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Power of Arts in Education

Power of Arts in Education

Education has an important and necessary power part of every child’s life. But most of the children seem uninterested or unhappy in studying or going to school. At that time, arts play a vital role in education. Art has the power to motivate students toward education. It made learning and the process of education interesting and full of fun. Arts fill colors in the education. Difficult lessons and concepts can be easily taught with the help of the arts. Arts bring a lot of educational benefits. Here we will discuss how the power of arts changes the dynamics of education and facilitates teachers and helping students.

Enhance the creativity of the students

Art helps to enhance the creativity of the students. When art is made part of the curriculum and classroom, then students show flexibility towards different things. They tend to perform the task with innovation and creativity. They think in a different way from the students who did not interact with the arts. Even they have abilities to complete their assignments and projects with great creativity without any help. By bringing all their creativity together, these students came up with a unique piece of work. Education provides students with an environment that allow them to grow freely and learn skills that will help them in the future.

Improves critical thinking

The artwork and activities students do in the classroom help them to improve their critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skill is the most important skill and need of the time. It allows people to evaluate and analyze everything and make judgments about anything after thinking and questioning. This is the skill that empowers people to have their own thought about everything. And these are the thoughts that they drive after the whole evaluation and analysis process. When art is part of education, students observe the different phenomena of the world and bring them in front of the world in the form of pictures, words, or acts. And any piece of the work is considered art when it is unique and different from others, and it is only possible when you make it after thinking critically.

Growing mindset

Education of the arts teaches the essential skill and reduce stress. Art gives motivation and satisfaction to people. Students grow and progress positively when art is made part of their life and education. Education of arts plays a very important role in the growth of the mindset of the students as well as other people. Art teaches you how to think differently, how to find happiness, and create happiness for others. Even the research has also proved that art positively affects people’s physical and mental health. Because of art, people get exposure to skill development and problem-solving activities that grow their mindset, which helps them in their academic life and in their professional and practical life. It is well recommended that students who used to hire someone to take online exam may avoid this act in art education as it gives you the power and relaxes your mind.

Better understanding

Art help students to have a better understanding of different thing and academic concept. When teachers make art part of their lesson and curriculum, students progress well and understand lectures quickly. For instance, an event or lesson in history could be taught through any role play or skit. Students can learn part of the body or days of the week through poems. Students will surely learn these things more quickly and easily. Not only this, the concepts learned through art last long in the memory of the students. The students who learn in a class where art is given importance have more clear and strong concepts than the students who learn in a traditional way without the involvement of art.

Improve communication

Communication is one of the most necessary skills in life. It connects people and facilitates them to convey their thoughts, ideas, message, and needs to other people. Arts have a major contribution to improving the communication skills of the students. Education of art in different ways helps people to achieve this goal. For example, suppose any student is a part of a choir or plays. In that case, they will learn how to communicate verbally, non-verbally, and emotionally with other members of the team and the mass audience. They have to transform their emotions, words, and expressions to convey any song or dialogue. These practices, later on, become helpful for the students when they communicate with other people.

Help to understand different cultures

In every culture, art has significant importance. Even it would not be wrong to say that it is an art that made culture. When art is part of education, it teaches students about different cultures. They learn about the music, tales, and colors of different cultures. Besides giving information about the world’s different cultures, it becomes a reason for bringing people together. Now a world where people do not have tolerance and space for other cultures and believe it is an art that brings harmony and unity. Especially when it is part of education, students learn this thing from the beginning, which will, later on, benefit the world on a larger scale.

Improve self-confidence

Although not every student but most of the students who practice art and participate in the activities of art are extroverts and have better self-confidence than other people. For example, these students are used to performing in front of the whole class, school, or a large audience. Which automatically boosts their confidence. They can easily put forward their point of view or any thought in front of the people. They are used to performing, so whenever they have to interact with any stranger or with a group and power of people, they know how to talk without hesitating and control their nerves.


The above benefits show how important it is to make art part of the education and classroom. Even considering the importance of art, people admit their children in the art class where they learn different skills that help them in their academic life and teach them some life-saving skills that benefit them in every step of their life.

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