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How to Easily Conduct House Shifting with Houseplants

Plants can transform your house into a home. Houseplants make your living space more warm, welcoming, and vibrant. They help enthuse your creative side and thrive you to become more industrious. You have been taking care of them for months, or even years; now they have become a part of your family, and you have become a plant parent from a green-thumbed novice. It is a heart-breaking thought to leave them behind when you are planning for a house shifting. You can’t think of anything rather than carrying them with you. But how do you easily conduct house shifting with houseplants?

Plants can’t move by themselves, but they can be moved by you, with you, and that just needs your in-depth planning. Here are some hacks to make your house shifting with houseplants an easy procedure:

Segregate the Plants

Segregate your houseplants according to their sizes. Keep the small potted plants together and the big potted houseplants on the other side. The packing technique for small plants is far simpler than that of larger plants. Yet, to pack them in different ways, you need to keep them apart. This will further aid you in packing them.

Also, separate the frail plants from the sturdy ones. Fragile branches, stems, and flowers don’t do well on trucks or are being handled too much. The sturdy ones will thrive through the house shifting easily, but the weak ones might not be able to make it. You can donate these houseplants to your friends and neighbours to offer them a good home.

Hiring Packers and Movers

Many of the packers and movers provide houseplant transporting as their add-on services in case of local house shifting. In the case of intercity house shifting, packers and movers generally do not encourage to proffer such services. However, if they agree to transport houseplants from one distant city to another, they will not offer moving insurance in this case. You should have a detailed discussion with your packers and movers company regarding their services and protocols.

DIY Houseplant Shifting

Some of the packers and movers do not transport plants, and even if they do, they don’t assure you of their safety through moving insurance. So, it is best to move them in a separate vehicle with you. It is also the best option for the plants since you can check their well-being and keep them happy during the move. If you have cared for your plants for a long time, you know them the best. You should consider shifting them by yourself, as you have a strong bond with them that the Pune packers and movers won’t have.

Look out for some steady and sturdy boxes. Keep your plants inside the boxes and stuff in pieces of bubble wrap or foam to fill the gaps between the pots and the box. Place them in the back seat of your car. Keep the taller plants aligned on the floor after wrapping them in plastic to protect them from being damaged on the go. Make a few tiny holes in the plastic so that they can breathe.

Shifting Small Plants

Small plants are quite simple to move. You can keep them in their existing pots and put them in a box without an overhead cover. Stuff the gaps in the box with bubble wrap, foam, or paper to prevent the plants from swaying around while you are moving.

The roots and soil can be kept inside paper bags instead of plastic. Paper bags are made of permeable material that supports the roots to breathe.

Shifting Larger Outdoor Plants

Shifting large outdoor plants can be a bit complicated. So you should consider this before you start the process. Prune the leaves and stems according to the re-growth system of the different plants. Purchase some floral tubes, fill them with water, and then cap them. You can carry the cuttings along with you in these floral tubes easily and propagate them to get new plants out of them in your new home.

If you want to carry the entire plant with you during house shifting, they should be watered well before you start moving.  This will keep roots and soil stay moist during the move. Then dig up your plants, leaving lots of soil around the roots, and make sure that you uproot the plants properly. The root ball along with the soil mixture should be wrapped in burlap fabric and tied up to hold everything together. Plants can live wrapped like this for a few weeks if they are watered and there is no drastic temperature fluctuation.

Keep the houseplants in shade on the go as harsh rays of the sun can scorch the leaves of the delicate plants. As soon as you arrive at your new home, replant all the plants as soon as possible.

Allow them to get accustomed

As soon as you arrive at your new home, make sure you remove the plastics immediately and take them out of their boxes, and water them. The shifting can cause them a shock, so don’t overstress them by immediately re-potting them. If you had transferred them into different containers for shifting, put them back into their original pots. But make sure you wait a week before doing this. Otherwise, it could result in their stunted growth or even death.

It is common for every plant to take time to adjust to the new soil and new climatic conditions. The difference in soil, climate, and air quality will affect their health there is an additional shock of having been moved and replanted. So you should be very caring and compassionate towards them.  Keep an eye on their growth and check with the plant experts if you find that they are not doing well. You have to be patient enough to see them fresh, luscious, and green as they have been in the previous house. But with time and care, they will be healthy and flourishing in the new home as well.

Your Plants, After All

House shifting is a through-and-through meticulous process. Doing so with your houseplants is trickier. But if you are a loving plant-parent, you won’t be able to leave them behind, as we all cross limits for the ones we love.

I hope you will get a clear insight about conducting a house shifting with houseplants after reading this article. Till then, I wish you a happy move!

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