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Ideas Suggested By Low-Budget Interior Designers In Kolkata To Do Your House Interiors

When it comes to your house, you like to express your personal style. How your space looks have a great impact on how your guests will perceive you. You always want your living space to look great and have that striving wow factor. But when you think of interior design, you will think that a lot of your money will get wasted. Well, you should be aware that it is a stereotype. You can get in touch with the best and low-budget interior designers in Kolkata to get your house revamped without spending too much money.

Here are some ideas suggested by these designers to do the interior of small homes under budget-

1. An artistic wall shelf

Blank walls are not liked by anyone because they are boring. When you are decorating a small house on a budget, one of the best ways is to an artistic shelf on the wall. You can either paint the wall in a charming shade or put a printed wallpaper. In case you feel that this idea is overused, you can go for a geometric bookshelf that adds an interesting feature to the dull wall and doesn’t even cost you huge bucks.

2. Makeover

The low-budget interior designers in Kolkata help you give your home a makeover by adding a few inexpensive touches. You can cover the floor lamp with bright fabric to brighten up the living room. If you think the in your bedroom is not up to the mark, you can add a beautiful wallpaper to it. You can also choose tiles in place of marble to do the flooring. You can even use plywood to create an instant backdrop.

3. Use plants

When you are chasing classy modern designs, you shouldn’t forget plants. You can go for a small patch of green or a few decorative pots to add a stylish and eco-friendly touch to your space. If you blend planters into your home, you can create a cohesive look that you can change every season. This doesn’t even cost you too much and boosts the beauty of the space as well.

4. Use some mirrors

Mirrors are budget-friendly décor items and look grand as well. They make an artistic statement. You can even add mirrors to your room wardrobes so that the bedroom looks bigger than its actual size. You can even go for round mirrors that make a regal statement as compared to the small ones.

5. A partition shelf

In case you are looking for apartment storage ideas on a budget, you can choose wooden furniture that is functional as well as stylish. A wall shelf is the best in such a case. You can place it in the living room, where it acts as a divider and offers an extra space to display décor accessories. It is also a cheap option but looks attractive. You can even go for a glass partition or plywood partition if you feel that it can help you save some money.

6. Paper lampshades

In case you are looking for cheap ways to decorate your apartment, here is another perfect idea. You can go for a few paper lampshades and hang them over the lights in your living room. It can go well with almost any type of décor style, whether it is rustic or modern. You can also choose white shade lamps in case you want to go for a minimalistic look.

7. Repainting old furniture

Another way to give your house a makeover is to repaint the old furniture. Repainting old furniture doesn’t cost a lot of money but at the same time helps you achieve a new look for your space. You can also select a theme for your house and then paint the furniture accordingly. The new paint will bring a new vibe to your space and will make your house cheerful.

To sum it up

Today interior design has become more affordable and accessible than ever before. Many low-budget interior designers in Kolkata have popped up. If you don’t want to plan your house interiors yourself, you can take help from these designers in case you live in Kolkata. They help you to save money by offering incredible designs by using budget-friendly interior design services.


BlueMasons is an interior design studio based out of Kolkata. It specialises in residential interior design and provides an end to end solution for home interior design including modular kitchen, bedroom and living room furniture, washrooms, false ceiling, electrical and polish work. We are available in both the budget and premium segment.

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