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Tips for Increasing YouTube Video Likes in 2022

Increasing YouTube video likes in 2022 has got to be tough. That’s why you should now upload your video by creating a new strategy.

Friends, do you know that YouTube ranks second among the most popular websites in the world. People from all over the world visit this platform. On it, you can upload your own content and also consume others’ content.

The number of YouTubers has increased compared to before. Earlier, there used to be only a few YouTubers who were famous and were earning from this platform. It would not be incorrect to say that there is now someone on every street who uploads their videos to YouTube. 

Followersindia also helps to boost YouTube likes but today we will explain to you other ways to boost your likes.

Go with the Trend

If you upload good videos and are consistent, even if your videos are not getting likes, then maybe you should make videos on trending topics.

Because most people like to follow the trend, they want to see the same content on the internet that is popular at the present time. And YouTube also suggests those videos to the audience which are related to the trending topic.

You must have also seen that if something comes into a trend, then most of the creators start making videos related to the same trend. because they also know that the audience will definitely watch that video.

So, first, you must determine what is currently popular and how you can create videos about it. This will definitely help you to increase your YouTube video likes.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

You must have heard that in order to get YouTube video likes, videos should be uploaded continuously. But this does not mean that you start uploading any kind of video to maintain consistency.

And you must have also heard that you should always pay attention to quality rather than quantity. So you don’t think about how many videos you upload in a month or a week. it is to be kept in mind that even if you upload a video a week. then the content in it should be valuable.

Put Relevant Title and Thumbnail

You must have experienced that you have ever seen such a video on YouTube and its title and thumbnail were so attractive that you clicked on it. But when I saw those videos, there was nothing related to that thumbnail and title in them.

It is also called clickbait, in which views can be collected from an audience of millions. But this method is very wrong because by doing this you are misleading your audience. Views will come on your video, but instead of likes, dislikes will come, and your video or channel may also get deleted due to more people reporting it.

If you want more YouTube video likes, then you have to keep your title and thumbnail relevant but also keep it eye-catching so that people click on it as soon as they see it.

Use Social Media to Spread the Link

If you rely on YouTube’s algorithm to grow likes and views on your videos, then you are wrong. Views do not come only by uploading a video on YouTube, the link of that video has to be shared everywhere.

And this method must be tried by those whose channels are not too old. But you have to keep in mind that you should have a greater number of followers or friends on your social media. Only then will you get more YouTube video likes.

Just imagine, if you share the link of that video with 200 people and those people share it with their friends, then it will be easy to get more likes on your videos and your subscribers will also increase.


After reading the above tips, you must have understood how you have to work to get more likes on YouTube in 2022. These techniques will help you a lot when growing your YouTube channel.

But if even after doing all this, the likes on your videos do not increase, then you can adopt another method in which you will get likes on YouTube videos immediately. 

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