Steps Every Natural Lip Care Routine Should Include

The lip skin is more delicate than the skin on your whole body. This makes it more susceptible to cracks and chapping, and that’s why it is important to be aware of some lip care guidelines. They aid in maintaining your lips and take care of their health.

All girls love wearing the colour of their lips that is lively and bright. However, if your lips aren’t properly cared for and properly, even the brightest hues can look dull and not flattering for your lips. Also there is no lips gloss, lipstick or stain for your lips can aid in creating perfect lips when your lips aren’t in good health.

What causes them to dry out and crack? Lips cannot shield themselves from harsh sun radiation, particularly in summer due to their lack of oil glands, and have no capacity to make melanin. They suffer from dryness and the chaffing. Also, during winters the frigid wind leaves your lips dry and chapped. Therefore, regardless of the climate your lips are prone to flaking when there is dry air around, or the harsh sun’s radiation.

How do you take care of your lips

As opposed to the skin on other parts of your body, lips do not contain sebaceous glands. These tiny glands expand to reveal hair follicles. They’re responsible for generating the oil that helps keep skin smooth and moisturised, according to Nina Desai, MD, dermatologist who is board certified in California.

It can also trigger yeast to accumulate around the mouth. This can cause a condition known as angular Cheilitis, or painful inflammation of the lips’ corners.

The best way to ensure your lips are healthy is to apply a moisturising treatment each day. If your lips appear to be very dry, you might need to exfoliate your lips every two or three times per every week.

Step-by-step daily routine for lip care

There are two components of a routine for maintaining your lips that include hydration and exfoliation. Exfoliation is only necessary when your lips are susceptible to cracking and chapping.


“Any moment that your lips feel dry is the perfect time to apply an oil-based lip balm,” Friedler says. Here’s how:

Make use of an applicator or fingertips to spread moisturising balm over the lips, especially around the corners.

If you’re outside and your lip moisturiser does not include sunscreen, you should follow it with an SPF 30 and lip balm.

Apply the product as needed regularly during the course of your day. Desai recommends using a hydrating lip product 2-4 times per day. It is possible to use more often if you suffer from dry lips or the condition known as eczema.


“Exfoliating your lips could help get rid of some dry flaking, flaking skin that can build up. It can also restore the shine as well as softness and softness everyone wants,” Desai says.

She recommends exfoliating at least 1-2 times each week as a component of your routine at night:

Use a small amount of scrub for exfoliation to your fingertips.

Smoothly rub the lips in small circular movements for no longer than 30 minutes.

Allow the lip treatment to sit for 10 minutes. Allow the nutrients to be absorbed into.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Pat your skin dry using an unclean towel.

Apply a moisturising balm to seal in moisture and soothe the lips.

To improve the health of your lips keep your lips hydrated and refrain from biting or picking the lips. Desai adds.

It’s also essential to apply sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF whenever you’re out in the sunlight. It can be within your lip care products or as an addition.

“The lip is a typical site of precancerous lesions and requires protection from the sun’s rays,” Desai explains.

Lip care home remedies

Lip Masks/Balm for lips

You can make use of the same nutritious ingredients but without salt or sugar to make an at-home lip balm.

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Lip primer functions as the foundation or base of your lipstick. It aids in smoothing the lips to smooth wrinkles and lines and allows for easy application of lip gloss and lipstick. It also increases the longevity of your lipsticks and helps to prevent the lips from fading and feathering.

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