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Movie theaters are just starting to reopen across the country, but if you want to continue the social distancing, there are a few ways to watch new movies odia from the comfort of your own home. If you want to watch something while you’re bored, a lot of studios are either releasing new films directly online or going up VOD release dates for films that were just released in theaters.

Watching movies on AaoNxt:

Films previously only available in theaters have had their home release dates pushed forward. It is allowing you to stream, download, or subscribe to the best Ott platform in India to view it as many times you want. Odia films have also acquired an online platform. The audience’s response has driven over-the-top regional platforms to a new level, with readily available raw and unique content. New movies Odia and Odia web series are leading the industry on a new path; consumers these days like to watch short and to-the-point instructive content. AAONXT is Odisha’s first audio-visual platform. It is an over-the-top subscription video-on-demand streaming and renting service platform. The service’s primary offerings are films, web series, anthologies, and short films. The service, available globally, may need a six-month to a yearly membership.

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Here is the list of Odia movies you can watch online: 

Four: A shocking and mysterious journey of 8 people where secrets and crimes get even dirtier. APAT is an anthology of various stories with unique and unique concepts. You watch this Oriya movie online on AAONXT Odisha’s first audio and visual streaming platform.

Watch Four official trailers:

Ardha Satya: An investigative officer assigned at 100-helpline as punishment paves his way to save a kidnapped woman, leading to shocking revelations. You can watch New movies odia on AAONXT, by subscribing and renting them.

Watch Ardha Satya’s official trailer:

KOKOLI (Fish out of Water): KOKOLI (Fish out of Water) is a film based on climate change that has resulted in the wrath of nature. The story shows how the rising sea level destroys the lives, hopes, dreams, and fortunes of the Puri beach fishing port. A rise or call for the entire world to think twice before it’s too late. You can watch this film on AAONXT.

School Master: School Master is late actor Mihir Das’s first debut commercial hit where he played the younger son of the school headmaster played by the late actor and director Gobind Tej. The movie beautifully describes the relationship between a headmaster and his student. This movie is streaming online on AAO NXT, Odisha’s first individual and independent regional OTT platform, as a tribute to Late Actor Shri. Mihir Das.

Bhakta Salbega: This is a true story of a Legendary devotee of Lord Jagannath who’s by heart a poet too. The story also tells the journey of a warrior Salbega, to Bhakta Salbega. He fought against society’s religious and social stigmas. You can watch this movie online by subscribing or renting it on AAO NXT, Odisha’s first individual and independent regional OTT platform.

All about new movies odia to watch on AaoNxt :

Audiences have already seen good content in their time; now that they are busy all day, they want simple and eLooking for the best free web series available on the internet today? You’ve come to the right place! AAONXT features a list of websites that we have personally reviewed and ranked. Check out our list and find the best websites for you!

Easy-to-digest entertainment; they don’t care about the story, screenplay, character arcs, or any other technical aspects, but AAO NXT is different in new movies Odia.


The best thing about AAO NXT is that we can watch them whenever we want and wherever we want. On the other hand, to watch a movie, you must go to a theatre, and you can only do so once per ticket. It provides new movies Odia without tickets. Odia Movies have reached a large audience, owing to regional streaming sites. Online web series and Oriya movie have created their own identity among the viewers. You can either watch free online series or pay to view the content. The biggest and best web series site, with everything from the latest episodes of popular television, shows to the latest music videos. With our website, you can even watch the new movies odia , for free!

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