Sanganeri Print Technique: From Origin to Present Scenario

Sanganeri is a hand-block printmaking method that originated in Sanganer, a hamlet in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This type of textiles is about 5 centuries old and continues to play an important role in the world of spinners and craftspeople. Aside from Sanganer prints, other villages famous for block printing include Bagru, Akola, Barmer, and Jodhpur. This printing process is distinguished by delicate motifs and outlines with brilliant colourful colours.

Origin And History  

Between the 16th and 17th centuries, the Sanganeri printing process evolved. The continuous battles between the Mughal rulers and the Marathas drove many artisans from Gujarat to Rajasthan. This craft eventually found a home in Sanganer, in which it has thrived ever since. It has become one of East India Company’s most important export commodities, and its signature was the original dye in use for printing patterns. This dye quickly gained prominence in European culture too though.


The remarkable cultivation in this style of craftsmanship, that’s been around for centuries and is almost as ancient as the nation itself, was motivated by royal patronage and history. Rich merchants and ruling families have promoted this craft, and its impact has permeated deep into the foundations of Indian heritage and culture.

People Behind This Amazing Art

The dyers were originally from Punjab and Sindh and belong to a group known as the ‘chippa.’ The vast percent are Muslims. The most intriguing aspect is that the entire extended family, especially youngsters, participates in the process. Today, almost 3000 individuals work on a professional basis to practise this trade.


Sanganeri print uses a wide range of designs and patterns, including a variety of floral motifs, the most common of which are sunflowers, roses, and narcissus’. Designs representing various gods, fruits, and folk settings, in addition to flowers, are prominent. The arcs and patterns mostly portray Sanganer’s traditional flora and wildlife.


The simple and imaginative nature of this block printing method makes it more attractive among women of all ages. Dyers have been experimenting with unexpected colour combinations as technology has grown in prominence. Colour overlaying, such as red and pink or purple and orange, is not prevalent currently. This was not achievable, however, with the previous procedures. No wonder, Rajasthan is famous for this kind of art and craft. This is widely famous due to its curves, fineness in flower petals and fusion with some unique colors. It carries delicacy with bright colors on white background. Not just the rajasthan but it has popularity of global level. Usually, people get confuse between the sanganeri print and bagru print but both has many differenced. Sanganeri print has fine lines wit sober colors but bagru uses the bold colors and bold print with broad lines. Sanganeri print has floral design as major but bagru print combines the animal print with geometric patterns.  

Creativity And Experiments 

Aside from trials with colour combinations, there is also a lot of experimenting with designs. Such patterns were once exclusively found on outfits or sarees. But now with current fashion and design, block printing could then be spotted on skirts, scarves, and costumes as well.

Present Scenario 

Sanganer, once a hive of invention, has now devolved into melancholy and lethargy. Sanganer, a little town on the outskirts of Jaipur, is recognised for creating the finest and most gorgeous hand printed fabric. This is a custom that dates back over 150 years.

However, in the last two years, the desire to earn a quick cash has decimated the artists’ age-old dedication to their craft, driving it nearly extinct.

Sanganer was awash in colour, with large sheets of cloth spread outside dwellings to dry in the morning. Export orders were increasing, and the craftspeople were kept on their toes. They had previously earned little revenues and suddenly received extremely small sums as orders for lakhs of metres began to flood in. They are now jobless and have fled the previously prosperous surroundings of Sanganer for those other nearby locations. 


This craft is mostly done on natural fabric and material. These fabrics are the most breathable and have a smooth texture like cotton, linen, etc. wearing them with sanganeri print gives comfort and an elegant look. It is a stylish expression of traditional art with modern designs. So create your own style with sanganeri print of fabric love. Here you will get a number of hand block prints and designs sourced from fabric manufacturers who have been practicing it for ages. 

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