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How To Use a Pregnancy Pillow For Better Sleep

How To Use a Pregnancy Pillow For Better Sleep

Introduction To Sleeping While Pregnant

We’ve all heard about the myths surrounding sleeping during pregnancy. If you’re among the lucky ones to sleep enough to enjoy an uninterrupted sleep, you’ll be awake every few hours to go take a pee even if you don’t. wedge pillow Studies have shown an average of 78% pregnancies women are unable to sleep. Between nausea, heartburn and cramps it is among the times when the body requires the most sleep — and it’s also the time when it’s tough.

Sleeping Positions For Pregnant Women

It turns out that there are particular rules to follow when it comes to sleeping during pregnancy. Let’s examine the rules and guidelines regarding sleeping in positions suitable for women in pregnancy.

How Not To Sleep While Pregnant

It is not advised due to obvious reasons. Doctors advise against lying on your stomach when your belly begins to pop out and you start to show. If you sleep on your back, it’s an additional no-no, since it could lead to the abdomen covering your stomach as well as major blood vessels. This can lead to breathing difficulties as well as back aches as well as low blood pressure all of which could be detrimental to your baby.

The Best Way To Sleep While Pregnant

It is recommended that the American Pregnancy Association (APA) recommends that you sleep on your side, and specifically the left side. If you sleep on your right side, it puts extra stress upon your liver specifically when your body has to sacrifice space for your organs in order to accommodate your child. By sleeping on your left side, you can reduce the risk of this happening as well as being more oxygen-rich which results in more blood flow for your baby too.

You may be a bit anxious when you are forced to rest with your partner every night long. But sleeping on your side is actually the most beneficial thing you can do to ensure that you and your baby are safe.

The process of pregnancy (and sometimes postpartum) can cause an increase in body temperature as well as sweating throughout the night So, make sure to read our top mattress choices to help you deal with Hot Flashes as well as Night Sweats and Menopausal.

What Is A Pregnancy Pillow?

The pregnancy cushion, also called a maternity pillow is specifically designed to offer support and pressure relief to all parts of your body — wedge pillow not only the neck and head. Therefore, they tend to be bigger than your typical pillow, and they come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate the changing body throughout the various phases during her pregnancies.

Different Types Of Pregnancy Pillows

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

“U” shape. U-shaped pillows are ideal to help support the entire body, i.e. the neck, head back, stomach and knees, as well as ankles. It is best for those who are used to lying on their backs during the late at night, or for women who are prone to frequently turning and tossing during the night because it’s not necessary to flip the shape around or adjust the headrest.

Due to this, because of this, a U shape body pillow can be a good choice for sleepers who aren’t a good fit and pregnant women. It is generally one of the expensive prenatal cushion you can purchase due to its size. If you have a full or perhaps a queen-sized bed with your spouse it’s a good idea to take a look at alternative options listed here so that it doesn’t eat the entire mattress.

How do you sleep using this pillow: To use a U shape pregnancy pillow, flip it over so it’s “U” is upside down. Your feet must remain between the openings of the pillow and your head rests on the lower part side of”U. “U.”

C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

C-shaped pillows offer support and comfort to the neck, head, the back, and pelvic region. They are great to ease any tension in the pelvis and also reducing the retention of water in the ankles and legs.

They aren’t the ideal pillows for those who prefer to change places or turn often during the night because you’ll need to alter the pillow as you switch sides. The C-shaped pillow is among the most suitable options for larger women due to its open-sided design. permits the pillow to be utilized in many different styles and designs.

How to sleep using this pillow: Most women choose to sleep on a C-shaped pillow by allowing the curving part to support their back by allowing open space of “C” near their belly.

J Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

It can also be called an ‘egg-shaped’ pillow. It’s ideal for neck, head as well as back assistance. The J-shape is similar in design to the U-shaped pregnancy pillows in the way it’s used. However, it’s smaller, and it doesn’t have an additional side. This makes it an ideal option for bed sizes that are smaller as well as couples who enjoy cuddling.

The missing side makes this pillow less adaptable in the sense that you can use it for sitting If you were planning to use it for this purpose it might be better to opt for the body pillow with a U-shape instead.

What to do – When you’re ready to fall asleep there are a variety of ways to arrange an ergonomically-shaped bed. You can choose whether you like the longer part against your belly or back, or if you prefer the curved side that is placed under your head or in between your legs.

Wedge Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

wedge pillow wedge pillow can be used to keep your torso upright during sleep or sitting or even in conjunction with a pregnancy belly. wedge pillow They are great for people who are too hot or cold when they sleep, as it is possible to place an ice or heating pack in between you with the wedge. The propped-up position can aid those suffering from heartburn, are pregnant, or not.

How do you sleep using wedge-shaped pillows – They’re compact and easy to carry too. They’re easy to use: simply prop one under your belly while lying on your side during pregnancy.

Body Pillow Shape

They’re basically regular pillows, also known as U-shaped body pillows that are just a bit bigger. They’re great for cuddling however they don’t offer much support for the hips or back. The body pillows are the most well-known pillows for women who aren’t actually pregnant however, prefer to use pillows to rest more comfortable. They are also the least expensive kind of pregnancy pillow.

How do you sleep using this pregnancy pillow – You are able to make use of a body pillow in any way you’d like. You can choose to like to snuggle it while you sleep, position it to help support your belly or place it the middle of your legs.

Be aware that these pillows aren’t just intended for women who are pregnant. If you suffer from back or knee pain and struggle to get comfortable in the evening, you may be interested in one of these pillows for pregnancy. You can use them when sitting in a chair, on the couch, or in your car for long journeys.

Bonus: Don’t forget to throw away the pillows once your baby is born. They’re ideal for postpartum recovery too.

Adjustable Base For Pregnancy

If you’re spending lots of sleeping in bed during your pregnancy, you may think about purchasing bases that can be adjusted. It is possible to alter your height and the foot and head of the bed to suit your preferences, and some bases include extra features that are perfect for mothers-to-be (for example, anti-snoring , for instance, and various massage options).

Tips for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

A good baby pillow is the initial step to a more peaceful sleeping, but there are many other options to ensure you get before the baby is born:

  • Do exercises during the daytime to ease cramps at night If it is deemed safe by a medical professional
  • Limit your fluid intake at least a couple of hours before you go to bed in order to prevent waking to go to the bathroom
  • Eat a few food items that are bland and full of nutrients such as rice, and stay clear of spicy foods to lessen the risk of experiencing nausea at night and heartburn.
  • Relax and fall asleep by doing something that is relaxing prior to going to you go to bed, such as taking an ice-cold shower or stretching
  • If you can, take small naps throughout the daytime to make up for the sleep you’re not getting at night
  • Do not spend time on screens before sleeping and try doing a little reading or meditation instead (See more tips for self-care before Bedtime)
  • Consult your physician before deciding to take supplements or medications during pregnancy.

How Pregnancy Can Affect Sleep

Increases Stress

While you’re pregnant you’ll be worried about the numerous uncertainties that accompany the birth of your child. You may be anxious about the birth of your child, taking your child home, or making the transition to the new role of parents, these stress-inducing thoughts can disturb your sleep.


Your body is triggered to produce higher levels of hormones, some that can have adverse consequences on your sleep habits. Although certain hormones may cause you to feel tired throughout the day, other hormones could cause you to go to restrooms frequently, which can disrupt your sleep.


Many moms who are expecting have heartburn at one point during their pregnancy. If it occurs at late at night, it could make you sleepy and cause lots of discomfort while you lay in the bed.

Physical Uncomfort

As your newborn baby grows and fills more space inside your belly, you’ll notice it more difficult to feel comfortable in the evening as well as during the daytime. wedge pillow This kind of discomfort can disrupt your sleep, however the use of a body pillow during pregnant women is a great option to rest and relax.

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