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How many Specializations you will get in an MBA in UK?

Specializations in an MBA in UK

An MBA Degree from UK

An MBA degree in the UK takes one’s career up several notches in the field of business management. Earning an MBA degree in your desired field will give you a competitive edge by equipping you with the latest skills, training, and industry knowledge that your peers lack, thereby enhancing career growth and opportunities. MBA / PGDM degree is given in various specializations and MBA courses in the UK where one can choose the basics according to their interest and aptitude. Here I am mentioning how many specializations you will get in an MBA in UK also some interesting facts about MBA in UK for Indian students.

Types of Specializations in MBA in the UK

There are many specializations offered in the MBA if you are pursuing MBA degree from UK. So, these are:

MBA in Finance

Finance is one of the most sought-after MBA majors, focusing on management and control accounting, Indian capital and money market, banking, privatization and international finance. After completing an MBA in finance, one can opt for various jobs in banks, financial consultancies and financial institutions. With an MBA in finance, you can also find job opportunities in areas such as consumer and investment banking, institutional finance, commercial banking, corporate finance and international finance.

MBA in Marketing

Just like MBA in finance, MBA in marketing is also very significant and popular among MBA courses. An MBA in Marketing offers a wide range of opportunities for aspirants who want to be on the fast track to making big bucks. MBA in Marketing requires skills and sharp knowledge in marketing, advertising and public relations. With an MBA in sales and marketing, one can accelerate their entry and advancement in the corporate world.

Information Technology MBA or IT MBA

Nowadays, MBA in IT has become very famous in Business Schools in UK. As we live in a technologically advanced world where everything is related to technology, the IT industry needs highly qualified and skilled people to take on the mantle of managing teams and projects. The MBA in IT provides future IT managers with the knowledge and skills to understand the various aspects of a project such as planning, designing, selecting, implementing, using and managing new and convergent information and communication technologies.

MBA in International Business

Nowadays, most of the companies are conducting their operations worldwide, for which they need highly qualified and educated manpower for good management of business operations, management and administration. An MBA in International Business offers an exciting, bright and fast-paced career in global business management. To move into this field, one must have good business sense. And the ability to cope in a multicultural work environment.

MBA in Leadership

MBA in leadership is gaining popularity. It equips students with an interdisciplinary business education, and students also acquire important leadership aspects necessary for success in the business world. This MBA program in leadership usually focuses on subjects such as finance, management and marketing and techniques of team building, corporate communication and conflict resolution.

MBA in Strategy

In the past few years, management programs that specialize in strategy have received a good response from MBA applicants. The MBA in Strategy equips students with the strategic thinking necessary to effectively manage the competitive dynamics of the marketplace. Strategic lessons include industry and environmental analysis, internal analysis and competitive advantage, organizational structure, design and coordination, market trends and dynamics, and more.

Entrepreneurship MBA

As the name suggests, MBA in Entrepreneurship is designed for graduate students who want to become successful entrepreneurs. To ensure the continuous development of the company, today’s organizations hire professionals for managerial positions who can effectively manage the operations and lead the organization. This program focuses on business strategies that lead to innovation.

Universities in the UK for MBA Specializations

There are many Universities in the UK which offered you the MBA course and I am listing here some of the good Universities that can actually provides you the best career opportunities. If you want to check Universities instead of these then visit overseas education consultants.

  1. London Business School
  2. Cambridge Judge Business School
  3. Said Business School
  4. Alliance Manchester Business School
  5. Durham University Business School
  6. Lancaster University
  7. University of Edinburgh Business School
  8. University of Central Lancashire
  9. Birmingham City University
  10. University of East London
  11. University of Bedfordshire
  12. University of Bolton
  13. Cardiff Metropolitan University

Programs of MBA in the UK

There are mainly four programs in the UK for MBA and also programs depend on the course and University you choose to study.

  1. Half-time MBA Program
  2. Full-time MBA Program
  3. Executive MBA
  4. Online MBA

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