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Simple Ways for Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

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In this article, Tobias Kohler answers your questions about erectile dysfunction in simple terms. Learn about the causes, treatments, physical devices, and screening tests. You will also find out more about the physical devices available to treat this condition. Tobias Kohler: “There are several simple ways to understand erectile dysfunction, but it’s important to know what you’re talking about.”

There are different types of erectile dysfunction, but the two most common are organic and psychological. Organic ED results from abnormalities in the arteries and veins of the penis. Usually, this type of ED affects older men. It is usually caused by arteriosclerosis or trauma to the penile arteries. Certain risk factors include cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, and obesity. While there is no single cause of erectile dysfunction, some risk factors are genetic or inherited.


One of the most common erectile dysfunction causes is stress. Stress affects the brain, affecting the hormones and nerves involved in getting an erection for the solution you can take Fildena 150. The effects of stress can range from relationship issues to too much alcohol and pornography, to anxiety and fear of failure in the bedroom. While these factors can be difficult to control, some lifestyle choices can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Age is another factor that can cause erectile dysfunction. Men over the age of fifty are more likely to experience it. Sadly, nearly 30 percent of men over the age of 70 suffer from this problem. While aging itself is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction, it is not a permanent condition. Most long-term cases of ED are caused by physical conditions. Fortunately, you can take steps to combat the symptoms and improve your life.

Screening tests

Screening tests for erectile dysfunction can help diagnose the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). Some screening exams can assess the nerve sensation of the penis and testicles, or even determine if a prostate aneurysm may be responsible for the problem. Other tests involve evaluating blood pressure, cholesterol, or other markers of a condition like diabetes or low testosterone. In some cases, psychological examinations may be needed as well.

Ultrasound examinations of the testicles and penis can reveal a condition that may lead to erectile dysfunction and for more you can also take Fildena 50 purple. Ultrasound technology is similar to the sonar used in submarines. Sound waves are reflected back from dense structures and converted into pictures. In this case, the doctor may order a test that measures the sensitivity of the penile skin to vibrations. Another common screening test is a duplex ultrasound, which uses painless high-frequency sound waves to measure blood flow.

Physical devices

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction have many options for treating the condition. Some use self-testing to identify the underlying causes of the problem, while others turn to external devices. In some cases, an erection can be confirmed at night using a device called a nocturnal penile tumescence stamp test. This method involves rolling a roll of stamps around the penis and measuring the quality of an erection during the night. These results are stored for future evaluation.

Another option for treating erectile dysfunction is a penile prosthesis. This surgically implanted device inflates to mimic an erection. It can be in the form of an inflatable cylinder or semi-rigid rod. Both types of penile prosthesis are successful in helping men achieve an erection, and are often recommended for aging males who have not responded to other treatments. However, this treatment is not without its risks. Surgical removal may be necessary if the implant becomes loose or fails to work properly.


ED is a complex medical problem that includes a variety of psychosocial factors. The presence of ED can indicate other problems that affect men, such as depressive disorders and male hypogonadism. A diagnostic workup is essential to determine which of these issues might be contributing to the problem but do not worry you can have the best solution by simply taking Fildena 25. ED and cardiovascular disease share a common denominator, endothelial dysfunction. Studies have linked ED to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease by more than 1.5 fold.

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