Top 6 Famous & Trending Weave Hairstyles For 2022

Women typically purchase extensions to add length and volume to their hair. This, however, is not the case for everyone. Many people use hair extensions to achieve hairstyles that they wouldn’t be able to attain with their natural hair. Weave extensions are the most acceptable option to do it for a longer time. With quick weave hairstyle extensions, you can get any desired hairstyle.


#1. Long Straight Hairstyle

The queen of all quick weave hairstyles is this one. It’s swift, sparkly, and sculpts your face beautifully. It’s simple to set up and doesn’t require any upkeep. You can add various textured extensions or IHI’s Indian or Brazilian straight hair extensions, which are 100 % human Remy hair and give your hair a more natural look.


#2. Virgin Indian Straight Hair

The natural Indian straight hair extensions from India Hair International will make you fall in love with them. These extensions have a sleek and refined texture. IHI ensures that you receive excellent attachments by putting all of them through a rigorous quality assurance process.

These extensions are 100% virgin Remy human hair and mix beautifully with your natural hair. These extensions’ cuticles are undamageable, and the hair has a natural taper at the end. These straight extensions are adaptable and can be fashion in various ways, so you can quickly achieve diverse hairstyles!


#3. Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair

You may create stunning wavy hairstyles with IHI’s virgin Brazilian wavy hair extensions. Experiment with extensions like you’ve never done before! IHI’s virgin Brazilian wavy hair extensions add the right waves to your hair and blend in seamlessly.

These extensions are made of 100 percent virgin Remy human hair, with all cuticles intact and align like Remy hair in the same direction, resulting in tangle-free, luxurious wavy hair. These extensions are adaptable and may be a fashion in a variety of ways without causing damage to your original hair.


#4. Virgin Indian Spiral Curly Hair

Have you ever wished for beautiful curly hair? With IHI’s virgin Indian spiral curly hair extensions, you can now live the dream. These hair extensions add length and volume to your natural hair by creating tight spiral curls. They readily merge with your natural hair and give it a natural look because they are made of 100 percent virgin Indian hair.


#5. Feathered Wavy Bob

The feathered wavy bob is another fast weave hairstyle. This hairstyle is ideal for you if you’ve never worn your hair in waves before. This hairdo features a center or side partition with hair that is slightly done wave, giving it a feathery appearance.

With IHI’s virgin Indian wavy hair extensions, you can easily attain this stunning style because they have a fantastic wavy texture that is the ideal form for novices. These extensions give your hair the most natural appearance because they are made of 100 percent virgin Indian Remy hair! Alternatively, you can choose the virgin Indian straight hair extensions from IHI and slightly heat-style them to create modest waves.


#6. Bob Weave Hairstyle With Bangs

Women who have short hairstyles are always thinking to take a risk. These hairstyles unquestionably give you a badass appearance. The bob with bangs haircut is one of the quick weave hairstyles. This haircut will give you a striking appearance, and highlighting a few strands will give it a jazzed-up, yet understated, feel.

You might choose brown highlights to give your hair a subtle appearance. To get this amazing hairdo, choose IHI’s virgin Brazilian straight hair extensions. These extensions give you a flawless hair extensions experience and are 100% virgin Brazilian Remy human hair.


If you desire long-lasting hairstyles, weave extensions are the greatest alternative. India Hair International is a high-end hair brand that provides you with high-quality Remy human hair extensions for a luxurious look. It offers a large choice of weave hair extensions in different textures, from straight to curly, at the most competitive pricing. With IHI’s weave extensions, you may effortlessly achieve these hairstyles. Now is the time to act! Visit IHI’s website to see these high-quality extensions and choose your favorite right now. Your desired hair is available in our India Hair International store based in the United States of America and other stores in India as well as a wide range of options are available. 

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