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How does Fildena 50 make better erection for male

What is Fildena 50 (Sildenafil 50)?

Many men experience erection(disorder) problems. Some men have problems with erections. Sildenafil citrate-containing medications can help solve this problem. The Fildena 50 tablet contains sildenafil, which helps relax the penile muscles. With the aid of the medicine, the blood vessels dilate in the penis to store large quantities of blood.

This improves the situation where blood cannot be blocked on its journey to the penis. The problem with maintaining this erection is the long-term. This medicine blocks the activity of phosphodiesterase 5 in the body and increases the production of Nitric Ox to aid solid erection. PDE5 can cause a decrease in erection after intercourse.

People who use Fildena 50 mg have long-lasting erections. Sildenafil Citrate is an ingredient that’s available in many brands.

Fildena is one of the most well-known brand names. It interferes with PDE-5’s activity, which prolongs the penis erection period. Many brands of this salt on the market can be used to erect, such as sildenafil, tadalafil, and sildenafil. Sildenafil is the oldest of these salts.

You can use it in different doses or intensities. Your doctor will recommend the right strength for you. You can see results as soon as the first dose of 50 mg of Fildena has been given.

Who can use Fildena 50 

The Sildenafil-based Tablet Fildena 50 has been shown to allow users multiple erections by using tablets. It is important to note that this Tablet does not restore erectile function without sexual stimulation, and simple foreplay will result in an erection. This disorder can make it difficult for men to discuss the issue or to seek professional help, and it is important to treat the problem quickly.

The internet and online pharmacies have made it easier for men to order online Fildena 50 Purplewithout visiting a pharmacy. This article will explain how Fildena can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. The medicine can resolve your erection problems in less than half an hour. The medicine must be taken every time you desire to have sex. Thousands of men across the world have used this pill. They can also maintain their erection like it is normal.

How do I take Fildena 50?

Take this medication with glass water. You should not chew the medicine or make it too small. The Tablet can be broken or crushed without any need. You can take the Tablet with or without food. It is best to take medicine 15 min after eating.

People who eat a high-fat diet might experience a delayed onset. Fildena 50 patients are advised to drink lots of fluids and rehydrate as soon as the medication kicks in.

Does Fildena50 work?

There are many reasons blood flow can be disruptive to the penis, and you could have side effects from medication, smoking, alcohol, substance abuse, or injury. Fildena 50 mg is a medication that dilates the blood vessels around the genitals to increase blood flow to the penis. Fildena 50 can help men achieve strong erections and keep them going with little stimulation.

The perfect solution is now available for men around the globe who believe traditional ED tablets don’t work. Many reviews have shown that the Tablet is very popular because of its safety, effectiveness, and ease of use. According to some user reviews, multiple sessions can cause more difficulties and take longer to erect. You can find more information on Fildena 50 Purple on our website.

Side effects

  • Priapism
  • Light effect
  • Rain pain
  • Ringing or buzzing hints in your ears
  • Many tears eye years
  • Visual aggravations
  • Consuming, dying, tingling in your feet and arms
  • Insomnia, Water flow – drain

Benefits and Uses

Fildena 50 Purple Tablet is an excellent option for treating Erectile Dysfunction within 30-40 minutes. If you experience a sudden loss of erection, it is also beneficial. You may need to choose the right dose in these cases, as lower doses might be enough for you.

Remember that a higher dosage can cause more severe side effects. For good sex, you must take the Fildena tablet each time. Many people feel better after taking a few tablets.

Dosage for Fildena 50 tablet

One Tablet can be taken 30-40 minutes before you have sex. This is a higher dose than the Fildena 50 tablet, and Fildena 25mg and Fildena 50mg are also available. Fildena Professional 100mg, Fildena Super Active 100mg, and Fildena 120 are available. 

Missed Dose

You don’t need to make up the missed dose, as the drug stays in your system for approximately 6 hours. Between two doses of Fildena tablets, a gap of 24 hours should be maintained.


Overdosing can cause serious side effects. This Tablet contains 50mg of sildenafil, three times more than the recommended. Don’t overdose.

Warning and Precaution

  • Fildena 50 Tablet can interact with many drugs, including antiviral, alpha-blocker, and antiviral medications. Be aware of possible interactions. It is best not to take Fildena Tablet with any other medications.
  • People with severe kidney problems should not take medicine.
  • Heart patients should not take medicine as it stresses their heart muscles.
  • Online and offline access to medicine is possible. This medicine is not available over-the-counter, and self-medicating could lead to serious health problems.
  • This medicine is more than a performance enhancer. Minors and non-ED people should not take this Tablet. Minors and non-ED people should not take sildenafil Tablets. It can cause serious side effects such as Priapism (erections that cause severe damage to the penile tissue following prolonged, painful erections).
  • Grapefruit juice can also be avoided as there have been some contraindications.
  • The medicine could cause liver damage. You should not take the medication if your liver is not functioning properly.
  • For sildenafil medication, it is important to be precise in choosing the right dosage. 
  • For four to six hours, the medicine remains in your body. It begins to lose its effectiveness after just two hours. It is best to have sex within one to two hours after taking medication. In most cases, forty minutes will suffice.

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