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In ten easy steps, you may hang a tapestry on your wall.

Wall tapestries are an innovative way to decorate your bare wall. Before finding the perfect wall tapestry for your perfect wall you should know about the ideas which you will use for hanging up the tapestry. Some damage-free tricks can be used to hang up the wall tapestry.


1. Adhesive Hooks

For damage-free methods for both your walls and also the tapestry, adhesive hooks can give a straightforward solution for displaying your decoration. If you’re in college or move frequently, this can also be a perfect method: It’s easy to hold up and take down when needed.


2. Velcro Strips

This can be your favourite damage-free method that’s perfect if you wish to avoid needing extra hardware to hold your tapestry. This can also provide you with a far cleaner look when your tapestry is hung, hooks, clips, pins, and nails are nowhere to be seen with this method.


3. Nails or Pushpins

This is an effective method for hanging a tapestry. If your decoration includes a large enough weave (to prevent poking holes in it) and isn’t too heavy, this is often an excellent method.


4. From The Ceiling

This is a good idea for a university or school dorm with ceiling tiles or an area with limited wall space. Select a vertical tapestry to confirm there is a lot of material to hold from the ceiling.


5. Tapestry Rod

Choose a dowel or tapestry rod that’s sufficiently big to carry the decoration, yet smaller than the wall. Attach it to wall hooks or perhaps hang it from the ceiling. Some tapestries are associated with in-built rods, so they’re easy to hold from one nail.


6. Window Covering

A tapestry can easily function as a novel solution for window treatments. For a bold design, pick a decoration with a definite pattern, while a lightweight and sheer design can give your room an airy feel without compromising on privacy. Hang it on a curtain rod to hide blinds and build a flowery, billowed effect. Secure the decoration with pushpins over the window for an illuminated look.


7. Rope or Cable System

If you are very fond of craftwork then this method is in your favour. Your needle and the rope will be your assistant in accomplishing this method. But if you are not that much into the craft then a cable system can be your good option. It can work as a great alternative. Sew a tiny low pocket on the highest of the tapestry that’s just sufficiently big to carry the rope. Run the rope through the pocket, and then hang it from hooks or nails. This can be a perfect method for a lighter panel that appears best when it can flow. Hanging your tapestry with a cable can help it to conceal a cupboard or your work area under a loft bed for added privacy.


8. Frame It

This method is worth it even though it is in a depth way. This will give a sleek and elegant look to your house. Choose a frame that is sufficiently big to carry your tapestry. Iron the tapestry first or toss it within the dryer on a gentle cycle to eliminate any wrinkles. Be at liberty to feature small adhesives to the rear of the tapestry to keep it from bunching within the frame. This can be an excellent strategy if you’re creating a gallery wall and wish to present everything with a cohesive look and want to impress everyone with your creativity.


9. Poster Hanger

This is an elegant way of hanging the wall tapestry. Opt for a bigger poster hanger to secure the maximum amount of the highest of the tapestry as you want. If there is any necessity then, get two smaller pins and hang them side by side. If you simply have hangers for the highest of the poster, be at liberty to feature a pin or two to the lowest to assist keep the tapestry on the point of the wall.


10. Bed Canopy

Wall tapestry can serve the duty of a decorator for you and can also play the role of the bed canopy. Attach two corners to your headboard and use a number of our strategies for hanging the tapestry on the ceiling to suspend the opposite end.

Attach a little hook or piece of rope to the centre of the tapestry to assist suspend it during a canopy-like fashion.

Now you all are set to buy a wall tapestry.


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