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How to repair the Canon printer 5B00 error code?

Canon is a top Japanese company globally known for manufacturing imaging devices. Along with cameras, Canon is also famous for printers. These printers are easy to install and use. New Canon printer printers are very user-friendly that allow everyone to configure the printer and take the printouts easily. The devices are smarter and provide excellent printing services. But like other hardware, this device can also show you errors sometimes. One common error faced by the users often is the Canon printer 5B00 error code. 

Possible causes behind Canon Printer 5B00 error code

  1. The printing job gets a runtime error
  2. Some Canon printer services are not running
  3. Your printer is not connected correctly
  4. The Canon printer driver is not working
  5. The cartridge is not installed correctly
  6. Fuser is overheated
  7. Print Job is stuck
  8. The firewall is interrupting the printer connection

Resolving Canon Printer 5B00 error code

Restart the commanding device and run a printer troubleshooter

You can get a printing error when the device faces a runtime error. This error can appear anytime due to any reason. To fix the error, you can restart the PC. After restarting, send another print job to the Canon printer and check the error. If the printer is still showing the same error then run a printer troubleshooter. Open the Update and Security tab of your printer. Now click on the troubleshooter and select the Printer option. Choose your Canon printer and tap on the Run button. Your troubleshooter tool will start searching for printer-related problems. If any error appears, the troubleshooter will fix it. Wait until a report appears on the screen. Now check if the printer error is fixed or not. 

Repair the Canon printer driver

You will get an error code while using the Canon printer if the driver is not working correctly. Without the driver, your Canon printer can’t understand the command. You have to install the driver on your commanding device. Go to the device and check for the installed driver. If you haven’t installed the driver then install it immediately. But when you have the driver but the printer is still showing an error then check for its update. Install the latest update of your printer driver. If the printer driver is corrupted then remove it and install a new Canon printer driver. Restart the computer and now wait until the printer finds a new Canon printer driver. Once the printer finds the driver, it will start taking printouts. But when the printer is still getting Canon support code 5b00 then check for other solutions.

Restart your Canon printer device

Sometimes, the printer gets into error when some of the printer services are not working. This error mainly appears when the printer is already busy and the user sends a different command. To fix the error, you have to power restart the Canon printer. When the printer is On, eject its power cord. Now wait for about 30 seconds and reconnect your cable. The printer will start automatically and its services will run from the beginning. Now try to take a printout and check for the error message.

Try reconnecting the printer

When your printer is not working and getting an error code then you should try reconnecting the printer. Printer connections often get interrupted due to an error. Go to the printer and eject the USB cord. Now reconnect the cord and check for the connection. You can also try reconnecting the cable using another USB port. When the printer is wirelessly connected, disable Wi-Fi on both devices. Now restart the Wi-Fi and connect the Canon printer to the commanding device. Send a new print job and check for the 5B00 error code.

Wait until the fuser cools down

Your printer fuser can also get you into errors. When a person is taking printouts simultaneously, the fuser gets overheated. The fuser can get completely burnt out. To prevent this, printers often stop working and show a warning message code. You can fix the error by waiting until the fuser cools down. Shut down the Canon printer for a while. Now restart the Canon printer and check for its error code.

Check the installed cartridge

The printer will show an error when the cartridge is not installed correctly. Go to the printer and check for the cartridges. If any slot shows an error, remove the cartridge and reinstall it. Few users get the error after installing a new cartridge on the printer. Before installing the cartridge, you have to remove the plastic protective cap. People sometimes forget to remove the cap and then the contact can’t touch the pin. Also, printers can show issues when the user has installed clone cartridges. Many Canon printer models can’t detect the clone cartridges. You have to use only original cartridges to use the printer. Remove the clone cartridge and install the original Canon cartridge. If the original cartridge is costly then take your empty cartridge and refill the ink. Shake the cartridge and then install it carefully on the printer. Now try to take a printout with your Canon printer.

Disable the printer

Canon printers can also get an error code when the printer is connected to the firewall secured network. Installing a firewall on the network protects it from internet threats. This firewall inspects all the traffic on the network. When the user tries to connect the printer to the network; the firewall starts checking it. Sometimes the firewall disapproves of the printer connection mistakenly and shows the error code. You can fix the error by disabling the firewall. After disabling, send another connection request. Your Canon printer will get connected to the network. After the connection, you can take the printouts. To use the printer on the firewall, at the Canon printer on the trusted device list. Now the firewall will allow the printer connection without checking.

Remove all pending print jobs

Many times, the printer gets the error due to any stuck print job. To resolve this error, remove all the pending print jobs from the printer. On PC, check for the print queue and remove all the pending jobs. Now send a new print job to your Canon printer and check for the error.

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