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How To Pack the Lamps for Moving

Lamps are not the only thing you might think of when packing complicated items for a move. When it comes to packing, these basic home elements present some problems.

These basic elements are fragile, often have many parts, and are almost always irregularly shaped. We have created this easy guide to help you pack lamps. It breaks them down into pieces.


Initial steps

You must wrap each piece separately. Before packing, you should disassemble your lamp and be careful.

Begin by unplugging the lamps. Each wire should be wrapped in a rubber band or tape. Next, gently loosen the bulbs. After the bulbs have been removed, the lampshades can be taken out. You can now remove the lampshades.

You can find the screws that held the screen to its base by placing them in a baggie with a label.


How to Pack Lamps: Light Bulbs

You should pack your bulbs immediately because if they are left out for too long, there is a high chance that they will break.

There are two ways to do it:

  • Wrap each bulb individually (and gently) in plastic wrap with bubbles. The filling should be secured with tape to ensure it doesn’t fall apart when it is packed into a box. All the bulbs should be packed in one box. Make sure you use the correct packing paper. To ensure that the bulbs don’t move, it is strongly recommended that you fill all spaces in the box.
  • Make a box using special dividers to pack your kitchen glasses. Each bulb should be wrapped in air bubble wrap and placed into the dividers. Before closing the box, you can also add a layer of plastic padding.


How to pack lampshades

Next, you need to pack all lampshades. Wrap each lampshade in packing paper. Use plain wrapping papers and not printed ones. The ink could easily transfer to delicate screen materials.

Each lampshade should be packed separately in the appropriate-sized box. However, you might be able to fit one smaller inside another larger, so long as they are both properly wrapped. You can fill the spaces around the screens with additional packing paper, air-filled, plastic pads, dish towels, socks, or any other soft material that will prevent the screen from moving.


How to pack lamps bases

The base is the last thing you should pack with the lamps. If the base is fragile, wrap it in packing paper. Secure any plastic padding with duct tape.

You may be able to organize the packaging on multiple bases within a single box. Make sure that you do not rest anything on the lamp. This includes the harp and the end of the lamp.


How to package floor lamps

To wrap and pack your floor lamp shades and bulbs, follow the same steps as before. You’ll need a different strategy because their foundations won’t fit into a box.

Floor lamp bases made from fragile materials should be wrapped in plastic wrap and shipped appropriately. It can be shipped as-is if the base isn’t made from a brittle material. Be careful not to place anything on the truck’s base.


Additional packing tips:

Here are some more tips as you pack your lamps.

Measure the lamps before you purchase moving boxes. The safer the boxes, the better. Before purchasing boxes, measure the bases and displays to ensure that they are the right size.

Label accordingly. Label your lamp boxes with the same number as each piece. This will ensure that you don’t have to look for matching pieces in the box when unpacking.

Your lamps should be unpacked from the beginning. When you move into your new home, make sure to unpack your lamp cases as soon as possible. Lamp shades are especially susceptible to warping if they are not properly packed. If you follow these steps, you should not have any problems. It is best to get rid of them as soon as you can.


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