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Top 5 ways to recover inactive leads

It sounds great to have thousands or millions of leads. Let’s face the truth, not all of them are active leads. The same thing will likely happen in your brand or company. We also know it’s a shame to not be able to take advantage of all this data.

But… we have the solution to recover those leads! Contact us at Digital Specialist to learn more about leads.

What is a Lead?

Leads users who are somewhere in the middle of the funnel between client and user. These users have visited the website but have not purchased.

Because even though they may not be customers yet or have made sales, leads are essential to the company. This is the best time to attract them and convert them into clients. They know you already, they don’t have to buy you yet, but they are considering it.


Who are inactive subscribers?

Users who have left contact information, such as email or phone number but do not respond to the communications or messages you send.

It is important to remember that inactive subscribers can, if not taken care of, be a loss in time and money.

A lead may become an inactive subscriber for a variety of reasons. Your messages may end up in spam folders, your content is not interesting to them, unattractive topics, or you have sent too many emails.

How inactive leads can damage your brand

An inactive lead can harm your brand. In the end, as we mentioned, you have spent a lot of money and time on them and continue doing it via email to ensure that they don’t respond to your messages.

You also run the possibility that your emails end up in the spam box, even if you don’t interact with them.

You have two choices: get over them or get them back. We recommend the second option. It’s never too late for the lead to pay you once again. Did you subscribe once? Because where there was fire, there are ashes.

Leads and Email Marketing

We have already explained that communication with leads and strategies to make them fall for you again are all about Email Marketing.

To be able to send the right information to them, you must consider what permissions they have given. Respect their wishes not to receive offers or promotions. We tell you this because you could have legal issues for skipping permissions or privacy terms.

Offers discounts and promotions, but there are also alternatives. They are interested in news, communications, and events. It also allows them to receive information about sales.


5 Tips to Recover Inactive Leads

It is just as important for them to subscribe as it is that they don’t leave and pay attention. Here are some tips to engage your subscribers to turn them from inactive leads to loyal leads. These are the tips!

Send information according to the audience

You can segment your subscribers by their interests, time subscribed, or engagement, if you have an extensive list.

To keep track of how many people are unsubscribing or interacting, we recommend creating a list.

Once you have created these segments, create a list for each user and send them the information they are interested in. If you are interested in cabinets, and they send information about desks to you, would you be open to those emails? Your users won’t either.

Update preferences

It’s never a bad idea for users to review their preferences and re-segment/create new lists, especially if you have different products or services that complement or are related.

It’s also a good idea to ask them what frequency they would like to receive emails from you, and what type of communication they prefer. This allows you to directly ask inactive leads when and what they would like to receive your messages.

Create surveys

It’s difficult to correct what’s wrong if you don’t understand why your leads are inactive. Ask them directly! Ask them directly!

Incentives in certain cases

You can also offer them discounts, promotions, and other exclusive offers, depending on their interests. Focus on communication, not direct sales. Take care of it, and offer quality over quantity.

Get sentimental

Another method that works is to use emotion in email marketing. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but showing that you miss them with CTAs and surveys can encourage some leads to interact with your emails.

However, it is essential to consider whether this communication method is right for you. It could prove counterproductive if this is the case.

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