Is ETICS better than traditional stucco

External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems or ETICS is an external wall cladding that offers thermal insulation and waterproofing. You can also call this an Exterior Insulation Finishing System, EIFS, Exterior Wall Insulation Systems, or EWI. Now ETICS uses composite material and advanced fastening techniques to ensure that the cladding covers the exterior wall and provides complete thermal insulation. But if you think you can reap the same benefits if you apply stucco to the external walls of your home, then you are making a mistake. Here are some of the reasons why ETICS is better than traditional stucco.

ETICS last longer compared to traditional stucco

When installing external wall cladding, you are making a significant investment. You want the cladding to last long and will not destroy easily due to rain, wind, or heat exposure. With an ETICS system, you can get assurance due to the following reasons:

  • Unlike the traditional stucco, which is usually consists of cement, concrete, acrylic, or similar construction materials, ETICS consists of a composite material that is waterproof, resistant to heat damage, and will last for a long time without losing its shine and sheen.
  • When you establish an ETICS system, you will require fasteners and anchors. These fasteners and anchors provide added support to the ETICS and ensure that these last long.
  • The anchors and fasteners have minimum embedment depth, but at the same time, it ensures that the cladding stays firmly attached to the exterior wall. As a result, you will not have to worry about repairing the cladding or replacing these in the future. This will behave almost like a robust secondary wall adding extra support to the exterior wall of your home.

Thus, in comparison to the traditional stucco, the ETICS is a better investment because it can withstand damage as a result of exposure to the elements of nature and will last for a long time.

ETICS provides better insulation and is energy efficient in comparison to stucco

An important feature of external wall cladding is to ensure that the building has the necessary insulation from heat and cold. With ETICS, you can get assurance because the composite material with which you make the cladding offers complete thermal insulation. This means heat from outside your home cannot enter your house; similarly, the cool air inside your house cannot escape outside.

Homeowners often believe that the anchors and fasteners used to hold up the ETICS can reduce the cladding capacity for thermal insulation. However, contrary to popular opinion, most fasteners and anchors are nearly invisible. You cannot separate these from the cladding, and the heads of most of the fasteners come with a covering of a material similar to the cladding. Hence, there will be no chance of cool air escaping or heat from outside entering your home.

This is essential to make your home energy efficient and reduce energy consumption in the long run. When you install an external wall cladding that offers you natural thermal insulation, you will find that you do not have to keep the air conditioners switched on in your house for an extended period.

As the heat from outside cannot enter your home due to thermal insulation, your house will remain cool for long periods, and you can limit the hours the ACs keeps on running. This will help reduce your energy bill in the long run. However, if you plan on installing a stucco, you cannot expect your home to become energy efficient or your energy bill to reduce. Thus, Etics is one of the best ways to make your home energy efficient.

ETICS has an excellent load-bearing capacity

When you install an external wall cladding, you need to ensure that it has an excellent load-bearing capacity. When you install an ETICS, it is not the cladding itself but the assembly elements that offer the load-bearing capacity. The best way to understand this feature of ETICS would be to contact the experts associated with EJOT Octoqon. The fasteners and the assembly elements will ensure that the cladding remains firmly attached to the external wall and do not fall off Here is how it is different from stucco:

  • Stucco is almost like an external layer of paint that you add to the external wall. Hence, there are chances of the stucco falling or peeling off from the wall.
  • When you install an ETICS with excellent load-bearing capacity, there are no chances of the cladding falling off from the wall.
  • The system can withstand high pressure and force due to the in-built ETICS assembly elements such as back slip anchors, rail anchors, and washer anchors.
  • These anchors can withstand heavy loads and ensure that the cladding stays on the wall no matter the pressure. For example, the rail anchor offers the highest load-bearing capacity and is easy to mount. It is also one of the best building materials.

Thus, with ETICS, the cladding remains to the exterior wall of your home and do not wear off over time. You will also not have to think of repairing and regular maintenance, which is the case with stucco.

ETICS is low on maintenance and easy to manage

Stucco consists of materials which are pretty harmful to nature. But ETICS is eco-friendly and easy to maintain. You will never hear the cladding panels falling off as you can fix these firmly  to the wall using the best quality fasteners and anchors. Similarly, you will find that once you have installed it, you do not have to worry about cleaning and to keep it free of dust and grime. Regular cleaning is necessary for stucco; otherwise, it can give the entire building a depressing and ugly appearance.

Thus, considering the longevity, ability to withstand pressure, and ease of maintenance, you will find that ETICS is much better than stucco. Moreover, ETICS can give your home a modern appearance and, at the same time, thermal insulation. So, if you plan to install an external wall cladding, you should consider installing an ETICS system.

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