Surprise your friends by sending them secret boxes of chocolates.

Chocolate is one of the eatables we have ever tasted in our life. It is the love of every person. You can give chocolates on general occasions such as celebrating a day to occasions like marriage anniversary and birthdays. Depending upon the importance of the occasion there are varieties of chocolates in the form of a chocolate bouquet. Many gift combinations are also available which can full fill the need for sending chocolates. Chocolate is also available in the form of delicious chocolate cakes.

If you want to send any of the combinations which have chocolate in them then the best place to find them is on this website, OyeGifts. You will come across exciting gift hampers which has chocolate in one or the other form. There are a variety of chocolate gift hampers available. You can get the fastest Online Chocolate Delivery to any place in India. Have a look at the various options available:

The delightful gift of Ferrero rocher

This is the most stylish bouquet which is made up of Red roses and chocolates. The red roses are arranged in the outer circle inside which Ferrero rocher chocolates are arranged with the support of the spaces created by the sheet of cellophane. This is a unique and stylish bouquet. hurry up and become the first one to order this for your friends.

The combination of chocolates

This is a gift which contains chocolate bars from baby milk and the chocolate cake. The cane basket is arranged with yellow flowers in a heart shape. Inside it, there is a second layer of red roses on a similar pattern. In the centre, dairy milk chocolates are arranged vertically. The chocolate cake is the black forest cake which is decorated with red cherries and chocolate shavings in the centre on the surface.

Cadbury celebrations

When we talk about chocolates how can we forget the gift hamper from Cadbury celebrations? This is a box of chocolate of different varieties. Cadbury celebrations were also present back then when we were in school therefore it creates nostalgia. Along with this box, a beautiful multi-coloured bouquet of roses is sent.

Silk chocolate

Dairy milk silk is the very recent love of many people. This chocolate is very tasty and is also something that people love gifting to their friends and relatives. When you want to gift something to younger people then this is the best choice. You can give this combination which contains a double-layer bamboo plant along with a teddy bear in brown and two chocolates of dairy milk silk.

The kit kat vase

Pink roses are arranged along with their stem attached in different bunch. Four to five bunches of this flower are arranged at different heights forming a beautiful bouquet. The space is stylishly filled with big green leaves. The base of this bouquet is encircled by kit kat chocolates which are tied together with a knot. This is a unique gift which looks formal in attire.

The chocolate cake

The bouquet of roses mixed with dairy milk chocolate is a unique combination. Chocolates are arranged in two layers and the roses are also arranged in two layers. The entire bouquet is packed with a red sheet of cellophane supported by red ribbons. The tastiest chocolate truffle cake is part of this gift. It is decorated with a cherry and pieces of white chocolates on the surface.

The caring basket

This is a wooden basket which has a handle attached to it. The handle is decorated with a Big Bow of Red ribbon. Inside the basket we find a cute teddy bear sitting and peeping out. It has a box of Ferrero rocher chocolates kept in its lap. this box contains 16 pieces of Ferrero rocher chocolates. On the other side, we have a cute bunch of Red roses in their long stem form. This is a cute basket perfect for sending on special occasions.

Basket of chocolates

Receiving this basket is like enjoying the biggest chocolate treat. This basket contains many chocolates of different varieties. It contains Cadbury dairy milk chocolate and the temptation chocolate in flavours of almond treat, cashew appeal, and rum raisins. This basket is full of a total of eight chocolates of different varieties. If you want to send a gift to your little sibling then this is one of the best choices.

The feast of chocolate

This is another variety of chocolate baskets. This basket is covered with golden ribbons and sheets all over. It contains the mixture of the magic of dark chocolate along with the tasty dairy milk and delicious Ferrero Rocher. It contains a box containing 16 pieces of Ferrero rocher chocolate along with two bars of dairy milk silk chocolate and two varieties of Bournville.

There are different collections of chocolate. These chocolates are arranged in bouquets, boxes and baskets. We have a variety of chocolates depending upon your taste. You can choose the best combination available and enjoy the feeling of sending gifts.


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