A pallet racking system is a type of warehouse shelving system whose primary purpose is to optimize the storage of goods. This multi-level storage system is installed to support the high stacking of single items or palletized loads.
To dive a little deeper into what exactly it is, let’s understand its construction:
Pallet racks can hold all types of goods. They consist of upright frames that are vertical and load beams that are constructed horizontally. 

  • Upright columns vary in size, i.e., height and depth, and design, according to the warehouse racking purpose.  They are usually made of roll-forming flat coil steel. The most fundamental part of uprights is their footplates. They form the base of these columns. With the help of baseplates, the pallets can be easily anchored and remain stable. 
  • Load beams support the whole pallet racking system horizontally. They make the ideal surface storage areas where loads can be put up. Their height and design can be easily customized according to load requirements. Thus, they provide adjustable support to upright columns.    


A full suite of accessories can be added to this type of warehouse racking system: wire decking, post protectors, wall ties, back-to-back ties and anchors, safety panels and straps, spacers and pallet supports, and more. 


A sound pallet racking system is the sign of an up-to-date logistics company because it:

  • Organizes your warehouse
  • Utilizes the optimum possible space
  • Complements a variety of inventory control methods
  • Ensures employee safety


A pallet racking system is a must-have, but when it comes to installing this system, there are some important factors that should be considered before investing in it.
The following aspects will help you make a mindful purchase:


    1. Stockroom layout
      The dimensions of your warehouse, like size, shape, and height, will determine the types of racks it needs. As trivial as it may sound, the position of doors and windows also matters when it comes to installing a warehouse racking system. A thorough examination of warehouse capabilities in comparison to your load requirements may lead to improvements in warehouse structure, functionality, and flow for convenient loading and unloading. In addition, there should be enough space for the workers to move around freely between the aisles. 
  • Accessibility 

In order to install the shelving system that would be right for your depository, several factors need to be kept in mind to plan accessibility. These include the type of goods, stock rotation, movement, frequency of loading and unloading, dispatches, and many more. 

  • Safety 

Although pallet racking ensures warehouse safety, one must operate the pallets carefully so as to avoid workplace accidents. The loading method and the weight and size of the products, access points, and emergency exits determine the functioning of a healthy shelving system. In addition, the installation of safety requirements like fire mitigation devices and first aid kits is an understood requirement before introducing a racking system to your warehouse. 

    1. Precise labeling
      When handling bulk loads of goods, guaranteeing safety operations becomes a priority. Thereupon, every product needs to have a weight rating label.  This step will particularly help you to avoid overloading the racks as it could lead to severe consequences. The procedure of proper labeling is an important step in the pre-installation process.   
  • Efficient site operations

Accessibility to the storage racks is as significant as installing such a system. Thus, storage solution pathways must be contrived and created for workers to easily manage the shelves. This means allowing proper clearance for machineries like forklifts, safe walking passages for staff, and room for machines to be able to turn around.

There are other crucial considerations like data management – which helps to get a thorough understanding of what your goods need, and proper training – the staff need to be adequately trained on the layout and operation of the products, etc.  A reliable manufacturer and provider of pallet racking services are Armes Maini. With years of market experience, they specialize in providing performance-driven warehousing and logistics solutions. Storage solution pathways must be contrived and created for workers to easily manage the shelves They offer pallets that have an excellent load-bearing capacity and can be used for multiple purposes. 

Get in touch with the experts at Armes Maini to make an informed decision when installing the pallet racking storage system.  

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