The Sleek All Of Us Are Dead Outfits And Perfect Wardrobe Ideas To Go With Them

The rise of K-drama culture in recent times has enlightened us with many fashion trends. In one of the epic K-dramas, all of us are dead, based on a high school story. The story’s twist and catch are the high schoolers trying to survive a zombie outbreak. The drama has received positive reviews from the audience for its storyline and cast. However, all of us are dead outfits and dresses that stand out on the show. 

Here we take an extended look at all the chic blazers worn in the tv show. In addition, the standout showbiz collection is going to expand your winter closet needs with astounding chicness. Therefore, let’s have a look at this article in detail and let you choose the perfect blazer for winter’s daily wear. However, the blazer is also a perfect choice for a fashionable outlook that you must choose to be a trendsetter.

Magical Black Cotton Jacket 

So, the iconic black top is the best choice to go with a stylish jacket. All of us are dead in-soo you black cotton jacket is inspired by the talented actor’s character Yoon gwi-nam. The jacket has a stylish exterior made with cotton fabric on the outside. Moreover, the inner viscose lining is comfortable for the wearer. A shirt-style collar and buttoned front closure give it all the feels of a casual blazer for any occasion. The black color is the power feature of this jacket. The jacket is pocket-friendly, with four pockets on the outside and two inside. You can carry your day-to-day essentials easily with all of us dead in your black cotton jacket. The jacket comes in full-length sleeves in all sizes. 

Nail The Look

This casual wear jacket is a daily part of your ensemble. All you need to do is to wear it confidently. Opt for a plain white or black shirt if you are not a fan of vibrant colors. It would look fantastic with a pair of blue denim jeans or chinos of any shade. Put on a pair of clean sneakers, and you are ready to nail this season’s look. This blazer stands out with your outfit and is an inch-perfect creation for daily wear of the entire season. 

The Elegant Poly Cotton Jacket 

Moving on in assembling your perfect winter wardrobe, it is time to talk about another stylish blazer from the show. All of us are dead in-soo you white poly-cotton jacket is a mesmerizing top. Moreover, the white-color jacket is made up of poly cotton exterior, encouraging people to wear it daily. Poly cotton is an easily washable and more durable material. The interior is lined with viscose for the wearer’s utmost comfort. The frontal closure is a zipper closure that extends to the end of its standup collar. The full-sleeved jacket comes in all sizes and is a smart outfit option. 

How To Style Your Wardrobe

All of us are dead in-soo you white poly-cotton jacket is the basic style to wear for your day-to-day routine. Follow your instincts with a monochromatic color or a contrasting black chino to compliment your masterpiece white jacket. A pair of pure white sneakers is all you need to nail this look for the rest of the season. Especially if you are a casualwear fan, a pair of white trousers would make it look like an elegant jumpsuit.

The Stylish White Leather Jacket

After two men’s outfit ideas, here come the women’s wear ideas. The stylish white leather jacket is worn by the leading female star of the show. All of us are dead Kim bo-yoon white leather jacket steals the spotlight with its unique fashion. The jacket has an exterior of genuine leather, which is as stylish as it gets. It is made up of viscose lining from the inside, As there is no compromise on the comfort of the wearer. It is an iconic statement fashion piece with a full-sleeved leather jacket for the season. The frontal zipper closure with the standup collar gives the iconic jacket an intact look. With two pockets outside and one inside, it is easy to carry your essentials. 


This women’s all of us are dead Kim bo-yoon white leather jacket is perfect with a pair of black chinos. A style statement is also possible with a pair of black leather pants, which uplifts the whole outfit. Choose the best footwear to go with this outfit. In this case, a pair of stylish black leather boots are sure to elevate your outfit. Showcase your bold and brave persona with this chic wardrobe idea confidently. 

Chic Yellow Varsity Hoodie 

Another stunning women wear on the K-drama is this epic varsity jacket. Lee yoo-mi wears the jacket in her role as lee na-yeon. The magical all of us are dead lee na yeon yellow hoodie comes in a stylish shade of yellow. This varsity jacket is made of fleece fabric, making it simply elegant and unique. It is a very comfortable material. Rib-knit cuffs support the full sleeves. Meanwhile, the collar is hooded. The frontal zipper closure completes the high school look of the varsity jacket. 

Wardrobe Ideas

This wonderful all of us are dead lee na yeon yellow hoodie is an epic material of fashionable wear. Women want to show off their winter ensemble with this hoodie as the outstanding component of their attire. In this case, a plain white shirt and pants combo would be a sleek look. Similarly, a black t-shirt and chinos can do wonders with this hoodie. Pick a contrasting pair of shoes to stand out with your fashion and own your confidence. 

Dashing Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket in the movie caught the fans’ eyes and earned appreciation for its style and comfort. All of us are dead nam, so the Ju cotton jacket is worn by jeon bae-soo on the tv show. While the exterior of the jacket is made up of pure quality cotton material. The interior is as comfortable as it gets due to the viscose lining. It comes in a shade of stylish green with full-length sleeves. The contrasting rib-knit cuffs and collar are a punch of stylish elegance to the jacket. A zipper closure is present on the outside with three pockets. With the addition of two pockets inside, it is easy to carry your daily essentials with ease.   

Dress Up Properly With The Fantastic Jacket

There is no proper way to wear all of us are dead nam so Ju cotton jacket apart from self-confidence. Wear this stylish jacket for any occasion with a complete say on your wardrobe. In addition, don’t forget a classy pair of shoes or boots because the best boots lift up your height and style.

Casual Black Coat

Menswear is incomplete without a casual black coat in their wardrobe. The latest all of us are dead park Solomon black coat, which is the perfect blazer you are looking for. The coat has an exterior made of authentic quality, suiting fabric. Meanwhile, the coat is added with the viscose lining on the inner side for a relaxed feel.  There is a button closure for the perfect look of a coat. The black coat comes in full sleeves and a lapel-style collar, just some of its elegant features. Also, the coat contains three pockets outside and two inside pockets to keep your stuff safe and secure as you step out. 

Wear It Bold

Wear this iconic shade of men’s coat with absolute confidence. Moreover, you can wear it casually, but it is best when you wear it at parties and occasions. Therefore, if you are looking for a Workplace look, wear the dress suit with this epic blazer. A casual look is best possible with a pair of chinos and a buttoned t-shirt. Find the most elegant pair of footwear in your closet to nail this outfit perfectly. 

The Perfect Finish

In conclusion, the dashing and elegant outfits in this tv show are quite trendy to implement in your daily wardrobe. Not one, not two, but these six most fashionable blazers are a thing of beauty. Shop from the amazing all of us are dead uniform ideas and show off your everyday ensemble’s chicness. Hurry up to expand your wide variety in the winter closet and explore these fashionable blazers right now.

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