The 10 commandments for a successful move

The secret to a successful move can be summed up in a few words: organization, preparation, and packing. Because we know how stressful a move can be, we give you the 10 commandments to follow to make your move a success without damage and stress. Are you ready? Let’s go.

1 – Need time you will have

A move is not organized in 1 day. So start preparing for your move at least 1 month in advance, or even 2 months in the best case. If you have to move in an emergency, follow the other points to be sure not to forget anything and not to suffer any breakage.

2 – Organized you will be

For an organized move, it is necessary to note everything, list, label, etc. All the boxes look alike, so as not to confuse them, it is important to write down the contents of each box to avoid looking for your objects in your new accommodation. For this, we offer several solutions:

  • put away according to the box’s contents (all the salad bowls or glasses together, etc.)
  • store by destination rooms (3 boxes for the kitchen, 2 others for the living room, etc.)
  • make a mix of the two previous solutions (perhaps the most practical solution, you note the contents of the box + the destination part to find your way better around.)

To ensure that special care will be given to your fragile boxes, you can mark with a marker or stick a FRAGILE label which can also indicate the direction in which the box must be transported.

3 – The things you will sort

Because some objects are used more than others, it is important to sort out the objects to be packed.

Start by packing the objects you don’t use much (domestic appliances, porcelain service, etc.) and keep a few boxes for everyday objects (if you have 8 plates and there are only 2 of you, keep 4 plates and pack the rest ).

Take the opportunity to sort it out! Few people think about it, but moving is also an opportunity to do a good deed or make some pocket money: donate or sell things (clothes, furniture, etc.) that you don’t need or never use and throw away your damaged items.

Remember to make a box with the objects that will be useful to you as soon as you arrive in your new accommodation: a few plates, glasses and cutlery, medicines and bandages, towels and ready-to-use soap, not to mention household products.

4 – The adapted boxes you will choose

For budget reasons, we sometimes prefer to use recycled cardboard. However, unfortunately, in this case, you cannot choose the resistance or the size of your box.

5 – The right number of boxes you will take

When you move, it is not easy to know the number of boxes you need. For example, count on average 10 to 20 boxes for a small 20 m² studio, between 30 to 40 boxes for a 50 m² apartment, and  50 to 70 boxes for a 90 m² house. These figures are, of course, only an estimate. Only you can approximately determine the number of boxes depending on the number of objects to move.

6 – Use the right equipment for a successful move

Because being organized is not enough for a successful move, and you need the right equipment, here is a small non-exhaustive list of protective packaging and tools to have to move serenely:

  • cardboard boxes, dish racks, garbage bags
  • bubble wrap, foam wrap, newspapers, paper towels, stretch wrap
  • tape, marker, cutter
  • hand truck, rolling corners, reel
  • protective covers like mattress moving cover, rug storage bag, etc.

Visit Britwrap if you want to purchase packaging supplies at a reasonable price. They feature many packing supplies to keep your stuff safe, including chilled packaging, floor protection roll, rugs, mattress covers, etc.

7 – Be careful with the dishes

Plates, glasses, and other glass or porcelain dishes

are the products that present the greatest risk of breakage. To avoid this, special care must be taken.

For plates and glasses, there are spacers or cardboard spacers specially designed to secure your objects during transport.

For added security, you can wrap each glass or plate in bubble wrap, foam, or newspaper sheet.

Tip: install a layer of bubble wrap or a towel at the bottom of your box to protect your dishes from shocks during the move.

8 – Properly cover Your furniture before your move

The furniture is not to be neglected if you do not want to end up with damaged corners or scratched furniture.

Remember to cover your furniture with foam film or bubble wrap to preserve its surface. Insist well on the angles because generally, it is this part of the piece of furniture that one hits first.

Remember to film the door with stretch film so that it does not open for large household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, or even ovens.

Tip: prefer stretch film to tape to keep your doors closed. Indeed, the adhesive tape leaves traces, unlike the stretch film.

9 – Your boxes you will recycle

Now that you’ve moved in and unpacked all your boxes, you’re probably wondering what you will do with all that stuff. Here are some leads:

throw them away: if you don’t see any other uses, this is the first solution. However, respect selective sorting and put the different packaging in the corresponding bins.

Reuse them for storage: if you haven’t had the courage or the time to sort through your belongings, you can reuse them as storage boxes.

Send parcels: reuse your small boxes if you need to send parcels.

Give them away: if your boxes are in good condition and you know someone who is moving soon, why not give them to them.

use them for creative hobbies: if you are manual, cardboard represents an endless source of inspiration for all your creations (cardboard furniture, decorations, scrapbooking, other manual activities, etc.)

10 – Administrative formalities you will remember

Once you have settled into your new accommodation, do not forget to change your address with the various services you have subscribed to insurance, telephone, internet, electricity, gas and water suppliers, etc.

We now come to the end of these 10 commandments for a successful move. Hope this material is very helpful to you. Click here to read more articles like this one.

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