are looking for advanced support. It is important to remember that a high-ticket coaching program will require time and attention.

Brandon Carter’s own high-ticket coaching program

You may have heard about Brandon Carter’s ‘High-Ticket Trainer’ program, but did you know that the entrepreneur also has his own online business? He is a fitness enthusiast who wants to share his knowledge with the world. If you are one of those fitness enthusiasts who have always dreamed of having a sexy body, this is your chance to realize that dream.

Brandon Carter was raised in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Chicago and once sold drugs to make ends meet. His life could have been even darker, had his father not taken his own life. After a tragic incident in his life, he decided to take his life seriously. He became a personal trainer and nutritionist, and he also launched his own online fitness business in 2008. Today, he helps other fitness trainers build their own high-ticket coaching programs.

Cost of high-ticket coaching programs

High-ticket coaching programs are usually priced around $5K or more, and they promise to help you achieve personal transformation. These programs have a highly structured framework that lays out a specific solution and outcome. They also have very high standards, and their clients will have high expectations. The costs of high-ticket coaching programs are often justified by the high quality of the service.

While coaches are compensated for the transformations they achieve for their clients, they don’t give away their skills. For instance, if you want to learn how to have a conversation with a client, you can find some books about how to do that or take an online course. The difference is that a high-ticket coach will encourage you to focus on the outcome and not on the process itself.

Getting high-ticket clients

High-ticket clients are a valuable part of your revenue stream. They can be a big risk if they quit for any reason – such as miscommunication or a poor report. The good news is that there are many ways to keep them and grow your business.

First of all, you need to offer more value than your competitors. While it can be difficult to compete with big firms, you can still offer better value to your clients. For example, you can focus on providing more value to high-ticket clients. Moreover, you can attend training programs to increase your knowledge and improve your customer service. And remember to keep in touch with your clients and discuss industry trends.

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