Pest control methods to keep pests away this summer

pest control services

Pest control methods to keep pests away this summer

Pest control services – Pests generally include insects, rodents, or any other animal that tends to settle in our homes, with devastating effects. In other words, pests are often uninvited guests in our house. Some of these pests carry microorganisms that cause disease in humans or our pets. As such, pest control is helpful in getting rid of those pesky, harmful, and unwanted guests. It is always recommended to seek out a professional pest control service provider, such as pest control Hyderabad. It is a leading pest control company known for its professional and effective pest control methods.

Seal any gaps in your home

The pests can be very small and you may not notice them until they multiply and increase in number. Therefore, the first step in controlling them is to block all possible entries. Be sure to walk through your entire home, checking and fixing any gaps you discover. Simple measures like closing your windows at night can keep mosquitoes out while covering drain outlets can keep rats out of your home.

Maintain a high level of cleanliness

Pests love dirty places and piled-up trash. Make sure all your surfaces and floors are sparkling clean to prevent rodents and scavengers from finding a habitat there. All food scraps should be disposed of in a sealed bin to block the entry of pests. Hiring a waste removal company goes a long way in clearing your premises of any dirt and rubbish that could attract pests.

Get rid of any standing water

Standing water can easily go unnoticed because not everything is in huge pools or the like. Sometimes water gets trapped in an old container or car battery and it can go unnoticed for weeks or even longer. So, constantly check around your home to make sure you take away any toys or other unnecessary containers left outside. Always check for spills from the cooling unit or rain spray

Be responsible for your garden

A backyard is very important for your home as it adds more beauty to it. Unfortunately, your backyard can also harbor pests; trimming shrubs and trees, removing unwanted plants, tending to your flower beds, raking all the dirt in the yard, and mowing the lawn are very important. While doing all of this, inspect for any pests and eliminate them if there are any.

Store your firewood carefully

Firewood provides a great home for termites as they like to feed on wood. Keep firewood or other wood away from your main house. If you can’t get rid of the wood because you need it, put some measures in place to keep termites away. These measures include

  • Arrange your wood in a rack above ground level.

  • Spray borax powder on your wood to kill termites

  • Apply used oil to your wood to prevent it from becoming infested with termites

Eat your fruits and vegetables early

Organic produce flies love to feed on overripe fruits and vegetables; therefore, be sure not to let them overripe on your counter to avoid flies.

Use natural herbs

Herbs are a very effective way to get rid of pests because they give off strong odors that pests don’t like. Planting natural herbs in your home not only keeps your home smelling great but also keeps pests away naturally. Some of these herbs are lavender, citrus, and peppermint, to name a few.

Let the outside stay outside

It is very important to distinguish between what remains outside your home and what belongs inside. This includes having different furniture sets for indoors and outdoors, different toys and containers, etc. This helps reduce the transport of pests from outside to inside the house. In case you need to bring outside objects into the main house, clean or disinfect it thoroughly to kill any pests that may be hiding there. It is also very important to regularly spray outdoor furniture with pesticides, to expel pests and kill their eggs.

Use a fan

Fans are a smart way to keep pests like moths and other flying insects away. Be careful, strong air currents make it so difficult for flying insects to be in the house because they cannot fly in strong winds.

Hire professional pest control services

This is where pest exterminators come in hiring a professional pest control company is highly advisable. It’s always nice to control pest infestations before they get out of hand.

Professional pest control services exterminators are a safe way to get rid of pests at an affordable price. Their pest control methods have been tried and tested. They use the latest techniques that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. Moreover, you can get them 24 hours a day, which means that they offer their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

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