Many ERP Software Companies In Pune Offer Excellent Software Solutions

With the help of Enterprise resource planning software tools, the combination of information as well as important metrics from different resources.  ERP software systems help in the centralisation of data, reduction of manual entries, and are able to increase the visibility of business data to all the key stakeholders. There are a number of ERP software companies in Pune who have a lot of expertise in the implementation of ERP software systems.

ERP software solutions for various industries

Different kinds of industries will have different needs and accordingly need their ERP software to be customised. There are a variety of ERP systems available today and all these systems will reduce the manual processes in the daily operations of a business. Any kind of business whether manufacturing, construction, sales, and marketing can make use of the ERP software.  There are a number of complex features that are available through the ERP software. This is why it was seen that the software was incorporated by the big corporations generally, however, there has been a change in the recent years and the ERP implementations have been implemented and proven to be beneficial even for the small and medium-sized businesses, making it suitable for all companies. There are many ERP software companies in Pune to choose from.

Enterprise resource planning software is quite different for different systems, and industries, and provides a variety of features. However, most of the systems will provide a number of these modules – Finance/accounting, IT, CRM, Order processing, Human Resources and Inventory and procurement, etc. Apart from these modules which are department specific, most of the ERP platforms will also focus on some specific industries, like manufacturing, and technology. The ERP systems which are industry focused will provide new features to the software. ERP software companies in Pune provide customized configuration options for the ERP software, which enable organisations to make their own rules.

Why do businesses need to have an ERP software solution?

ERP solutions are great for unifying all the processes in a business. If the processes in a business are connected with each other, the business will get the required push to optimize its operations.

Let us look at the different ways that an ERP software can enhance your business –

  • With the help of integrated systems, the business will get access to the data insights that will improve the decision-making capabilities and there will also be an improvement in the performance of the functions over time.
  • By the interconnection of the processes as well as data, there can be more visibility as well as the flexibility to the employees of the organisation to help them deliver value across the different functions of the business.
  • Most of the ERP solutions are designed in a way that they can be customized as per the needs of the business which will enable them to be prepared for any disruption in the operations or changes in the market.

CRM software for real estate in India

A real estate CRM is a customer relationship management system will help in the management of any kind of communication with both leads as well as the clients. CRM software for real estate in India provides tools that help the professionals in the real estate field in the management of leads, customer contacts, after-sales services, client inquiries, as well as marketing campaigns. It is able to provide a full picture of its sales activities, the pipeline of opportunities, and inventory. All these are managed with the help of a single and centralized system.CRM tools are becoming extremely vital to the day-to-day work of the real estate agents and is connected to the success of the brokerages every year.


Every organisation will need an ERP software that will offer a number of deployment methods, enhancement in security as well as privacy, and also customisation. A reliable ERP solution provider company that has experienced developers will be able to offer effective ERP integration as well as development solutions for businesses according to their requirements. You can choose from a variety of ERP software companies in Pune. One of the leading companies is Praxis Info Solutions, an award-winning and dependable SAP Business One partner, that will help to deploy the best ERP solution for any kind of business.

Praxis Info Solutions

Praxis Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an award-winning SAP partner, specialised in providing SAP Business One solutions to SMEs of different industries. The company provides enterprises an affordable platform to manage their operations through the business applications of SAP, which is the world’s #1 ERP solutions provider. Praxis is also a Zoho partner, which is the #1 CRM software system, and enables businesses to customise and implement CRM solutions. The company caters majorly to business in Pune as well as Mumbai and the West region of Mahashtra.

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