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A method for investing in value stocks focuses on purchasing discounted shares of solid companies and holding them for an extended length of time is called value investing. The goal of investing in these stocks is to purchase shares of high-quality firms that you believe are undervalued. This choice is supported by solid fundamental analysis.

Value stocks stand out as safer options to challenging growth names in a bear market. This is because the companies with the most rapid growth rates and promising futures had a great run. Value investing is a method that involves hand-picking stocks whose current value is significantly less than their real value.

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Here are the best value stocks to buy in 2022.

Things to consider while value investing

Before purchasing any stock, investors are recommended to research and comprehend the firm they intend to invest in. When investing in these value companies, a few features should be kept in mind:

  • The company’s long-term ambitions.
  • Business principles.
  • Its financial stability with a healthy capital structure, as well as the determination of management effectiveness operating the organisation.

Companies that consistently pay dividends are another important consideration for value investors. To compare companies within the same sector and determine if they are over or undervalued, some practical valuation approaches are applied.

An investor must consider which valuation method best fits the business model of the company to make a decision. Investors looking to take on a moderate amount of risk with this portfolio of companies should seek out rapid, market-beating results and consistency in performance. These companies’ growth averages out over time, and their returns are steady because they are supposed to be kept for a prolonged length of time.

5 Best Value stocks

Valero Energy Corp. (VLO)

The largest independent refiner in America, Valero, runs 15 refineries throughout the continent. At the moment, it brings in more than $130 billion annually. So investors who are asking why gas prices are so high should know that refining is a major factor in the present shortage.

Due to this, North America is unable to process sufficient amounts of raw crude oil, especially the light sweet crude that originates from the country’s more recent shale developments. As a result, the refineries are making record profits, to put it briefly. As a result, the shares of Valero are now trading for less than six times projected earnings and have a dividend yield of 3.7%. That represents significant value in a sector that is now more important than ever, given the nation’s gas problem.

Sabre Corp. (SABR)

One of the three main businesses that run the airline ticketing software is Sabre. With the noteworthy exception of China, Sabre, Amadeus IT Group, and Travelport Worldwide Ltd. collectively control practically all of the market for these services worldwide. Sabre works in a desirable sector. Each company may retain strong profit margins and doesn’t experience a lot of technological disruption because there are so few competitors. 

Right now, Sabre and its competitors are allowed to add a tiny levy to the majority of international airline ticket purchases. While Sabre has experienced significant operating losses since 2020, this summer’s surge in travel demand has caused things to turn around.

Altice USA Inc. (ATUS)

Mid-sized cable TV provider Altice. Shares have lately been destroyed, dropping from a high of $37 to about $10. The incremental increase in demand for cable and internet services brought on by the epidemic has subsided. Additionally, Altice owes an enormous amount of money. Investors’ apprehension is justified given the rise in interest rates and the potential imminence of a recession. However, there are significant advantages.

The cable and internet sectors, in particular, are robust and should survive a downturn. As a result, any improvement in subscriber counts or respite from the economic and interest rate fronts could cause ATUS stock to recoup a large portion of its losses during the following year.

Global Payments Inc. (GPN)

A merchant acquirer named Global Payments helps credit card firms like Visa Inc. manage their payment processing operations (V). The stock of Global Payments has plummeted over the past year, much like everything else associated with payments. Global Payments is a good deal now that the payments industry is in disarray.

The business’s real outcomes, nevertheless, continue to be impressive. Earnings per share for the first quarter exceeded expectations and increased by 14% every year. Additionally, revenues increased by 8% compared to the same period in 2021. Those stats are hardly what you would anticipate from a firm whose stock is in free fall.

Micron Technology Inc. (MU)

One of the leading companies in the semiconductor sector with a focus on memory and data storage is Micron. Historically, the memory market has been brutally cyclical due to its dependence on the popularity of quick-moving consumer goods like cameras, tablets, and smartphones.

The memory market has changed, though. Many weaker businesses have merged or completely left the market. In the meantime, as memory is used in more applications, demand has become more stable.

Bottom Line

So above are the top five value investing stocks that can help you for long-term growth. Value investors typically demand risk connected with any purchases using the margin of safety. It refers to buying a share when its price is below a certain threshold.

Therefore, the margin of safety for value investors seeking investment opportunities is higher the bigger the difference between the intrinsic value and the present stock price.

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