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How to Draw A Simple and Realistic Cat Face

Draw A Simple and Realistic Cat Face

How to Draw A Simple and Realistic Cat Face. Find out how to draw an incredible Cat Face quickly and realistically with easy and detailed instructions. You can easily create a beautiful, simple, realistic cat face design. With a simple and realistic cat face design, you can draw your domestic cat or create a fictional cat for fantasy stories.

Cats are one of the most popular pets because they are soft, friendly, and adorable. The most famous cartoon characters in the world are cats like Garfield and Felix. After completing this cat head tutorial for beginners, you will find recommended colors that will make your drawing look realistic as they are in our Printable Cat Coloring Pages.

However, you can color the outline of your cat’s head any color you want. Use traditional colors like gray or orange, or make your cat bright and colorful, like a cartoon character. This beginner tutorial breaks drawing into easy steps so anyone can do it. Once the cat’s face outline is complete, simple, and realistic, use your favorite painting tools like markers, crayons, or colored pencils. Make sure you start with a pencil to erase mistakes and loose pencil lines.

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How to Draw A Realistic Cat Face

Step 1

Draw two curved lines in the middle of the page and two more lines below to create lemon shapes. Draw ovals in these shapes and fill them. Add additional curved stripes beyond the eyes.

Step 2

Draw two mound shapes 1 inch below the eyes. Draw a triangle below and then connect these lines with two hook shapes.

Step 3

Start with a single curve at the top of your head. Under the nose, draw two curves and connect them to the nose in a straight line. Underneath, draw a loose, sketchy line for the chin.

Draw symmetrical dots on both sides of the face as a pattern. Draw ovals for the nostrils and add two curved lines to give depth to the nose.

Step 4

Draw two rounded triangles for the ears with lines sketched near the ends for the fur. Don’t worry about making the fur perfectly even.

Step 5

Start with a slightly curved line on the left ear, almost straight, then draw wide curves and triangles. Repeat this process with the right ear.

Step 6

For the right side of the cat’s head, draw a soft, shaky line that makes a wide arc. You can draw a curved line first and then add fur.

Step 7

Repeat the previous step for the left side of the cat’s head.

Step 8

Add more details to your simple and realistic cat face pic. Add loose, sketchy lines inside the ears, then draw long, curved triangles on either side of the body.

Step 9

Complete the outline of your simple and realistic cat face design.

Draw Cat Face

Draw additional sections of fur and whiskers on either side of the face.

Step 10

Color your cat’s face easily and realistically. Outline the cartoon beginner’s cat head with a black pen, marker, or colored pencil. If you liked this tutorial, try another cartoon drawing, e.g., B., a sitting cat.

Cat Face Drawing

Now that you have completed your simple and realistic outline of the cat’s face, color the cat’s fur light orange with pale highlights on the face and chest. Use green for the eyes and pink for the inside of the ears.

Drawing Completed

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