QuickBooks Desktop 2023: New Changes, Plans, Pricing & Features

A new edition of QuickBooks with a few new features that benefit the firm in numerous ways was revealed by Intuit for 2023. Users of QuickBooks Desktop Plus (the pro and premier versions) and QuickBooks Enterprise are eligible to update to the new 2023 edition. As you are all aware, QuickBooks is the industry leader in accounting software, and accountants and users of QuickBooks eagerly anticipate each new edition. There are many features available that can be advantageous for the user. Stay with us until the end if you want to learn more about the price, extra features, and licence policy of QuickBooks.

Here we will learn about the updates made to QuickBooks Desktop in 2023, as well as the new features that have been added, improved, and plans and prices that have changed. As of now, you can learn more about the newest version of QuickBooks Desktop by calling the toll-free number +1 844-736-3955. (Windows & Mac).

New Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2023

The following list of updates to QuickBooks Desktop 2023;

There are numerous features in the QuickBooks Desktop 2023 version that assist consumers in various ways to improve decision-making so that the organization can be fully utilized effectively.

Cash Flow Hub:

All editions of QuickBooks enterprise 23.0, QuickBooks pro plus, and QuickBooks premier plus now have functionality for the Cash Flow Hub. It provides you with information about your current cash situation, which can help you optimize your cash flow. Also it includes all of the money coming in and going out for your company, including sales revenues, invoices, and receivable payments, as well as expenses like payroll and paid bills. It represents the graphical data that displays all of the accounts’ bank balances.

Payment Links:

You will have the opportunity to create a money link in the revised version of 2023 to use for payment collecting. Simple to use; simply build the necessary link and send it to the clients. But always bear in mind that you may only use this feature if you have a QuickBooks payment account. Just adhere to the instructions for setting up a payment link.

  1. Click the “Customers” link first, and then choose the payments option. On the home screen, there is a payment link icon that you can choose right away.
  2. Put the information you’re asking for in the section marked Total Amount.
  3. Then type the description of the service for which you are seeking payment.
  4. Next, choose your customer from the database or, if they are brand-new, add them.
  5. Enter your customer’s email address.
  6. Then choose your payment method, or mode, such as a credit card or an internet payment.
  7. Once the aforementioned processes have been completed, you can email a payment link to your clients.

Note: A copy of the payment link will be sent to your email address. Also bear in mind that you can only create one payment link per client, and that link cannot be used by the consumer to adjust the amount or make partial payments. Through the dashboard, you can see all of the payment links as well.

Intercompany Transaction:

If you run two separate businesses that do business together, this functionality is quite helpful. You must first establish a partnership between the two companies if their accounting prospects are the same. Therefore, you carry out an intercompany transaction using the four phases.

  1. Opening the original company file is the first step in building the partnership. To do this, choose the Company tab, then choose Intercompany, then adhere to the instructions after choosing Create a Relationship.
  2. The next stage is to accept or reject the relationship’s permission. You must once more choose the company tab, then the intercompany transaction, the relationship, and finally click on “waiting my approval” to complete this. You can choose to approve this request here.
  3. The intercompany transaction must be made next. You must first choose your merchants before entering any bills. The measure will now be transformed into an intercompany transaction bill. After entering the amount and sending it for approval, continue with the steps.
  4. After opening the pending my approval, selecting Expense, and then taking approval action by clicking on approve, the last step is to accept or reject the transaction.

Now, to examine the intercompany transaction report, choose the company, intercompany transaction, transaction, and then reports to view.

Vehicle tracking mileage

  1. You now have the choice to track your business trips through your vehicles after updating to the 2023 version. The steps below must be completed in order to set up your vehicle’s mileage tracking system.
  2. Once more, click the Company tab, choose Track Vehicle Mileage, and then choose Manage.
  3. You must choose your vehicle from a drop-down list that appears after selecting manage.
  4. If your vehicle isn’t already listed, click Add New, and then type in the name and VIN of your vehicle.
  5. The next action is Manage mileage rates after selecting Track vehicle mileage after completing the aforementioned steps.
  6. By choosing manually enter trip from Track vehicle mileage, you can manually enter your journey.
  7. The authorization of the travels is now the last step. From the pending approvals, you can approve.

Your inventory items can be classified in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

  1. The revised version of 2023 has these capabilities if you wish to keep your thing organized.
  2. By picking the list and clicking on the item list, first change your item to choose your category, and then choose the category.
  3. Go to the list and choose manage category or add a new category if you want to manage your categories or add new categories.
  4. If your category doesn’t include any content, you can easily delete it.
  5. Additionally, you have the choice of adding several items to a category by selecting the category and then checking the boxes next to each item. After that, pick Move to a different category under Batch action. After selecting the category to which you wish to move your goods, click Save.

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Features accessible in QuickBooks Desktop

Read on to learn about all of QuickBooks Desktop’s standard features:

Better Bank Feeds

QuickBooks offers a feature called Desktop Bank Feeds that enables users to download their transactions from a variety of financial institutions for online banking. Bills and bank transactions are managed so that the person can concentrate more on their primary tasks.

If you want to start using bank feeds, you’ll need a bank account from a financial institution that works with QuickBooks and a reliable internet connection.

Personalized Payment Receipts

Sales receipts can be printed and sent using QuickBooks. One can email attachments of different invoices or receipts in the QuickBooks 2022 version. Intuit has added the capability to modify payment receipts in accordance with requirements in QuickBooks 2022, 2021 edition. Additionally, it will give a clear picture of all payments and speed up the procedure.

Review of the PDF invoice and attachments

From the Invoice view in QuickBooks, this feature automatically previews invoices and attachments. If you want to make sure the information in your email is accurate, you don’t have to manually open each attachment outside of QuickBooks.

Establish Rule-Based Customer Groups

QuickBooks gives users the ability to create client groups that help with the list and separate them based on needs. Various criteria, including client type, location, position, sales, balance, and more can used to generate rule-based groups. Additionally, this will assist in automating and maintaining the communication system.

Automatic Reminders for Payment

When it comes to managing accounts receivable, automating payment reminders, identifying past-due payments, and writing mail, a lot of time is wasted.

In the Manage Mailing List option in the customer drop-down menu, you must first establish mailing lists and add customers to them. You can send payment reminders using the Schedule Payments Reminder options after adding the customer to the mailing list. You can write emails to customers to remind them when their payments are due. And when the customer’s payment due date approaches, it will automatically remind them.

Combine several emails into a single one

The form allows you to combine multiple emails. Because you can send multiple invoices in a single email, it gives the customer better service. Customers’ work is simplified and they no longer need to download numerous attachments. All the invoices are attached to one mail-in form that they will download.

With the addition of a file search option in the No Company Open window, you can now search for or locate your company name here. Using the search bar to find company names more quickly and accurately will display a list of the most important details regarding the QuickBooks company file.

Inventory cycle counting:

Depending on the volume of a company’s inventory, inventory cycle counting brings new management efficiency. The advantage of the cycle count is that it also counts the subset of inventory. Cycle counting measures on-going inventory activities rather than daily operations.

Customer Purchase Order Numbers Should Added to Email Invoices

There is a feature that allows you to include the customer purchase order number in the email subject to which the invoice is attached. The customer’s work is made easier because he can locate mail by its PO number without having to open every attachment.

Landed Cost:

By accounting for freight, duties, insurance, and other ancillary costs, the landed cost feature provides clarity regarding the product’s actual cost. When you margin them, the outcome will accurate because all of the additional costs are added to the cost of the inventory.

Plans & Pricing for QuickBooks Desktop

Your wait is finally over with QuickBooks Desktop 2023. On September 6, 2022, QuickBooks already announced the release of the next edition for accountants. Furthermore, the public release date is September 20. The director of QuickBooks, Ted Callahan, declared that the items of QuickBooks Desktop 2023 would not be discounted and would instead sell at full MSRP. From the table below, you can view all the pricing information. All accounting responsibilities were made simple with QuickBooks’ various versions and plans. QuickBooks versions and plans are created based on consumer demand. Therefore, choosing the appropriate version of QuickBooks based on their demands is not difficult for any user. The desktop version is in the works by Intuit. Let’s examine;

QuickBooks Product Price for QuickBooks Desktop 2023
Pro Plus/ Mac Plus $549
Premier Plus $799
ProAdvisor- Premier Bundle $799
ProAdvisor- Enterprise Bundle $1299
QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Per Employee $5 per month
QuickBooks Online Plus $85 per month
QuickBooks Simple Start $30 per month
QuickBooks Online Advance $200 per month
QuickBooks Online Essentials $55 per month

After considering your business’s ins and outs, budget, and usability, you must select the best product for it.

The QuickBooks Desktop version comes in a variety of packages or plans. These editions were all created taking businessmen’s needs into consideration. Therefore, if you intend to select a desktop version, carefully determine your needs before selecting the proper edition for your company.

Everything revolves around QuickBooks Desktop. You can contact QuickBooks Desktop support at +1 844-736-3955 by calling the toll-free number.

Which Version of QuickBooks Is Best For You?

You must select your QuickBooks version based on your company. The needs of your company must taken into consideration before choosing the version of QuickBooks because each edition has various characteristics. It takes into account a wide range of variables, including cost, industry type, accessibility, and data needs. Therefore, if you are managing your business, you must select the appropriate version while taking the things mentioned into account.

Pricing: Prior to learning about the needs, you should be aware of your company’s budget.

  • Monthly costs for QuickBooks Online range from $30 to $200.
  • $15 to $35 per month for QuickBooks Self-employed.
  • Each year, QuickBooks Pro costs $349.99. (price changes according to years versions).
  • Cost of QuickBooks Premier each year is $549.99. (price changes according to years versions).
  • Each year, QuickBooks Enterprise costs $1340.

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The number of users: Depending on the number of users using QuickBooks at once, you can select between QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Online. If your organization is large, you can use QuickBooks Enterprise, which allows 40 users to log in simultaneously.

Business size: Business size is a crucial consideration when selecting your QuickBooks edition. If you are a freelancer, you require QuickBooks Self-employed because it is cost-effective for independent contractors. If your business is medium-size, go with QuickBooks Premier; if it’s small to medium-sized, go with QuickBooks Pro.

The major determining factor in choosing a QuickBooks product is what features you need. If you need extensive inventory and pricing features, pick QuickBooks Enterprise; if you want to use more integrations, pick QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Pro.

Winding up!

Numerous enhancements are include in the most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop 2023 to improve user experience generally and boost business productivity. This article examined QuickBooks Desktop 2023’s updated and new features. Call our QuickBooks desktop support specialists at +1 844-736-3955 if you need assistance.

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