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Things Keep In Mind Before Getting Weave Hair Extensions

Getting weave hair extensions

Every woman deserves to have and aspires to have long, gorgeous hair. Unfortunately, not everyone is endowed with hair that is this thick, full, and abundant. Instead of waiting for your hair to grow naturally, getting weave hair extensions to achieve long, gorgeous, full-bodied locks is perfect method. They instantly transform your hair by giving it a lot of volume and substance. Hair extensions are a hip method to improve your appearance. Use hair extensions to trick people into thinking you desire a seductive ponytail or a playful fringe for the day.

You should be aware that many options are available to you before diving headfirst into the ocean of hair extensions. To disguise your appearance, you can utilize popular hair extensions, including clip-ins, fusion, tape-ins, weaves, micro-link, and pre-bonded hair.

Weave hair extensions are what you need if you enjoy changing up your hairstyles. Weaved hair extensions can make your hair appear curly, straight, long, or short. They make your hair thicker and are practical and fashionable. Never used weave extensions before? Not to worry.

Know What You Wear

Before sitting in the salon chair, you must be fully informed about weave hair extensions. Weave hair extensions are very common among ladies and are seamless and permanent because they are essentially sewed into your hair to ensure that they don’t fall out by accident. They are sometimes referred to as braided or sew-in hair extensions. You may sew on weave hair extensions to transform your curly hair into flowing strands. If you want, you can treat them like natural hair once they have been sewed in. You are free to wash, dry, curl, and even color or dye them (just like you do with natural hair).

Weave Extension Applications

The wefts of these extensions are sewed into a client’s braid or cornrows using thread and a needle. Thick hair works well with human hair weave extensions because their tight application method causes stress on your scalp and is uncomfortable for you. This is why people with thick hair tend to use it more often. Sew-in hair extensions are available in various textures, hues, and tones. However, you should be aware of their advantages and disadvantages before deciding.

Weave Hair Extensions Require Maintenance

Whether you choose straight or curly human hair weave, these extensions stay longer with proper care. Refrain from over-styling weave hair because this may cause the braids to sag. Your hair won’t suffer if you brush it thoroughly from root to tip and wash it frequently. Even blow drying, curling, and shampooing are possible. These extensions are bouncy, and tangle-resistant, and it blends with any hair type.

Take Good Care Of Your Natural Hair

Hair weaves provide you the freedom to choose nearly any style or color you choose, but remember to take care of your natural hair while wearing one. Make sure your natural hair is strong and healthy. Remember that natural hair will remain beautiful for your entire life, whereas weaves will disappear one day. So, feed them with the appropriate care. Even though extensions cover your hair, ensure your scalp is in good condition.

It is advised to wash your hair using a nozzle-equipped cleanser routinely. Concentrate the oil on your scalp and gently massage it with the balls of your fingertips to strengthen your hair even more. Oiling your hair is a great way to get rid of flakes. Sticking to jojoba or argan oil is preferable, but you must choose a hydrator that works best for you. Invest in an applicator container with a nozzle tip for weave hair extensions.

Reminder: Keep conditioner away from hair roots and attachments. It might make it more likely for attachments to slip and for hair extensions to come out.

Sew-in Isn’t Always Protective.

Weaves need a lot of attention and patience. Choose hair bundles that seamlessly match the texture of your natural hair if you choose to avoid heat styling your natural hair while wearing a weave. Instead of using hot tools, you can braid your hair and undo it later. Undoubtedly, it would be best if you spent more time perfecting leave-out so that it matches your extensions. You should wash your hair bundles before installation. If you can afford one, a hooded hair dryer would be ideal.

Good Extensions Ask For Money

Costly flocks with long flowing hair are available. The quality of sew-in or braided extensions and the fees charged by your stylist are the two main determinants of the price of hair extensions. The method, quantity, and length of weave hair extensions you choose will also affect the cost. Prepare to spend more money if you intend to install a human hair weave. Extensions made of human hair are pricey for a reason. They can be heat- and chemical-treated and have a longer lifespan.

No DIY, Please!

Hair extensions that have been professionally installed match your natural hair perfectly. A salon specialist will show you the best extensions for your face shape. Using a DIY technique could result in damaged hair or improperly installed extensions. Weft hair extensions will be applied securely by your salon stylist as well. Your hairstylist will also request follow-up appointments. Typically, follow-up visits take place every five weeks. You’ll probably receive advice from the salon professional on caring for weave hair bundles to ensure lasting effects. To locate weave hair that matches your hair type, color, cuticle, shape, and thickness, you need to consult a weave professional.

The removal of hair extensions will also require professional expertise. You are strongly advised against attempting to remove them at home. Otherwise, instead of trying to do good for your hair, you can harm it.

Go for Ethically Sourced And Quality Hair Wefts

The choices appear limitless and intimidating when it comes to narrowing down your hair extension provider. Every company says they provide something special and unusual. However, don’t follow blindly. Take your time, do your research, and make sure the companies you shortlist use hair that has been ethically procured. Make sure you work with a licensed professional before you part with your hard-earned money and time. When it comes to the hair itself, always go with Remy. They are unprocessed and made from real human hair. Because the cuticle layer of Remy hair is intact, it is healthy and very good quality. Remy hair adds softer, more brilliant strands to your natural hair when combined.

The Bottom Line

Using weaving hair extensions is a fantastic alternative to adding volume and length to your hair without harming it or going over budget. You should use these hair extensions if:

  • For six weeks, you are prepared to allow weaving hair extensions to stay in place.
  • You want your hair to be bouncy, light, and manageable without breaking the bank.
  • You’re trying to find the simplest and safest approach to lengthen your hair. Since just the hair it is linked to is affected by the full piece of gear.
  • You wish to exercise regularly, including swimming and sleeping, without causing any harm to your hair.
  • You want to be completely free to choose any haircut.
  • Even though they can be worn on all types of hair, you have coarse and thick hair.

Now that you know all you need to do before having extensions make an appointment at your preferred hair salon and acquire those lovely locks to enhance your appearance.


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