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Need To Know Best Places to Visit this Monsoon Season by Train

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When you’re on vacation, monsoon is one of the ideal times of year to take in the splendor of every exotic region of India that delivers ecstasy, beauty, and divine delight. Even though some people may not feel it is particularly safe to travel during the monsoon, raindrops have the power to transform your dread into a mild sense of adventure. The mountains’ rich vegetation, the lakes’ overflowing brilliant water, and the drive around the waterfall all combine to produce an idyllic view that is impossible to resist. A list of the top stunning locations in India to visit during the monsoon season can be found here.

Especially if you are visiting them by train. The train journey is comfortable as well as you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Moreover you are also able to Order Food In Train, specially your favorite food items. When one plans to travel by train, whether it be alone or with family, it calls for a lot of fun.

Lets See Some Places Where You Can Go During Monsoon:

Goa :

The greatest locations in India to travel to during the rainy season include Goa. To experience sand, drizzle, and beautiful scenery, the country of beaches is definitely worth a trip during the monsoon season. It’s the ideal location to savor some incredibly wonderful Goan cuisine while getting thoroughly soaked in the rain.

A road trip from Mumbai to Goa is highly recommended during the monsoon because Goa is well connected by roadways. With the Madgaon and Vasco-Da-Gama stations, Goa is well connected to other cities.

To reach Goa you can take a train to Madgaon and Vasco-Da-Gama stations. There are many trains that travel to these stations. There are many special trains also in which you are also able to get online food delivery of your favorite dishes. You can enjoy the two things together with a beautiful view with tasty and healthy food of your choice that too on your seat.

 Kodaikanal – Tamil Nadu:

 This is one of the top monsoon locations in India and is referred to as the “Princess of Hill Stations.” Situated in the Palani Hills of the Western Ghat, it offers breathtaking views of the ghats and hills, as well as charming waterfalls, lakes, and lush vegetation.

For those who love the outdoors:

Palani Station, 64 kilometers away, is the closest railroad station to Kodaikanal.Enjoy the picturesque view of the Palni Hills while strolling around the Berijam Lake and Kodai Lake, which is a man-made lake surrounded by rocks and trees.

To reach Kodaikanal you can take a train to Palani Station. With moderate rains and an average temperature of 22°C, the weather remains comfortable. You can get many trains to  Palani Station. Some superfast and special trains are also there that also provide  Order Food In Train facility. So take advantage of train comfort and view until you reach your destination.

Darjeeling – West Bengal:

The Queen of Hills, also known as the ideal monsoon hideaway of India, is located at the foothills of the great Himalayas and is widely renowned for its tea industry as well as being a well-liked tourist attraction. It gets significant rains during the monsoon because of the hills in the area.  New Jalpaiguri, 62 kilometers from the main town of Darjeeling, is the closest railway station, and it connects to important Indian cities including Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, and Cochin.

Attractions include the toy train, the Darjeeling monastery, the Rangeet Valley passenger cable car, and adventure activities. Remember to sample some real Darjeeling tea. You can take trains from Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, and Cochin to reach  Jalpaiguri. There are many trains that run from these stations and also provide food in train service to make your trip more comfortable,memorable and free of all worries.

Pushkar and Mount Abu – Rajasthan (25°C):

Pushkar: Plan a nice trip to Pushkar while it’s raining a lot elsewhere in India—not to get a tan from the hot sun, but to discover the lovely and tranquil side of Rajasthan. What could be more romantic than a peacock calling in the morning, a camel ride, or a stroll through the market? Your list of must-see destinations in India during the monsoon season should absolutely include Pushkar.

You can do Jeep safaris, camel safaris, hot air balloon rides, hiking, shopping, and sightseeing. Take a train to Ajmer, then drive for 30 minutes to Pushkar. This is how you can reach Pushkar by train.

Mount Abu: Being a hill station, Mount Abu is a year-round visit, but it is captivating to see this gorgeous place when clouds cover the sky and raindrops fall to the ground. For those seeking the ideal balance of nature, spirituality, and adventure, Mount Abu is the place to go.

You can go boating and sightseeing over there. New Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad are just a few of the Indian cities that are easily accessible from Mount Abu train station. On the extensive Delhi-Ahmedabad railway line, the Abu Road railhead is located.

Both superfast and special trains run to Ajmer and Mount abu railway station. That offers the Order Food In Train option for you. So that you can enjoy the beautiful view along with your favorite dishes. Zoop is the best app to order your favorite food on the train.

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