Introduction to Rigid Box Packaging

Rigid Box

A rigid Box also referred to as a set-up box is a hard, solid packaging choice for certain types of products. As its name suggests; it is fixed in shape and is made of a range of materials including metals and glass. The commonly used paperboard rigid box is made from compressed wood chips and resin and is usually wrapped in printed or decorative paper, leather, or fabric.

It is commonly used for packing jewelry items, gifts, board games, and other luxury products. However, its benefits are limited to small and medium-sized products; for large items, a thicker sheet is used to ensure safety and withstands harsh handling. It is a small segment but its demand is growing fast in the packaging market due to its support and the elegant feel it offers.

Types of Rigid Packing

Commonly, rigid boxes come in two types: Partial finish and full finish. In the former type, wrapping is only used to cover the outer surface of the box and the chipboard is bare and visible from the inside. Moreover, the partial finish box is made from a single piece of chipboard. The benefits of this kind of packaging are that it takes less time and less material in the construction process.

Therefore, it is time-saving and economical. While in the full finish, the chipboard is fully covered as it is enclosed entirely from the outside as well as inside. Unlike a partial finish box, its inner chipboard is made from separate pieces for each side of the box. Chipboard thickness is greater in a full finish rigid box.

Rigid Boxes in Different Designs

Rigid packaging boxes come in different designs and styles depending upon product shape and look. It is present in a tube shape, magnetic closure type, top-load 2-piece rigid boxes, or lid and tray type, drawer style, book style, shoulder neck style, etc.

Benefits of Using Rigid Boxes

A rigid box is an adorable packaging solution that enjoys many benefits over other types of packaging. It is used to showcase high-value products for better promotion. It adds more charms to the brand’s showcasing which leads to the unique highlighting of products in the crowd and consequently high profitability.

Besides this, It gives protection to the product and withstands harsh handling. It is best suited for longer distances in which mishandling of products cannot be completely avoided. Besides this, it is visually appealing and structurally impressive, rigid boxes convey a sense of prestige, luxury, elegance, and quality, and are ideal for smaller, high-end items.

Moreover, many consumers even keep and reuse rigid boxes long after their original purchase and thus providing excellent opportunities for long-term product recognition. They are also easy to carry. Therefore, all these features make rigid box packaging a preferable choice.

Customization of Rigid Boxes

The ability of rigid boxes to pack a variety of products makes it more interesting and appealing for different industries like fashion, beauty, cosmetics, skincare, perfumes, etc. Each of the boxes is tailored to fit according to one’s needs. It also makes a good choice for gift giving. One can order such box exactly in accordance to one likes, and this gives immense pleasure to customers, which enhances the promotion of brand and business.

Why choose BCB?

Best Custom Boxes is one of the leading packaging manufacturers in Canada which is serving a large number of businesses all across the globe. It includes packaging specialists offering custom logos and branding to accelerate your business marketing and promotion to strike your targeted audience. It has branches in the UK and other countries including Pakistan. Remarkable design variations can be found here and one can order packaging boxes as per one’s requirements.

Rigid boxes wholesale have plenty of options to experiment with. These choices are economical besides looking pleasant and adorable. Some of these designs include rigid boxes with lids, partial covers, magnetic closures, window or die-cut rigid boxes, and many others. One can also introduce inserts inside to make value-added them.

Conclusive Remarks

For enhancement of product visibility and exposure, rigid packaging is the best option available so far. Displaying of products plays an important role in getting customers attracted and gives your product a competitive edge. It differentiates your product from others and helps in winning customers’ hearts and creates their bond with the brand. It keeps your product in the minds of customers. Moreover, it gives an extra layer of protection to meet safety standards; therefore, it is one of the most preferable packaging choices in the business world.

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