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Top Tips to Make a Sellable Back Book Blurb

Ebook writers need to pay a lot of attention to writing great blurbs that sell books. Read on to learn some tips to create a sellable back book blurb.

Although writing a book isn’t easy, marketing and selling it is even harder. There are many aspects to consider, and each of them plays an important role. This is why all these parts need to be given individual attention. From designing the book cover to the title and writing a back book blurb, all of these elements work together to make your book attractive for the reader.

A back book blurb is a brief description of the book, which is found on the back cover. It should work to capture readers’ attention from the very first line.

These snippets of text are important, especially for ebooks. Ebooks have the blurbs posted on the purchasing page of the book with the price and book cover. Hence, it is important to make the back book blurb as valuable as possible.

Read on to learn some tips on how to make a sellable back book blurb.

Think about What the Reader Wants

People often make the mistake of going overboard in trying to think out of the box. Their desire to stand out from the crowd leads them to commit follies that prove fatal for their ebooks.

If your ebook is in the self-help category, but the back book blurb reads more like a thriller, your readers will immediately put the ebook down. Your ebook will have failed to deliver its value and message to the reader, leaving them quite confused. Your style and voice have to be consistent through and through.

Most people search for ebooks because they have a specific purpose in mind. It can be entertainment or learning something new, or any other reason. Rarely does it happen that books are selected randomly without any goal.

You, as the ebook writer, need to understand what their reason is and let them know how your ebook is going to help them. Think of what the reader will get from reading your book and make you it is explained clearly.

Always Begin with a Hook

A hook is a device used to grab the reader’s attention immediately. A hook can be in any form. It can be a quote from a review or some statistics from a report or study. Anything works as long as the reader is interested from the get-go. Your back book blurb should have a hook in the first line.

As mentioned before, this is the text your customers look at to see if the book is interesting enough for them or not. Hence, you have a very small window of opportunity. If the blurb itself hasn’t managed to capture their attention, the readers will have doubts about the book itself.

There are different ways of starting the back book blurb with a hook. You can either ask a question to the reader in the very first line. This has a double advantage. Not only is the reader forced to think of an answer, but they can immediately see a problem and how your ebook will provide its solution.

Another way of writing a hook is to set a scene. This gives the reader an idea of what to expect from the book. You can either give a brief outlook of the plot or jump directly into an exciting and thrilling scene.

Avoid Writing a Summary of the Book

People often mistake back book blurbs to be the summary of the book. They couldn’t be more wrong. Summaries will strip the ebooks from all its charm and give a bland description of what it is about. In some cases, summaries often have spoilers which will ruin the whole reading experience.

Back book blurbs, on the other hand, tread on a thin line. They give out enough details to increase the desire of reading the ebooks without spoiling the fun. Don’t forget that back book blurbs should provide reasons for reading the book. This can include some overarching lessons for a non-fiction book or the plot of a fictional one.

The more you tease, the more the possibility of your reader being genuinely curious and tempted to buy your ebooks. A cookbook, for example, shouldn’t list all the dishes mentioned in the book but rather describe how you will be able to cook delicious dishes for your dinner party.

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Use Simple Language

Your ebook will be accessible to people from all over the world. Since your readership has a vast potential, you need to keep your back book blurb as simple as possible. Long, complex sentences, jargon, and technical terminology will appear quite boring for a layman.

However, if you are targeting a particular niche of your readers, the jargon may seem relevant. But for the most part, your back ebooks blurb should still be understandable by all. Using too many superlatives and caps will appear obnoxious and will definitely result in less interest among the readers.

Look at Other Book Blurbs

Perhaps the best way to understand how to write a back ebooks blurb is to look at those of successful ebooks by different authors. Analyze how their blurbs are short, simple, and to the point while making sure the mystery remains intact.

One good activity to do is to read different back book blurbs and judge them for yourself. See what you like and dislike about them and jot down the reasons. You can then ponder on why you disliked some of the aspects of those blurbs. It could be any reason; maybe they were too long, or perhaps you felt quite confused. Whatever your thoughts are, set them as a guideline on what to avoid when writing your blurb.


We have listed some of the tips that will help you create a sellable back book blurb. Many ebook writers often have difficulty in writing the perfect blurb that will sell their ebooks.

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