The Best Nose Hair Trimmers You Can Buy

Having nose hair that gets out of control can be embarrassing, and most of us try to get rid of it in some way.

Having the best nose hair trimmer that gets out of control can be embarrassing, and most of us try to get rid of it in some way. One way to take care of this problem is to use a nose hair trimmer, which will keep your nose looking clean and tidy at all times. But with all the different models on the market today, how do you choose the best one? This buying guide offers advice on how to find the right nose hair trimmer for your needs and budget.

How To Choose The Right One

If you’re in search of the best nose hair trimmer, there are two things you need to keep in mind. First, nose hair trimmers aren’t meant for grooming beards or mustaches—you should use those products for that. They’re specifically made to clip out unwanted hairs inside your nostrils.

Battery Type

What kind of battery does it use? If you want to use your trimmer in a place that doesn’t have electricity, like on vacation or camping, then you’ll need a cordless trimmer. Battery-powered ones are usually more lightweight and easy to carry around than their corded counterparts.


Most trimmers come with a warranty of one year. This tells you how confident they are in their product and that they stand behind it. Make sure to read through your trimmer’s warranty carefully to know what is covered, and if there are any parts that need to be replaced, make sure you do so during those first 12 months so your trimmer will last for many years after that.

Length Of Cutters/Combs

One of your biggest decisions when buying a nose hair trimmer is what length you want it to cut at. A good rule of thumb is that shorter cuts are better if you have sensitive skin; they’re less likely to poke or hurt you. If you’re looking for something more thorough, an adjustable nose hair trimmer with longer combs will let you get a trim down to .1 millimeters.

Wet/Dry Feature

Be sure to look for a trimmer that allows you to trim your nose hair in either a wet or dry environment. A wet environment is optimal, as it will cause less irritation and will help you see where you’re trimming. However, if your trimmer has a solid waterproof casing, it can be used in a dry environment (this is more common). If you choose to use a waterproof casing, just make sure you follow directions regarding how to clean it properly.

Additional Accessories Available

In addition to all these accessories, you’ll want to look for the best nose hair trimmer that comes with other useful add-ons. Some include eyebrow trimming attachments, comb attachments, nose, and ear cleaning brushes, batteries, and more. When looking for these options in a grooming kit, be sure they are easy to use and store away when not in use. Some of them simply clip onto your trimmer while others may be attached with screws or pins.

Best Nose Hair Trimmers
Best Nose Hair Trimmers

Number Of Settings

When looking for a nose hair trimmer, it’s important to think about how many different settings are on offer. There are few worse feelings than being in-between trimming sessions, realizing you have an unruly strand poking out and there’s no time to sort it before your meeting. Make sure you have enough range of options so that you don’t need to go down that route.

Cleaning And Maintenance Features

Any nose hair trimmer worth it’s salt will come with some kind of cleaning and maintenance features. These are easy to spot because they’re typically a separate button or feature on your trimmer that cleans it in a certain way. The best nose hair trimmers will have several cleaning settings, allowing you to customize how you clean your machine based on its needs at any given time. Cleaning your trimmer on a regular basis is key for keeping it in good shape and prolonging its lifespan.

Pros and Cons

Removing nose hair isn’t exactly pleasant, so it’s good to know what you’re getting into before taking a razor or trimmer to your nose. With an electric model, there are no blades or sharp points to contend with—plus there are models with vacuum attachments that remove trimmed hairs from your nostrils before they can hit your shirt collar. It might seem like a minor benefit, but if that just might be enough reason to buy one.


These nose hair trimmers are all very good, but a few stand out to us as being truly great. Our favorite is still our top pick, namely because it takes away even more unnecessary hassle than some of its competitors. It’s easy to use and works quickly—what more could you ask for in a nose hair trimmer? Other models we really like include those from Philips Norelco and Panasonic, both of which were close contenders for our top spot. If your budget allows it, we recommend either one without hesitation; if not, go with one of our other recommendations instead. Regardless of which product you choose, we hope that your search comes to an end soon! And don’t forget that whichever model you choose will be backed by a manufacturer warranty (in many cases) and support from us here at Nose Hair Trimmer HQ!

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