The Best Food Delivery Companies Around the World

The food delivery industry has boomed in recent years, with companies offering the convenience of restaurant meals, groceries and more brought right to your door. Ordering food for delivery or takeout via apps and websites has become commonplace. Here we highlight 15 leading food delivery brands that have stood out for their popularity, reach, selection and innovation.


Headquartered in San Francisco, DoorDash dominates the US food delivery market. Its app offers delivery from 390,000 restaurants across 4,000 cities. Known for its breadth of options and order tracking, DoorDash also acquired Caviar for premium restaurants. Annual revenue hit $4.9 billion in 2022.

Uber Eats

Owned by ridesharing giant Uber, this delivery app lets customers order meals from half a million restaurants in 6,000+ cities globally. Available in 45 countries, Uber Eats saw gross bookings of $52 billion in 2022. Its seamless integration with the Uber app makes it a leading choice.


Grubhub, established in Chicago, is another prominent competitor in the meal delivery industry in the United States. It has more than 300,000 restaurants around the country. Users have positive things to say about its huge database, incentive program, and delivery tracking capabilities. In the year 2022, Grubhub recorded a revenue of $1.8 billion. In 2022, Just Eat Takeaway completed its acquisition of Grubhub.


Postmates, which is famous for its on-demand delivery of “anything,” now delivers restaurant meals in addition to groceries, booze, household items, and other products. It is active in 4,000 cities across the United States. In 2022, Postmates and Uber Eats successfully merged into a company with a combined value of $2.65 billion.


Deliveroo is a food delivery service that currently works in over 140,000 restaurants across 12 countries and has its headquarters in London. In addition to being popular in Australia, this food delivery service is also well-known in Europe and Asia. Deliveroo is now valued at close to $8 billion as a result of recent funding rounds. Their recognizable turquoise branding can be seen everywhere in major cities such as London and Hong Kong.


Zomato is the leading restaurant aggregator and food delivery service in South Asia, and it has a market capitalization of $5.4 billion. It is one of the largest food technology startups in Asia, with over 38 million monthly users and 1.5 million restaurant partners in India, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and other countries.

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero, with headquarters in Berlin, is an online meal delivery service that serves more than one million restaurants in fifty countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Because of their preeminent position in the world, they are currently valued at an impressive $30 billion. They are the market leaders in countries such as Germany, South Korea, and Kuwait.


This Colombia-based delivery service serves Latin American countries and partners with more than 260,000 eateries to fulfill food and other e-commerce orders. Rappi has a market worth of $5 billion with strong footholds in a number of countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and others. The simplicity and dependability of the ordering process are praised by users.


Mealpal is a membership service that specializes in the delivery of lunch and gives its members with reasonably priced lunch alternatives from local eateries in cities all over the world. Members can place their orders in advance and skip the line at the restaurant. Mealpal is currently available in 22 cities around the world, including New York City, London, Toronto, and Melbourne.


Alongside Zomato, this meal delivery app headquartered in Bangalore holds a dominant position in the Indian market. It is worth $10.7 billion. Over 70 million orders are processed each month by Swiggy, and the company serves 520 cities. Users place a high importance on the app’s dependability, as well as its delivery monitoring and safety features. It has aggressive expansion aspirations throughout India.


Foodpanda, a well-known Asian food deliveries brand that is also a subsidiary of Delivery Hero, currently serves customers in 400 cities across 11 countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many more. It is especially well-known for its fleet of motorbike delivery workers, which is referred to as the “pandamart.”


Menulog, the market leader in meal deliveries in Australia with options from over 20,000 restaurants, processes 4 million orders every single month. Because it has relationships in major cities around Australia, it is convenient for people who eat in Australia. is the new owner of the business.


This United States-based start-up takes a convenience store approach to deliveries by providing, in addition to food, a variety of snacks, drinks, and home and beauty products. In the interest of expediency, it runs its own kitchens and warehouses. goPuff now serves customers in 650 cities across the United States and is continuing to grow. Its app receives good scores for both its user interface and its speedy delivery.


Food delivery in the Middle East is dominated by Talabat, which is a division of Delivery Hero. It serves customers in nine countries and delivers food from 85,000 eateries. Talabat is gaining popularity in the Gulf region thanks to its excellent customer service. The app is position to be use on a daily basis in the Middle East.

ASAP Waitr

Based in Louisiana, ASAP Waitr has a strong presence in the American South, serving 600+ cities with quick delivery from national chains, local restaurants, grocery, and retail. Known for its small town reach, ASAP Waitr promo code pairs deliveries convenience with Southern hospitality and community values.


From local favorites to huge worldwide brands, these delivery leaders provide much-needed convenience for the modern on-the-go lifestyle. Their technology and logistics make enjoying a restaurant meal a quick click away. These companies also provide big business, work opportunities and valuable services as they shape the booming global food delivery economy. Next time you’re looking for delivery, one of these top brands is sure to satisfy.

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