Russian Fashion Brands You Can Online Shop

 Russian Fashion Brands You Can Online Shop

Russian Fashion This nation, which is world-famous for its Matryoshka dolls as well as the Kremlin and rich cultural heritage, offers incredible diversity in many areas.

Russia has a constantly growing fashion scene. Russia’s younger generation also takes an interest in changing fashion trends.

I love visiting the work of fashion designers from other countries. Russia seems to have more to offer than the United States, with its constantly increasing fashion and apparel needs.

Russia’s newest fashion designers bring new ideas, designs, and concepts to the table.

Russian Fashion has to show itself. This is why I will continue checking Russian fashion and updating the guide on a regular basis.

Below are the top Russian Fashion Brands, which I have reviewed.

I love fashion trends. Click to view my other fashion guides. I have also included links to all of them at the end.

1.) Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion

Grunge John Orchestra. The explosion is a Russian clothing label that specializes at cool urban apparel.

Grunge John Orchestra’s unique fashion store concept is the reason for its success. Explosion has made it to Russia’s forefront of the fashion scene.

Igor Isai founded the label and is the creative force behind it. His love of grunge music as well as European and Japanese underground scenes inspires his streetwear designs.

You will find an amazing selection of practical outerwear and shirts as well as sturdy backpacks, hoodies, and other clothing.

2.) Krakatau

Russian clothing brand Krakatau is a Russian brand that was established in St. Petersburg 1999. The brand specializes in functional streetwear that has been enhanced with technological details and kept modernly fashionable and sophisticated.

Krakatau apparel, inspired by the extreme Nordic weather conditions, adapts to unpredictable weather conditions such as rain and cold.

The fashion designs include additional beneficial features, which allow wearers to take advantage of severe weather.

The products of the St. Petersburg-based brand provide exceptional breathability, cold resistance up to -10degS as well eco-friendly insulation, and PFC-free finishing.

Krakatau offers an extensive selection of outerwear such as waterproof jackets.

Krakatau has other accessories that can be used in conjunction with the bags, including useful accessories and practicality.

3.) Ostin

Austin, a Russian clothing brand that specializes is casual attire for children, men, and women, has gained international recognition.

The label offers casual, stylish clothing and bags that are easy on the wallet.

Austin, which is known for its affordability, has gained a loyal client base and expanded into more than 700 locations in Russia.

On products can also be found in numerous locations throughout China, Kazakhstan or Ukraine.

4.) Ralf Ringer

Ralf ringer is a prominent shoe manufacturer and retailer based out of Moscow.

The company now produces more than 3 million per season. Russia’s largest distribution network has more 2000 outlets in Russia.

Ralf ringer’s wide selection of footwear is available in a variety of styles, for both men and women. The focus is on supreme quality and exceptional comfort.

5.) Seal

The seal is one major clothing retailer in Russia and the region. Seal owns over 400 stores throughout Russia. Additionally, Seal has a strong presence across Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

The popular retailer offers fashionable clothing for children, men, and women at very reasonable prices.

The brand is known for its outstanding product quality, even though it has low prices.

Seal’s stylish apparel includes casual wear as well outerwear, sportswear, or knits. The seal is a one-stop shop that caters to all ages.

6.) Alexandre Plokhov

Alexandre Plokhov is a Russian-American fashion stylist with international recognition for the extraordinary creations he has created.

she was born to an extraordinary creative family near Moscow. He followed the family’s lead and obtained a BA in fashion design from Chicago’s IAMD. Thus, began his journey into fashion.

The many award-winner are best known for their strong customer base, outstanding designs and fine tailoring.

7.) Anteater

Anteater, a Russian brand that makes high-quality streetwear, is well-known.

Since its inception in 2007, the creative brand in St. Petersburg has impressed its vast consumer base with its funky logo prints, simple, yet interesting cuts, and practicality.

Anteater’s men’s clothing collection is inspired by Anteater’s founder, a man who loves graffiti and street culture.

These exclusive collections are made in collaboration with graffiti artists, tattoo artists, and extreme artists. Illustration designers and other street activists also contribute to the brand’s ever-changing look.

The range of accessories includes long puffer jackets in solid colors, long tees with ties, and tie-dye hoodies. There are also pants, boots, and sneakers.

8.) A Four

it is a Russian household name best known as a brand for it is-class footwear.

A Four, a St. Petersburg-based company founded in 2009, displays the essence of martial art using Yin & Yang symbols reinterpreted in a creative way.

it is known for its high-quality sneakers like the Code Runner sneakers, but it also offers sporty-chic clothing design.

The brand’s apparel collection features printed t-shirts, Panama caps, and Olympia Track jackets. Its color palette reflects a balance of black and red with simple color accents such as red.

A Four offers many excellent shoes for men and women. They even offer custom creation services so you can design your own shoes.


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